7 Ideal Car Tech Gadgets Very Useful For Your Vehicle

7 Ideal Car Tech Gadgets Very Useful For Your Vehicle

Planning for an upcoming road trip or traveling for a joy ride next week? Today, we will see a slew of car tech gadgets that you can purchase for your next road trip to enhance your travel experience. 

It is 2022 and this month marks the first day of Spring. For many, this implies more time out and about, taking car trips and joy rides along with daily work. So there is no better time than now to explore some nifty car tech gadgets that you can use in your car. So without any further delay, let us begin. 

Top Car Tech Gadgets For This Year And Beyond

Today, people will probably drive a car that has got more technology in comparison to other cars. However, those who have older cars may not be able to connect their smartphones to their cars. 

But now, thankfully there is a huge aftermarket of gadgets and also add-ons that operate with just about any vehicle that exists on the road presently. Here is our list of car tech gadgets that you should consider buying for your car. So let us begin with the list of best car accessories. 

1. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

The smartphone is the initial screen most people will turn to, even while they are driving. Making that a safer, simpler proposition is big business. It is why Apple designed CarPlay and Google created Android Auto. Each provides a way to connect your phone to your in-car entertainment system for convenient, hands-free access to messages, calls, and a slew of applications like music, GPS, and podcasts. This is considered as one of the best car gadgets 2022. 

2. Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX

Pioneer’s AVIC-W8500NEX navigation receiver provides features few latest cars can match, primarily wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, along with numerous other cutting-edge technology. These include the capability to add dual cameras for rear- and front-facing looks, WebLink for control of applications like Yelp and YouTube, screen-mirroring of portable devices, and also the ability to play high-resolution FLAC audio files. Of course, this car tech gadget also has all the whistles and bells you expect in a high-end head unit, like turn-by-turn navigation with traffic info, application compatibility, HD Radio, and also Siri Eyes Free.

3. Kenwood Excelon DMX957R

Another head unit full of wired and wireless Android and Apple support, along with smartphone mirroring for any application over a USB connection, the Kenwood Excelon DMX957R sports a 6.75-inch touch screen that plays video up to 720p. It will support input for up to four cameras near the outside of the vehicle. The only thing it will not do is play CDs or cassettes or 8-tracks.

4. Pioneer AVH-3300NEX

This car tech gadget is not just another head unit that supports Android Auto and CarPlay. It is a rare single-DIN head unit radio that caters to both. A slide-out 7-inch resistive touch screen offers both phone-based interfaces and also a completes other features, into the dash of cars with only a single-DIN slot.

5. Klashwerks Raven

Much more than simply another dashcam, the Klashwerks Raven is implemented as a fully connected car system that allows you to see where you are going, where you have been, and how you got there. It offers two cameras, LTE cellular technology, and also the OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) port of your car to allow you to monitor activity on the road before along with inside your car, using your phone or a desktop PC.

6. Amazon Echo Auto

The Amazon Echo Auto allows you to take the Alexa voice assistant along for the ride. It is a nondescript little device that plugs into the 12-volt outlet (or USB port if you have one) of your car and connects to the Alexa app of your phone to offer every voice-activated service that your home-bound Echo does, that includes sports scores, recipes, news, shopping lists, and also music streaming. This is one of the most common high-tech car gadgets. You will also find this among the top 10 car gadgets on Amazon.

7. Viper SmartStart Pro

This is the last but not the least name in our list of car tech gadgets. It is not difficult to get a remote car starter installed on cars of any make, model, or year, but few are as smart as SmartStart Pro of Viper. The system mainly provides you control over your car from afar, using your smartwatch or smartphone. Beyond just being able to begin the car remotely with an application, it will locate where it is, notify you how fast the car is moving when it is out, alert you if the car moves without your permission, unlock the doors, and many more. There are a lot of varied options, such as adding GPS, and different monthly service plans, so narrowing down the charges on Viper’s site looks to be impossible. It will help if you to formulate a system rundown to take to a verified installer, which is needed; you cannot install it yourself.


It is great how even one single new gadget that is added to your car can improve your rides. They can formulate a pleasant environment with helpful voice assistance and many other things. In this article, we have discussed various car tech gadgets that you can use for your next road trip to experience a different type of journey. 

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