Solar Power Startups: The Changing Picture In Renewable Energy

Solar Power Startups: The Changing Picture In Renewable Energy

The success of any industry is boosted by innovation and the renewable energy industry is not varied. We have recently looked into emerging technologies and the upcoming startups in the energy sector. As there are a large number of startups working on a broad variety of solutions, we have planned to share our thoughts with you. So here are the top 5 solar power startups for this year. With these companies, you can also develop solar energy startup ideas. 

Top 5 Solar Power Startups To Consider For This Year

For our 5 picks of solar power startups, we have used a data driven scouting strategy to identify the most relevant solutions across the globe. Renewable energy has always been an important part of the growth of many nations like India. Solar has become the primary to our developing energy requirement across the globe. There have been various solar power startups in India as well. But we will look into the broader image. So without any further delay, let us begin with the list of renewable energy startups.

1. Raptor Maps

Raptor Maps is among the new companies in solar energy. In order to decrease the cost and time of manual inspections of solar assets, entities are using drones with high-resolution color and infrared cameras to capture pictures of photovoltaic (PV) assets. The thousands of images captured this way still need labor-intensive manual review, hence shifting the burden of costly manual tasks from gathering pictures to their analysis. This is where AI (artificial intelligence) comes into play. Automated solar inspections operated by AI-powered software are an easy alternative to manual ones.

Raptor Maps is a US-based company that develops AI-powered software for the automated review of the PV system drone imagery. This software also formulates actionable reports to manage and track the health of solar assets.

2. Ratesetter

A P2P (peer-to-peer) solar lending marketplace is a blockchain-powered online avenue that brings together borrowers, investors, and clean energy item providers. This platform allows people who want to install solar PV to overcome high costs related to setup and equipment and empowers investors helping them get money on sustainable energy solutions.

Australia-based Ratesetter develops a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending platform, which enables users to lend money to creditworthy debtors buying energy-efficient items, like batteries and solar panels. Thus they not only get returns on their investment but also support prosumers.

3. WePower

For people who do not have the funds or the appropriate roof for installing photovoltaic panels but wish to make more sustainable energy selections, solar power startups have developed the latest solution – solar energy marketplaces. These avenues bring together people and solar asset owners who are willing to purchase solar energy. They enable them to transact with each other without the requirement for a middleman.

Lithuanian WePower creates a decentralized marketplace that allows renewable energy prosumers to transact electricity between each other without the interference of any third party. The entity directly connects users with green energy producers so they can contract solar electricity at some competitive rates with complete transparency via digitally-enabled PPAs (power purchase agreements).

4. Oxford Photovoltaics

Perovskite is a crystalline structure material that enhances the efficiency of generating solar power. Used to an active silicon cell, this material can prominently boost the power output of the cell.

UK startup Oxford Photovoltaics creates a solution for improving silicon solar cells’ efficiency limit. It can prominently boost the performance of mainstream solar by using its low-cost, high-efficiency thin-film perovskite solar cell above commercial silicon solar cells.

5. Sistine Solar

The unlucrative look of solar panels, which is sometimes thought of as an unsightly home addition, is among the major barriers to the broader adoption of solar energy by households. To overcome these problems, startups create solutions to make solar panels aesthetically appealing.

US-based Sistine Solar, for example, develops SolarSkin, which is a product that enables solar panels to get a customized look. This product enables solar panels to be more aesthetically appealing and also allows them to match the look of a roof without reducing the efficiency of the panel. SolarSkin is compatible with almost every brand of solar panel.

The Bottom Line

The world is quickly shifting towards renewable energy as the level of pollution increases beyond the world and global warming threatens the ecosystem of the world. Various measures have been undertaken by governing bodies across the globe to create a clean ecosystem. Along with the government, various startups have also come into action to work for the same. In the above article, we have discussed the top 5 solar power startups that are boosting the use of renewable energy.

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