Jhund Movie Review: An Outstanding Sports Drama Of The Have-Nots

Jhund Movie Review: An Outstanding Sports Drama Of The Have-Nots

Offering a level playing field to invisible India, Jhund by Nagraj Manjule takes us beyond the “barrier of social divide” to a neighborhood where life itself is a struggle for survival. This film is inspired by the life of football coach Vijay Barse, who brought into the limelight the slum children through football and also initiated the concept of slum soccer. With that, here is a Jhund movie review. 

In this film, director Nagraj has used the Dalit experience from his life to announce a sensitive statement on the requirement to link the social faultiness without using any sugar coating. This movie is not as complete as his previous narratives like Sairat and Fandry, but this social drama should be experienced for its utmost grit and the ability to look into the eyes of an ichor social issue. The Jhund release date was scheduled for 4 March 2022. Now let us start with the complete Jhund movie review. 

Jhund Movie Review: The Plot

Before we start with the Jhund movie review, let us have a look at what the movie revolves around. Former sports coach Vijay Barse invests all his time and hard-earned money to train all the underprivileged kids in football, to keep them away from crimes and drugs seeded in Nagpur’s underbelly. In fact, the mere act of staring is the real hindrance in the film. When an upper caste boy looks at the Dalit in the latter’s space, he takes into account it as an act of questioning his prevailing; but when the Dalit stares back at the well-endowed in his world, it is taken as an offense for registering his presence. Now let us have a look at the complete Jhund movie review, but before that, there is the Jhund movie trailer.

Jhund Movie Review: Uncovered Depiction Of The Have-Nots

There is a pink-and-white wall, with iron fencing in most sections. It also has a gate, which is locked and is being governed to bar people from the adjacent slum to cross over to the other side where the wealthy and educated families dwell. That picture, metaphorically, portrays the zone that this film is venturing into. It is underlined further with the closing images of the film, where an airplane is witnessed flying right above the hutments of a slum area of Mumbai.

Jhund by Nagraj Popatrao Manjule is not an outright sports biopic, although it follows the usual beats of an efficient sports drama. The movie is a narrative on what we as a whole society can do to help the have-nots evaluate their plus points and cross the barrier to leap onto the other, brighter side. Amitabh’s Vijay Borade talks adequately about it in an important part of the film, set in the bylanes of Nagpur, shot wonderfully. The camera effectively romances the landscape of the city, especially the jhopadpatti where most part of the film is filmed.

Even though the proceedings in this film start at a modest pace, they pick upwind in no time. Vijay Borade is on the apex of retirement from his job as a sports professor in college, but in no feel to hang his boots yet. He is motivated enough to conduct education classes for adults in his house for the locals at fully his own expense. The opposition from his son, who is aiming for education abroad, is clear but understated. When kids in a neighboring slum catch the attention of Vijay while playing football with a plastic barrel, he starts to coach them in the game, which draws their attention away from their life which is filled with crime and drug addiction. But how far does this thing really go? Do they all really give up their life in the dark alleys of addiction and crime? Do some of them or all of them get the opportunity to leap onto the other side? All these are answered in this film. 

In this Jhund movie review, it is important to talk about the Big B of Bollywood. Words are seldom not enough to illustrate how wonderfully Amitabh Bachchan aces the roles he selected to play. This time, he is a retired sports professor who, despite obstacles and financial drawbacks, invests himself and all his hard-earned money to save and nurture kids from the slums of Nagpur. Here again, he has complete and perfect command on each scene where he appears, never overshadowing his complete team of players, always adding more power to them. What also gets the attention of the audience is the confidence with which over a dozen kids and young adults, like Ankush (also Don/Ankush in the film) perform. 


To sum up, this Jhund movie review, this one is a dramatic sports film, which may not have the typical thrilling scenes around every corner for the audience, but the point it tries to narrate will definitely kick your insides hard.  The zest of Nagraj Manjule to use his voice and attained medium to narrate the stories of the have-nots with newness, authenticity, and a fresh approach. Amitabh Bachchan backed it all. The Jhund IMDb rating is 9.2/10. The Jhund movie release date was scheduled for 4 March 2022. You should go to the theatres to watch this film. As of now, there is no intimation regarding the Jhund movie on OTT release.

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