Ovarian Cancer Diet: Everything You Need To Know For Healthy Living

Ovarian Cancer Diet: Everything You Need To Know For Healthy Living

Abiding in a nutrient dense diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, and also healthy fats, and low in highly processed foods may play a role in decreasing the risk of developing ovarian cancer and enhancing several health results in patients with the scenario. So in that respect, we are going to discuss the ovarian cancer diet. 

A medical term that includes a dietitian and an oncologist, can offer more specific nutrition and also lifestyle advice dependent on the overall health of a person, and many more. In this article, along with the ovarian cancer diet, we will also discuss the impact of these diets on ovarian cancer.

Can Several Ovarian Cancer Diet Treat Cancer?

Alterations to diet and lifestyle along with medical treatment may help enhance ovarian cancer survival rates. Researchers have included a diet high in several foods and also ingredients like whole milk, fried foods, and trans fats with a raised risk of ovarian cancer. 

Research also recommends that diets that are rich in nutritious foods, like allium vegetables and leafy greens, foods high in flavonoid compounds, and also green tea may help safeguard against ovarian cancer in some individuals. Examples of allium vegetables involve onions, shallots, garlic, leeks, and rakkyo. Let us have a look at the best diet for ovarian cancer patients.

Prominent Diets

Some studies have portrayed that certain dietary structures may be helpful in decreasing the risk of ovarian cancer and enhancing health outcomes in people with this scenario. However, there is no one prominent diet that health experts presently suggest for those with this type of cancer.

Research has connected diets that are high in fiber-rich plant foods and also low in ultra-processed foods and also saturated fat with a reduced risk of overall cancer. Moreover, certain dietary structures may enhance chemotherapy efficacy and lower the risk of long-term complexities in people with cancer.

However, the relationship between cancer risk and human diets is complicated, and researchers are required to conduct more studies to better evaluate how diet affects ovarian cancer risk. Research recommends the following dietary suggestions:

  • Consuming an ovarian cancer diet high in green leafy vegetables
  • Including more allium vegetables into one’s diet
  • Consuming fish
  • drinking green tea
  • Ignoring whole milk and selecting low fat alternatives
  • Involving more vitamin D and calcium in the diet

Can A Particular Diet Help Save Ovarian Cancer?

Certain diets, that include plant-based diets and those abundant in cruciferous vegetables, may decrease the risk of ovarian cancer in some people. With that let us have a look at what to exactly include in your ovarian cancer diet.


A range of studies from Northern Italy portrays that having fish decreased the risk of ovarian cancer by 30 percent. This is a must have food in your ovarian cancer diet. What is in fish? Well, our Mother Nature is pretty resourceful; the same omega-3 fatty acids present in fish that are great for your heart and safeguard against stroke also protect against cancer. Omega-3s are also anti-angiogenic, so they starve cancers by cutting off their blood supply to them. 

There is a pretty big list of fish that contains omega-3s; however, some of the same fish are also high in mercury, which you wish to avoid or only eat rarely. The ideal fish are sardines, salmon, mackerel, and herring. But, if these fishes are a bit too “fishy” for you, there are mild-flavored fish, such as cod, flounder, haddock, and sea bass. One of the most famous fish is a type of sea bass known as branzino or Mediterranean sea bass. Consume a variety of fish, and learn varied ways to cook with it. Steaming, broiling, and baking are healthy choices.


When we talk about ovarian cancer dietary recommendations, how can we miss Endive? Endive is basically a salad vegetable. It is found in the produce section of grocery stores and it tastes like a mild cabbage.

Studies of over 62,000 women have found those who consumed endive had a 75 percent decrease in the risk of ovarian cancer. What is responsible for this? Endive has a naturally happening cancer fighter known as kaempferol. Researchers have found out that when ovarian cancer cells are vulnerable to kaempferol, they die. This cancer fighter also carries another trick. Kaempferol is anti-angiogenic. This implies it stops cancers from being able to evolve the vital blood vessels that feed them, which is a process known as angiogenesis. So, in essence, it also starves cancers by cutting off their blood supply.


Consuming onions has been shown to decrease the risk of many forms of cancer, that include it is the ideal for an ovarian cancer diet. In the article, we said that onions are the underdog of superfoods. Why? This is because, even though they can be strong on the breath, they are filled with natural cancer fighters, such as anthocyanin, myricetin, apigenin,  and quercetin.

Red onions are nearly 60 percent more potent in comparison to white or yellow onions, with respect to the amounts of cancer fighters. They also come in more flavor. But do not boil onions; boiling them decreases their cancer-fighting properties by about 30 percent. The ideal way to eat them is sautéed or raw with a little oil in a pan.


Tomatoes safeguard against ovarian cancer. A research of 13,000 women in California portrayed that consuming a half-cup of tomatoes five or more times each week decreased the risk of ovarian cancer by over 60 percent. What is in tomatoes? Lycopene, and it is anti-angiogenic, as well. So to ensure ovarian cancer diet cure, eating tomatoes is a must.


The various ovarian cancer diet plans may impact treatment or prevention. Plant-based diets that are rich in vegetables that include fruits, fiber, cruciferous vegetables, soy, and omega-3 fatty acids may be very beneficial. By contrast, a diet that is high in red meats, highly processed foods, and also refined sugar may lead to poorer results. People who are suffering from ovarian cancer should consult a medical expert, that includes an oncologist and also a dietitian, for prominent dietary recommendations. Also, you can include this ovarian cancer diet during chemo as well.

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