Know The New Oman Travel Guidelines For Indians

Know The New Oman Travel Guidelines For Indians

The Sultanate of Oman Government added on Wednesday that the Indian-manufactured Covaxin to the approved catalog of Covid-19 vaccines for traveling to Oman without quarantine. The Oman travel restrictions for Indians being in quarantine are now null and void. According to the latest Oman travel guidelines from India, the Embassy of India in Muscat tweeted,

"COVAXIN has now been added to the approved list of COVID-19 vaccines for travel to Oman without quarantine. This will facilitate travelers from India vaccinated with COVAXIN."

What Does The Oman Travel Guidelines Imply?

As per the press release,

“All passengers from India who have received two doses of Covaxin at least 14 days before the estimated arrival date will now be able to travel to Oman without the requirement of quarantine. All other COVID-19 related requirements/conditions, such as pre-arrival RT-PCR test shall be applicable for such passengers."

These Oman travel guidelines will evidently ease the traveling to Oman from India who has taken both the shots of Covaxin. This is the Oman entry requirement for Covid. Travelers who are vaccinated with Covishiled or AstraZeneca already have the permission to travel to Oman and remain without any quarantine. The Oman quarantine rule is no more applied to the Covaxin vaccinated Indians. 

India’s first indigenous vaccine is the Covaxin that is manufactured by Bharat Biotech which is a Hyderabad–based firm in collaboration with ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research). In the meantime, WHO (World Health Organization) has asserted that the TAG (Technical Advisory Group) for the purpose of Emergency Use Listing has planned that added clarification from the developers is required to take forward the final EUL risk advantage assessment for the global use of this vaccine.

So now you may wonder when will Oman resume international flights to India? As per Oman to India flight news today, the country has already started their flights and the passengers who are traveling from India will need to carry their vaccination certificate and an RTPCR report with them. This is the same as Oman international flight news today.

Other Countries That Have Approved Covaxin

After Oman travel guidelines for traveling let us briefly have a look at other countries that also approve Covaxin for traveling and the traveler will not need to stay in quarantine.


Even though Estonia has not resumed issuing fresh visas, this country has opened its doors for Indians who are fully vaccinated with a valid Schengen visa. Any Indian with both doses of either of the India produced vaccines can enter Estonia and skip the testing and quarantine regulations.


As Indians reach Greece, they must offer one of the three documents – a vaccination certificate with either vaccine,  a negative antigen test less than 48 hours old or a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old.


Iran is another nation that is approving Covaxin. Indians who are traveling to Iran must carry their vaccination certificate and also their negative RT-PCR test report of fewer than 96 hours in hand at the time of arrival.

Sri Lanka

The close neighbor of India has opened up borders for the nation. Both Covaxin and Covishield are accepted by the nation. Once you reach, you will be required to present a negative PCR test result that is less than 72 hours old, and then you will get retested at the airport.


Indians with complete vaccination certificates of either Indian vaccine do not get complete relief from quarantine, their self-isolation period is reduced to 7 days. Others must undergo a 10 day quarantine with RT-PCR tests on days 7 and 11.

The Bottom Line

Even though Covishiled has been receiving a green light from most of the countries across the globe, however, Covaxin is also getting approval from many countries. As per the latest Oman travel guidelines, Indians who are fully vaccinated with Covaxin can now enter Oman without staying in quarantine.

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