Delhi Startup Launches A Bikers’ Helmet That Cleans The Air

Delhi Startup Launches A Bikers’ Helmet That Cleans The Air

A Delhi startup, Shellios Technolabs, has developed an anti-pollution helmet which is capable of purifying the polluted air, which is a revolutionary innovation for the bikers in one of India’s most polluted cities. It has a Bluetooth-enabled app that will alert the bikers when the helmet needs to be cleaned. After anti-pollution masks, such innovation was much needed and anticipated.

Delhi Startup And Its Innovative Helmet

The Shellios Technolabs website mentions their objective behind developing the helmet saying:

“We reimagined what safety inside the helmet should mean. We created a device which provides clean air to your breathing area, helping reduce your exposure to toxic pollutants by more than 80%.”

This anti-pollution helmet is named PUROS, which has integrated various air purifying accessories. They include ones that have been patented by the Delhi startup mentioned here. The patented innovations by it are Brushless DC (BLDC) blower fan, MicroUSB charging port, High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter membrane, and electronic circuit.

The purifying system has been set at the back of the PUROS helmet and is designed to filter all the particulate matter from the outside in order to clean the polluted air before it reaches the biker. There are five variants of the helmet that have been listed below.

  • Black With Red Decal
  • Black With Orange Decal
  • Black With Yellow Decal
  • White With Red Decal
  • Black With Green Decal
PUROS Anti-Pollution Bikers' Helmets (Source: Shellios)

The features of the PUROS helmet released by the Delhi Startup are:

  • Patented Anti Pollution Integrated Helmet Design with H13 Grade HEPA filter.
  • An actual Helmet integrated air purification system with a blower fan.
  • A cordless device with a rechargeable energy supply.
  • First Clean Air Helmet for Commuters (More than 99% Efficiency on PM 2.5).
  • Custom Designed Fibreglass Shell for increased durability.
  • BIS Certified under IS:4151 (Indian Standard for Safety Helmets).
  • Decreases Visor fogging and the sense of suffocation.
  • Curbs Pollution Exposure by over  80% as examined by the NABL Certified Lab.
  • Simple and economical filter replacement.
  • LiON battery with Micro-B Type (Android type) charging port.
  • 1 Year Warranty ( For India Only).
  • Shipping is available across India. The delivery charges have been included in the price.
  • It is currently available in M & L sizes (580 mm & 600 mm).

The startup had signed deals with major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for the commercialisation of their in-house product. The helmet has attained the utility patent at the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) level 9. It is now being sold all over India at a price of ₹4,500. In addition, Shellios has collaborated with Royal Enfield Motorcycles for further commercialisation of the helmet. Therefore, no Indian bikers can do without anti-pollution masks and welcome these helmets for better safety and comfort.

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