Tourist Attractions In Kerala: Explore The Best Of South India

Tourist Attractions In Kerala: Explore The Best Of South India

God’s own Nation, Kerala, is among the must-visit places in India. The tourist attractions in Kerala please, tempt, and of course, grant unforgettable experiences. This is often termed as the paradise in India and it has backwaters, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, beaches, scenic hamlets, commercial cities, and many more for you to explore. 

With that let us begin today’s article on the top 5 tourist attractions in Kerala that you need to visit at least once in your life. 

Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Kerala

This coastal state of India snuggled between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat is pleasing across the whole year. Be it a honeymoon, family vacationers, solo backpackers, or adventure lovers, this place has something for everyone. Among the numerous tourist friendly places, we will talk about the best 5 tourist attractions in Kerala that are a must visit for all. There are many who look for tourist places in Kerala for 3 days, for them, they can choose any of these places that have been stated below.

1. Alleppey – The Venice of India

Alleppey tops the list of ideal tourist attractions in Kerala. The city was titled as the “Venice of the East”. The backwaters in the place are ideal for a houseboat vacation. Go exploring all the watery routes. The houseboats are age-old ways of transportation revamped with an abundance of luxuries equivalent to a 5-star hotel. The scenic beauty is a soothing sight. Watch paddy fields, coconut groves, ducks and lilies, and quaint villages pass by. The cuisines offered here are of note as the fresh items of the water make a place on your plate. Experience bliss like never before. Along with that, do not miss the Snake Boat Race held in August or September.

2. Munnar – South India’s Tea Heaven

Munnar is among the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala. Embraced at 6000 feet, the town offers an easy charm. The salubrious and gradient weather of this hill is ideal for tea farming. The hill station has nearly 80,000 miles of tea plantation. This is undoubtedly among the best places to visit in Kerala for a Spice and Tea plantation tour. The town has an old-world colonial vibe to it. Enjoy a relaxing vacation in comfortable hotels in Munnar. For adventure-seeking, camping and trekking are definitely exciting. Munnar is a remedy to your body, soul, and mind.

3. Kovalam – Kerala’s Beach Paradise

Stated among the ideal destinations of Kerala, Kovalam is an immense beauty and one offering cherished experiences. The place provides a lot to tourists. Along with that, the pleasant weather, golden soft sand, soothing breeze, and tall coconut trees add more charm to this small piece of paradise. Also, bask in the warm sunshine or go swimming. You will also get to experience lip-smacking seafood. Relax sunbathing in the warmth or you can also try out water sports like snorkeling, parasailing, etc. Along with that, there are numerous accommodation options that are suitable for your family, loved one, or for yourself to relax. You can include this among the unique places to visit in Kerala. 

4. Fort Kochi – The Crowned ’Queen of Arabian Sea’

One of the top tourist attractions in Kerala, Fort Kochi is often the gateway to God’s Own Nation. The Queen of the Arabian has several personalities. The city has a heritage, history, and multi-ethnic culture. Ideal for nature lovers, tourists, and history buffs, it is among the most visited travel destinations in Kerala. This place has much more to offer, with respect to sights, food, and also experiences. With palaces, museums, synagogues, Hindu temples, churches, art galleries, beaches, heritage buildings, Fort Kochi tempts you to go exploring. If you are looking for places to visit in Kerala with family, then this is the ideal one.

5. Thekkady (Periyar Tiger Reserve) – Wildlife Adventures in Abundance

Thekkady ranks among the top tourist places in Kerala. It is natural heaven that is blessed with wilderness situated amid the lush greenery of Western Ghats. The forests of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary along with the Periyar Lake are a popular tourist delight. Along with that, spice and coffee plantations are truly great. Periyar, among the 27 Tiger Reserves in India is inhabited by almost 35 species of fauna, such as elephants, sambars, tigers, gaurs, and many more. Also, nearly 265 species of birds inhabit the greenery. Along with that, you can enjoy the wilderness with activities such as jungle patrol, safari, bamboo rafting, jungle camp, border hiking, and so on.


Serene winding backwaters, lush green tea plantations, and spice plantations are a few characteristics that define Kerala as among the most famous tourist destinations in India. Popular as ‘God’s Own Country’ this state is a haven for travelers who go there to unwind in the salubrious climes, away from the cemented jungle. In a state where the topography ranges from balmy sea beaches to cool hills, Kerala is a sight for sore eyes. In the above article, we have discussed top 5 tourist attractions in Kerala that you should visit at least once.

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