Know These Several Important Tips To Quit Smoking Easily

Know These Several Important Tips To Quit Smoking Easily

It is never too late to leave behind your toxic habits and live a happy and healthy life. Smoking is one of those toxic habits that play havoc with your mind and body. A single drag of a cigarette exposes the smoker to millions of issues that can damage their body. On this No Smoking Day, let us have a look at some of the tips to quit smoking. 

Long term smoking can raise the risk of several types of cancer as well. Research shows that there is a direct link between coronary heart disease and smoking. Despite being aware of all the ill effects, planning to quit smoking is easier talked about than done. 

Several withdrawal symptoms can make it difficult for you to retain the urge and stop you from quitting this habit for your good. As per CDC, there are two things that make quitting smoking difficult, which are, your brain has to be used to not having nicotine around and you will have to get used to regular routines that will not include intake of tobacco. For that, these tips to quit smoking will be helpful to you.

Crucial Tips To Quit Smoking Easily

Studies state that even short spans of physical activities, especially aerobic activities can decrease the urge to smoke. Cravings and withdrawal syndromes for cigarettes tend to decrease during exercise and stay up to 50 minutes after exercising. Once a habit is broken, it becomes convenient to remove it from your daily routine.


In case you are thinking about tips to quit smoking and which exercises work best in your complete journey of quitting smoking, here are them.

  • One can begin by exercising regularly. Having a plan in a place always works. Aim at resistance training and also cardio to assure a well rounded plan.
  • If you are an absolute starter, try to train with a complete body workout three times a week which is alternated by a cardio session of choice 3 times a week.
  • Aim at combining the cardio of choice like jump rope, running, swimming. Add any action that you enjoy staying on course.

Consistency is the key to your outcome. Once you begin seeing physical changes, you will have more motivation to stay away from nicotine. Along with that, try to walk more consciously regularly. Try to walk 7-8k steps each day apart from the workout.


It is important for people to know how smoking might impact their health and to try to quit as soon as they can. Even though having control over an addiction such as smoking might be hard and needs a lot of dedication and drive, it is not impossible. Having some healthy foods and diet may also help along with exercise. These tips to quit smoking are also crucial. 

  • It is said that milk allows you to get rid of smoking. One must have at least two cups of milk each day. You can drink a cup of milk just when you get an urge to smoke. If you Do not like plain milk, you can simply have it mixed with some fruit or also add some saffron to it. 
  • The more toxins are eliminated from your body, the more you will be able to control your craving to smoke. Have a rainbow diet that has a lot of vegetables and fruits. Plants are loaded with phytonutrients like ellagic acid,  carotenoids, resveratrol, flavonoids, etc, which help in removing toxins from the body.
  • Our body requires water in large quantities. Water not only keeps us hydrated and helps in digestion but also helps in trying to quit smoking. Water helps you eliminate the toxins from your body.

The Bottom Line

Each year on the second Wednesday of March, No Smoking Day is celebrated. Even though we all understand that smoking is bad for our health, quitting this habit appears to be a hard job. The aim of this day is to raise public awareness regarding the consequences and dangers of smoking, along with assisting smokers in quitting. In the above article, we have contributed our bits by stating several tips to quit smoking.

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