What Important Details You Need To Know About Travel Credit Cards?

What Important Details You Need To Know About Travel Credit Cards?

Travelers now have a variety of options in travel credit cards to choose from, because now these credit cards not only provide an extra air mile or an extra tie up with any company, but it also provides discounts in lodging, dining, and enables easy transactions in foreign countries. 

A travel credit card is a type of credit card that provides exciting deals and offers that are related to travel. Most benefits and features provided by travel credit cards offer you savings on travel. From reward points to air ticket bookings, everything comes with an advantage when done via travel credit cards.

Travel Credit Cards Benefits

With general travel, hotel credit cards, or airlines you can enjoy the benefits that are created to improve your travel experience, like the miles or the points that you can redeem against flights or hotel room upgradation, and avoiding foreign transaction fees. The benefits are described below:

  1. Most travel credit cards offer huge reward points, or air miles as a sign up bonus or a welcome gift. These points can easily be redeemed for air fares at both domestic and international fares. 
  2. There are some travel credit cards that provide access to the lounge where the cardholder can relax and enjoy all benefits of the lounge in case of flight delay. In some of the cards, visitors accompanying the cardholder can also access the lounge. 
  3. There are some credit cards for travel that offer insurance services to its cardholders so that they can be protected against any unforeseen expenses when they are traveling.
  4. Some of the regular benefits include:
    • Bonus air miles
    • Complimentary membership to airline programs and airport programs 
    • Free lounge access to both international and domestic airports
    • Accelerated reward points on airline related expenditures
    • Reward point redemption for air fares
    • Discount offers on air ticket bookings
    • Priority check-in at partner airlines
    • Extra baggage allowance, and many more.

Top Travel Credit Cards

Before you jump into grabbing a travel credit card, you should have an idea about the various credit cards that are available for travelers. Here is a list of the best travel credit card India 2021. 

1. Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Diners Club

This HDFC travel credit card stands at the top of our list of best travel credit cards India. This card provides an array of benefits and features for its customers. They are as follows:

  • Base fare remission on domestic air tickets that are booked on Jet Airways within India
  • 8 JPMiles rewards on regular spending and 24 JPMiles rewards on air tickets booked via Jet Airways.
  • Flat 5% discount on all economy class booked via Jet Airways inside India.
  • Extra baggage and premium check-in allowance at select Indian airports.
  • Free, unlimited access to the world’s largest airport lounge program.
  • Unlimited complimentary golf lessons and games across the globe.
  • Exclusive fine dining advantages at top restaurants.
  • Personalized 24×7 attendant services for all your bookings.

2. AXIS Bank Miles & More World Credit Card

With an Axis Bank credit card, you can earn never expiring miles. This card is no less than the one mentioned above. It provides many benefits which are mentioned below:

  •  In the first year of membership, earn up to 55,000 miles.
  • Welcome aboard with welcome award concessions and complimentary Priority Pass Membership.
  • 2 free visits every year to priority pass lounges and 4 free visits every quarter to MasterCard lounges inside India.
  • 24X7 doorman service to gift deliveries, assist flight ticket bookings, event bookings, and many other things.
  • Enjoy complimentary insurance that covers loss of cards, baggage losses, and air accidents.

3. Air India SBI Platinum Card

SBI has also started their travel credit card, which is going pretty well. It also provides a lot of benefits that attract the customer towards this card. 

  • Earn 15 reward points on every Rs.100 spent on Air India tickets.
  • The renewal bonus includes 2,000 reward points per year.
  • 8 free airport lounge visits every year to domestic VISA lounges within India.
  • Cover worth Rs.1 lakh on lost card liability. 

Ways In Which Travel Credit Cards Can Help

When it comes to finding a perfect travel credit card, there are many people who look for attractive features like access to the airport lounges, or the chances to earn free trips. And the best credit card for domestic travel and international travel often provide lucrative travel benefits and the chance to fly at no cost, only by earning miles as rewards. But other than fun benefits it is needed that your card has important benefits that will help you if you are stuck while traveling. Those important benefits are mentioned below:

Rental Car Insurance

There are many credit cards that offer a feature called CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), which offers coverage for the damage or loss of rented cars while you are traveling. You will not want to end up being held responsible for covering the cost of the car if something goes wrong. A travel credit card will cover the rental car insurance.

Delayed or Lost Of Luggage Coverage

Your travel credit card should be able to help you if your luggage does not reach your destination on time. This means if there is a loss, damage, or delay of your luggage, then your card will set you an amount, say $100 per day for all your expenses, till you get your luggage back.

Trip Interruption Or Cancellation Insurance

If a covered catastrophe stops you from implementing your trip at all, then your card may also protect you from your financial loss if it provides cancellation insurance or trip interruption. This is very important.


Travel credit cards generally provide high rewards for all your travel spending. They are highly in use now. These cards also offer specific rewards and promotions on either some specified airlines or on general travel.

Frequently Asked Questions On Travel Credit Cards

Which travel credit card is best in India?

There are many credit cards that are offered for traveling, among them the best international travel credit card in India is the Jetprivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club.

Which travel card is best for us?

The best travel credit cards include the Jetprivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club, American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card, Air India SBI Platinum Card, etc.

Is it worth getting a travel card?

A travel credit card is worth it when it enables you to get rewards or miles that you can actually redeem for travel purposes, perks you can use to save money and time, and even a shield to help when things are going on the wrong road.
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