Yoga For Depression: Do These Poses For A Better Health

Yoga For Depression: Do These Poses For A Better Health

Are you often surrounded by feelings of worthlessness? Is getting out of bed becoming difficult for you? These are some of the things that could point towards depression, and this state is worse than many physical illnesses. But we can try and find a cure for that naturally. In this article, we are going to discuss yoga for depression and what exercises will help you and will make you feel better. 

How Does Yoga Impact Depression?

More research is available on randomized controlled trials to understand the relationship between depression and yoga. Randomized controlled trials are the ideal ways to authenticate study results. As per the Harvard Mental Health Letter, the latest studies suggest that yoga can:

  • Decrease the impact of stress
  • help with depression and anxiety
  • be a self-soothing technique same as relaxation, meditation, and exercise
  • improve energy

Yoga is a physical exercise that associates varied body poses, meditation, and breathing techniques. The therapy may help with your symptoms and depression, like difficulty concentrating or loss of energy. Many people use yoga therapy for depression and also to handle:

  • emotional and mental issues, like anxiety, stress, or depression
  • Disorders and conditions, like prevailing low back pain
  • chronic or long-term pain
  • overall well-being and health

5 Poses Of Yoga For Depression

Before you start on this yoga journey, please keep in mind that the best yoga poses for depression can ease your depressive symptoms but cannot cure your depression. If you are undergoing depression, it is always advised to seek professional help. With that let us begin with these 5 easy yoga poses for depression and anxiety

1. Child’s Pose Aka Balasana

The first one among the most effective yoga poses to beat depression is the Child’s Pose. The Child’s pose is known to bestow calmness and stability on you. As per an article published by Harvard Medical School and a research published International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology, practicing a child’s pose regularly can help in decreasing the symptoms of anxiety or depression. According to Grand Master Akshar,

“The formation of the Child’s Pose or Balasana itself is extremely calming and restful. One of the most comfortable poses in yoga, it is used as a break in between transitions. It gently stretches your lower back and hips, enabling your body to relax. Placing the forehead on the ground immediately makes one feel rooted and connected to the Earth. This provides a sense of stability and is helpful if your anxiety is impacting your sleep.”

2. Flow Pose Aka Halasana

Halasana improves your body posture by decreasing the strain on your back. When the back is stretched, it has a soothing impact on your brain and it also reduces stress. This pose is very helpful for those who suffer from insomnia and headache. The design of this yoga for depression Adriene is such that the head is placed right below the heart. Grand Master Akshar added,

“This is soothing and cooling for the nervous system. The brain receives fresh, oxygenated blood which can help you manage anxiety, depression, and insomnia.”

3. Bridge Pose Aka Sethu Bandhasana

Well, this yoga pose is not just great for anxiety and depression but it also helps your gut to remain healthy. This pose is a powerful inversion that is known to open up space around your heart. So as a heart opener, it is thought to increase the focus and clarity of a person. This pose can generally be helpful for those who suffer from anxiety. Sethu Bandhasana or the Bridge Pose can be performed to relieve any strain. It makes one feel ideal and also light if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, or depression. 

4. Downward-Facing Dog Aka Adho Mukha Svanasana

This pose is considered as among the most dynamic poses in yoga and the flow of this pose is famous for circulating blood throughout the body. As per Grand Master Akshar, 

“Inversions are extremely beneficial for nervous system health. Adho Mukha Svanasana allows fresh blood to flow into your body. It provides a good stretch to the neck and cervical spine along with releasing any stress stored within them. This helps in reducing anxiety and calming your being.”

5. Corpse Pose Aka Savasana

This pose is performed generally at the end of all the yoga sessions and this is a favorite pose for many. It is easy and also is very convenient. Anxiety is draining, exhausting to you both mentally and physically. When you get into savasana, the posture offers you a chance to recoup and relax. It begins to cool your mind as well. 


Depression and anxiety are common terms related to mental illness and it is always advised to visit a doctor if you can sense any such feeling happening to you. Along with expert treatment, you can continue one more thing that will help to soothe the symptoms and that is yoga. There are various poses of yoga for depression and stress that help in soothing the feeling and make you feel better. In the above article, we have spoken about those poses and how they can help. 

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