Esikkim Tourism: Online Travel Guide To Make Your Trip Easy

Esikkim Tourism: Online Travel Guide To Make Your Trip Easy

Sikkim is a gem that is located in the North Eastern part of India while offering beautiful bird sanctuaries, lush green forests, highest mountain peaks, holy caves, rare wildlife, scenic beauty, calm hot water springs, and many more. The list of beauties at Sikkim is endless. If you haven’t visited heaven on Earth yet, then you should check out the Esikkim Tourism website that will be at your rescue. Let us have a look at some of the Esikkim Tourism news today. 

This smallest state of India is precisely located while bordering three of India’s neighboring countries namely, Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet, and is rich in culture and heritage apart from its large biodiversity.

Esikkim Tourism At Your Rescue

Many ask, is Sikkim tourism open? The answer is absolutely yes if you are vaccinated with 2 doses. Now for any traveler to make a plan based on their set budget, traveling days, and the best time to visit gets confusing and trickier owing to too much information that is available on the internet that will end up making you feel more lost. There are times when we end up with bitter traveling experiences which could be because of poor lodging, lack of time, or bad weather. 

This is when Esikkim Tourism arrives at your rescue. This is your online travel guide and also your booking portal that is solely dedicated to Sikkim tourism. The website has been designed well with an intuitive look and offers a user friendly interface providing all the important travel information in an organized and simple manner that will enable you to plan your trip efficiently. It also provides information about Sikkim Covid guidelines for tourists 2021, Sikkim Tourism guidelines, and many more.

1. At Your Service 24X7

They have anytime, anywhere consumer assistance that makes it easier for the travelers to contact their customer care in case of any issues or doubts to make the traveler’s stay pleasant and comfortable. They offer Esikkim Tourism contact number for quick assistance.

2. Sikkim Tour Package

The website of Esikkim Tourism offers the customers with an array of well planned more than 100 Sikkim tour package options for them to choose from. These packages are based on the requirements of the tourists. Their options for travel is divided into the main categories, which are:

  • Bestsellers: This package includes the most famous destinations to visit in Sikkim that vary from 4 nights to 8 nights. 
  • Leisure/Family: This consists of travel options for families and groups who are planning to visit Sikkim. 
  • Honeymoon: For all the newlywed couples this website offers packages that are specifically created to cater to the honeymoon pairs to experience magic and romance during their vacation. 

3. Personalized And Customized

Being an e-travel guide, this portal has been sensitive enough to offer its services to all types of travelers from adventure seekers, to luxury traveling fanatics, to the budget travelers, they have options where the traveler can customize their tour as per their requirements. 

  • The website provides packages that are completely dependent on your traveling budget which starts from as low as 10,000 INR. 
  • One can choose their desired hotel for stays and choose the services and facilities it offers with a review and rating of 2 to 5 stars and their bestseller verified stamp. 
  • A list of famous places to visit is also there for the traveler to choose from based on their preferences.

4. Tour Guide

Their tour guide will offer you detailed information about your stay, sightseeing, and everything under the following sub headings:

  • Places to visit: It will give the travelers a complete overview of the places to visit, per day plan of the tour, and many more. 
  • Things to do: If the places you are visiting have some adventure sports included, some local sightseeing included then they will mention all those in complete detail. 
  • How to reach: They will also offer detailed information about the railway stations or airports, routes and everything that will be a part of reaching your destination. 
  • Best time to visit: This is a very important factor that every traveler needs to consider as not all palaces are ideal for visiting all the time. So the Esikkim Tourism website offers complete details of the best time to visit those places that you choose to travel to.


Technology has changed the way we live today. Now planning a trip to the majestic Sikkim is not a big deal with Esikkim Tourism. Their official website is like an open book if you plan to visit Gangtok, Darjeeling, Sikkim, and other associated places. Next time you plan to visit this North Eastern state, do have a look at this website as this will offer you complete details about your tour.

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