The Pfizer Approval: S.A To Start Its Booster Dose Soon

The Pfizer Approval: S.A To Start Its Booster Dose Soon

Finally, Pfizer approval has been successfully received by the South African regulator. It has approved the use of this South Africa booster vaccine for those who are above 18 years of age in between the hiking number of Omicron cases of nearly 20,000 people.

South Africa On Pfizer Approval

On December 8 Pfixer approval was granted by the SAHPRA (South African Health Products Authority) for its use as a Covid-19 vaccine after Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna vaccine South Africa declared that two doses of this vaccine may be sufficient to safeguard against the omicron variant of the coronavirus. Other than that there is a choice for Pfizer 3rd dose that can be taken as a booster dose. All who are opting for this as a booster dose need to have their vaccination certificate. 

It asserted the third dose of this vaccine could be offered to those above the age of 18 at least after 6 months of their second dose or after 28 days of their second dose for those above 12 years who are highly immune compromised. J&J booster shots in South Africa are not as effective as stated by the manufacturers. 

The decision that was made by the South African Health Products Authority arrived after South Africa witnessed a record high of 19,842 infections overnight. The toll on death has now crossed 90,000 with 36 new cases of death.

Present Omicron Situation In South Africa

Over 60% of these infections took place in the Gauteng Province which is the nation’s economic hub, as there is an increase in speculation over a more intense lockdown being imminent. South Africa is presently at the lowest “Level One” of its lockdown strategy of five levels. 

Cyril Ramaphosa, who is the president of South Africa, is expected to conduct urgent meetings with his Cabinet and the Corona Command Council immediately upon his return from a week-long visit to four West African countries on Thursday.

There is an increasing fear that the figures of infection will prevail to rise hugely in other places also as the makers of holiday move towards the coastal province and the Gauteng’s workers visit their traditional family houses for gathering during this festive season.

South African Government On Rising Omicron Infection

Despite repeated warnings from the government, business, and union leaders, hesitancy in vaccination prevailed unreduced for the last few weeks as the infections attained staggering numbers. 

On Monday, Health Minister, Joe Phaahla voiced his concern over hospitals starting to fill up with cases of Covid-19, even though the majority of the cases were not severe. 

Mr. Phaahla also stated his concern over expectant mothers and children when he talked at the opening functions of the STIs and International Conference on AIDS in Africa in Durban. The minister said, 

“We are seeing babies, toddlers, and pregnant women in hospital on oxygen. The message is clear, we need to be more vigilant than ever.”

On Tuesday, Jacques van Zuydam, Chief Director of the Department of Social Development for Population and Development, revealed that life expectancy in South Africa had decreased by three-and-a-half years as the pandemic had hit the nation.

He was talking at a BRICS webinar on the demographic effect of the pandemic. He said,

“There was a significant rise in deaths in 2021, approximately by 34% from the previous years.”

He further added that what had not been predicted was the impact that this pandemic had on the mental health of people. He mentioned, 

“There has been a reported rise in mental illness associated with increased social isolation, disruptions in daily life routines and pressures associated with the loss of livelihoods.”

Can The Pfizer Approval Safe South Africa?

After the cases of Covid-19’s Omicron attained 20,000 overnight, the South African regulator gave permission for Pfizer approval. This will be used as Covid vaccine booster shots South Africa. As per the manufacturers of this vaccine, two doses of Pfizer is enough to prevent one from getting infected by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. The Covid-19 cases in South Africa have increased significantly posing a concern for the lack of hospital beds. Even though most cases are not severe, they require hospitalization. The cautious message has been sent by the health minister to the citizens. This approval of Pfizer can prevent the further spread of this infection as per reports. 

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