Teachers’ Day Gifts: 7 Handmade Crafts To Make

Teachers’ Day Gifts: 7 Handmade Crafts To Make

Teachers’ Day in India is an occasion that we celebrate to commemorate the efforts that our teachers have been making just to secure our future. Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year in the country on September 5, which is also the birthday of Dr S Radhakrsihanan. Therefore, his contributions as one of the political leaders of the country are also remembered.

On this day, children and pupils around the nation make several efforts in order to appreciate their teachers’ efforts towards them. There are various ways to show your gratitude such as giving gifts, or cards, performing for them (singing and dancing), or reciting a poem. So, if you also want to do something special for your teachers then consider the ideas for Teachers’ Day gifts that we have mentioned in the article. All of them are handmade crafts so your beloved teachers might be impressed and happy to receive them due to the extra efforts you made.

Teachers’ Day Gifts Your Idol Will Adore

Go through the list of teacher’s day gifts carefully and filter out the ones that you like the most. Then choose the best teacher’s day gift as per your preference and requirement.

1. Card Describing Parts Of A Teacher


If you want to appreciate your teacher’s hard work there is nothing better than gifting her a card that speaks of the different parts of theirs that are meant to help students. This includes mentioning her eyes, mouth, mind, hands, and other body parts that in one way or the other are dedicated to students. It is one of the best Teacher day handmade card ideas to consider.

Make sure that you mention how these parts are assets of the teacher-student relationship. If you are confused about what to write and how to write then check the example that we have provided above. But before that try making a cute drawing of how your teacher looks and do your best so it emerges as the loveliest card in the lot.

[Tip: If you do not know what to write and to go about it then try making a teacher day handmade card to wish her all the best and mention the phrase ‘Happy Teachers’ Day’ in it.]

2. Best Teacher’s Crowns


Who doesn’t want to feel all royal and empowered? Therefore, making a teacher’s crown that dedicates your idol as the best one will give them a sense of satisfaction and they would feel immense love. This way you can express your gratitude in the perfect manner.

You can honour their efforts through this handmade craft as it is one of the best teachers’ day gift ideas we have curated for you. For decorating the card you can use glitter and paints. Also, make sure to use colourful and bright paper so that it pops amid other gifts, making yours’ the most attractive one. Also, don’t forget to decorate it with pearls and other such accessories.

3. Pen Stand Using Lego Blocks

If you love playing with lego blocks and have some at home then we have a perfect gift idea for you on this teachers’ day. Get your blocks together and try making them into a stand. Use multi-coloured bricks to make it beautiful and appealing for your mentor. It can be considered as the best teachers’ day gift for male teacher that one might have as they tend to have a lot of pens and stationery with them, which the stand will help them to store.

In addition, it will also help them to keep their cell phones in place while at work and teaching students. You can try decorating and forming patterns as you like. But ye, try using just the blocks to do so as other materials might shift focus from your creativity done using the lego blocks. You can then wrap it in a gift box and present it to your master.

4. Customise A Floral Pot

Which teacher would not love to have their favourite students around her all the time? So, try customising a floral pot that has pictures of all her lovely students. This is one of the teachers’ day gift ideas of the female teachers as they tend to love more colours and are often connected to their students emotionally. You just need a few materials for it which include a flower pot, pictures of your classmates, a few coloured papers, and sticks to hold them.

Cut the coloured paper into flower shapes and then attach the images of your classmates all cut in the size that fits into the middle of those flowers. Then attach the sticks to those flowers with any available adhesives (glue). Lastly, put them in the flower pot’s soil and decorate the pot with a ribbon to gift to your favourite teacher.

5. Hand Print Frame


One who loves both art and craft can consider this option as one of the teachers’ day gift ideas. Also, it can be considered a teachers’ day gift for male teacher as it is a perfect blend of art and craft. Get a white paper and paint your hand with the favourite colour of yours. Then place the print of your hand on the paper. Thereafter, write whatever you want to as a message for your mentor.

Use contrasting paint colours so that it is easier to read. You can incorporate points that make your teacher the best and write their name on the hand print. Then use a frame to get the art piece into place. You can choose to gift wrap it to make it even more appealing. This will also add a surprise element for the teacher.

6. Appreciation Tree


An appreciation tree is one of the teachers’ day gift ideas that can be presented by a group of students instead of individual gifts. You just need a piece of cardboard to be cut into the shape of a tree and colours of green and brown shades. You can divide the work between the group to make the process faster. Also, you can consider making more than one such tree.

And yes, do attach some fancy decorative items such as bells or cutouts of fruits or birds. Make it as creative as you can. Then work on the sticker notes that are to be attached to the tree. Follow a particular theme so that all those nites look the same. Thereafter, distribute them among the group and write your wishes to the teacher and thank them for all they did for you. Then attach all these notes to the tree and gift it to your teacher to make their day even more special.

7. A Flower Pot Saying Thank You


This is another flower pot idea for this teachers’ day. It is also simple to make. It is one of the teachers’ day gifts that your mentor will surely love due to the presence of beautiful flowers and your message on it. Just get a flower pot from the market or use one at home if you are allowed to do so. Then use any chart paper or paint to cover the pot so that you can write your message on it. Then you can choose to draw on it with paint that has a contrasting colour. 

Thereafter, write your message on it that pays tribute to your teacher’s efforts and thanks them for all they did. Don’t go overboard with your message. It is advised to keep it short, simple, and sweet. If you have any unique ideas regarding the decoration of the pot then do execute it carefully and make one of the most beautiful gifts.

Happy Teachers’ Day In Advance

Tomorrow is Teachers’ Day and we hope that all the teachers in the country enjoy the day to the fullest. This is because of the fact that the various gifts, performances, speeches, and special gestures that students do on this day are definitely memorable. We wish all the best to the country’s youth and their mentors. 

If you are a student and want to do something special for your idol then make some of these teachers’ day gifts and let us know how they turned out and if your teacher loved them or not. Don’t forget to mention the reaction of your teacher as it is worthy enough for all of us. [Though we know that every gift given by a student is the best teachers’ day gift for their mentors!]

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