Top 5 Emerging Agricultural Innovations That Will Increase Productivity

Top 5 Emerging Agricultural Innovations That Will Increase Productivity

When we discuss reforming our food system, the conversation tends to navigate around technologies we presently have within our grasp, and the changes they can bring about. But according to a report, if we wish to achieve a massive transformation we will need to make our food system sustainable. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 emerging agricultural innovations that will help us to do so. 

With the global population attaining 7.9 billion as of 2021, sustainable farming is becoming the center of interest in the agriculture technologies industry. The governments and international bodies are emphasizing more to attain “sustainable intensification” in agriculture. Designing more sustainable farming techniques increasingly needs the adaptation of new technologies that will allow them to work better on crop management, quality control, integrated disease management, and pest control. 

The latest technologies are crucial steps to allow present and future generations of framers to yield without compromising the earth’s needs.

5 Emerging Agricultural Innovation

With one in every seven people facing starvation today, there has always been an increasing pressure for farmers to boost productivity. Farmers often tend to face a competition against the time with very few hands on deck to plant and then harvest, especially with the fluctuations of the recent unpredictable climate. It is this time when technology comes into play. A revolution in technology has brought about varied new agricultural innovation that is set to alter the scenario of orchard and farm management. If we talk about any agricultural innovation example then there are many. One among them is Aquaponics, known for recirculating systems of nutrients, plants, and fish. 

Here we explore 5 emerging agricultural innovations that will allow the farmers today to increase productivity and attain precision.

Laser Scarecrows

Currently, a researcher from the University of Rhode Island has designed a new deterrent to keep the birds away. The green laser lighting of the laser scarecrow project cannot be seen by humans in the sun. They are effective due to the sensitivity that birds have to the color green. The automated laser spreads across fields up to 600 feet and startles birds enough to stop them from destroying any crop on the field. They also cause less harm to the environment and are less labor-intensive when compared to the use of netting. This is indeed among the great new innovative ideas. 

Bee Vectoring

Bee vectoring is an exciting development in disease control management. A Canadian company has proven bee vectoring to be efficient in integrated pest control and disease management. The technology employs a naturally happening fungus known as the BVT-CR7, or Vectorize, that helps secure crops from various diseases. The Vectorite solution is kept inside a hive of bees that are raised commercially and the bees take the solution whenever they exit the hive. The solution is then distributed to the surrounding fields and crops by the bees. Besides increased resistance to diseases, these emerging agricultural innovations also improve plant growth and naturally offer a good shelf life to the crops. All of these advantages arrive without the use of any chemical pesticides. The innovation is very effective as it combines nature with agricultural industry systems.

Harvest Quality Vision - HQV

HQV (Harvest Quality Vision) is a new technology in agriculture 2021 that breaks down the process of harvesting of fruits and vegetables by discarding the requirement for manual inspections. Even though this technology was released in 2019, it has more uses in 2021 and it uses computerized scanners to take and evaluate the quality and quantity of crops. The massive volume of apples and other fruit that are harvested at a single time implies that most fruit is not being evaluated before it is put into storage. Using a camera to grade produce implies better management and sorting of the product without any destruction caused by human or machine handling.

Product Testing In-field or On-site

This is among the top 5 emerging agricultural innovations. The farming techniques of some crops like Cannabis and Hemp, are completely regulated and need strict lab testing and reporting results. Many other crops get advantages from monitoring moisture and contaminant levels throughout their growth. As such, extra costs are required with the requirement of lengthy sampling and lab techniques. This surges the demand for innovations in in-field product testing equipment that can lower the hassle, cost, and wait time to receive lab results.

Crop & Soil Monitoring & Management

The final one in our list of top 5 emerging agricultural innovations is soil and crop monitoring. This is among the most popular new technologies in agriculture in India. Precision farming requires the collection and management of a lot of data. It can be tiresome and prone to human error. FarmBeats is among the innovators who have created a record in this field with the use of drones, sensors, tractors, and satellites. The technology operates in real-time, which feeds it into a cloud-based model to offer a detailed picture of how the farm is working.


The rise in new farming technology brought with it the requirement for higher productivity. And to attain that more advanced technology is required in the agricultural sectors and researchers are working towards attaining that. In this article, we have discussed the top 5 emerging agricultural innovations that are set to change the future of agriculture and farming around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions On Emerging Agricultural Innovation

1. What is the future for agriculture?

The future of agriculture will employ sophisticated technologies like robots, temperature, and aerial images, moisture sensors, and GPS technology. These emerging agricultural innovations and precision in agriculture and robotic systems will enable farms to be more efficient, profitable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

2. What are the latest innovations in agriculture?

The latest innovation in agriculture includes Product Testing In-field or On-site, Crop & Soil Monitoring & Management, Bee Vectoring, Harvest Quality Vision - HQV, and Laser Scarecrows.

3. What is the fastest growing type of agriculture?

The fastest growing and the most profitable type of agriculture is Aquaculture. The global market of this industry reached $233.4 billion as of 2020. There have been many new innovations in agriculture 2020 revolving around this sector. The IMARC Groups predicts that the industry will grow at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2021-2026.
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