Chemical Engineering Companies In India You Should Know About

Chemical Engineering Companies

Chemical Engineering Companies In India You Should Know About

In the niche of engineering, a chemical engineer is a professional who is equipped with the knowledge of chemical engineering, who operates principally in the chemical sector to change basic raw materials in a variation of commodities and deals with the operation and design of equipment and plant. In this article, we are going to have a look at the top chemical engineering companies.

Top Chemical Engineering Companies

Right from application in biotechnology to materials science, chemical engineering companies operate in a sector that is formulated to always have a crucial place in modern society.  With that, here is a list of top chemical engineering companies in India that are listed based on their turnover. Let us begin.

1. UPL Limited

UPL is associated with the business of agrochemicals, chemical intermediates, industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, and also the production and sale of areas of crops and vegetable seeds.

The 5th biggest agrochemical company across the globe, after the acquisition of Arysta LifeScience, this is a global leader in global food mechanisms. With a revenue of US$3.14 billion, UPL is now present in 130+ nations.

The entity has market access to 90 percent of the global food basket and is aimed at ushering in progress and growth for the whole agricultural value chain that includes distributors, growers, suppliers, and innovation partners. This is undoubtedly among the best companies for chemical engineers.

2. Coromandel International Ltd

Coromandel International Limited, the second-largest Phosphatic fertilizer player in India, is in the business space of specialty nutrients, crop protection, fertilizers, and retail. The business manufactures a broad range of fertilizers and markets across 4.5 million tons making it a leader in its addressable markets.

In its endeavor to be a whole plant nutrition solutions entity, Coromandel has also presented a variety of specialty nutrient items that include organic fertilizers. The Crop Protection business offers fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides and markets these items in India and throughout the globe.

This chemical engineering company is the second biggest manufacturer of Malathion and only the second manufacturer of Phenthoate. This company has also ventured into the retail business creating nearly 800 rural retail centers in the States of AP, Karnataka,  Telangana, and Maharashtra.

The entity clocked a turnover of Rs. 13,240 crore during FY 2018-19. lt was graded among the top 20 best entities to work for by Business Today and was also voted as among the ten greenest companies in India by TERI, portraying its commitment to the society and environment. Coromandel is a part of the INR 369 Billion Murugappa Group.

3. Tata Chemicals Ltd

Created in 1939 in Mithapur in the Indian state of Gujarat, TCL (Tata Chemicals Limited) is a part of the US$ 110 billion Tata Group. A worldwide company, the company caters to customers throughout 40+ nations on five continents.

The entity brings together expertise, knowledge, and innovation prowess to positively affect industries, consumers, and farmers with science-led items spread throughout three business verticals which are Specialty Chemistry and Basic Chemistry.

The story of the business is about exploiting the fruits of science for aims that go beyond business. Tata Chemicals has been rated as among the top 10 percent in Business and Consumer brands throughout all sectors and consumer brand categories in India by Superbrands. The entity is the 3rd biggest soda ash manufacturer and the 6th biggest sodium bicarbonate manufacturer across the globe. This is among the highest paying chemical engineering companies in India. 

4. Pidilite Industries Ltd

Since its starting in 1959, Pidilite Industries Limited has always been a pioneer in specialties and consumer chemicals in India. Pidilite is a consumer-centric business committed to innovation and quality.

For decades, the entity has been pioneering items for small to large applications, in industry and at home, which have forged powerful bonds with individuals from all walks of life. Fevikwik, Fevicol, M-Seal and Dr. Fixit are the market leaders.

5. Aarti Industries Ltd

Aarti Industries is among the top Indian manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals and Speciality Chemicals with a global footprint. The entity is the fifth-largest of the top chemical engineering companies in India based on Sales. 

Chemicals that are manufactured by Aarti are employed in the downstream manufacture of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, surfactants, additives, pigments, dyes, and many more.

6. Atul Ltd

Atul is an integrated chemical entity serving nearly 6,000 customers that belong to 27 industries across the globe. The business has established subsidiary entities in the UK (1996), China (2004), the USA (1994), Brazil (2012), and the UAE (2015).

Atul handles almost all unit processes and unit functions to manufacture nearly 1,350 formulations and products and has state-of-the-art facilities and processes to make sure the treatment and safety of gaseous, liquid, and solid pollutants. The business is ISO 14001 certified.

7. P I Industries Ltd

Established and incorporated in 1946 by the name Mewar Oil & General Mills Ltd. PI Industries Limited is a holding entity. The company is associated with the distribution and manufacturing of agrochemicals.

Its geographical sections include sales within and outside India. The business manufactures plant nutrients and plant protection, agrochemicals, specialty fertilizers, and also hybrid seeds.

8. Bayer CropScience Ltd

Bayer made its presence in this country in 1896 when the first completely owned subsidiary of Bayer in Asia “Farbenfabriken Bayer and Co. Ltd.” was created in Mumbai. With Bayer broadening its activities in developing markets, India is of strategic cruciality to Bayer’s activities across the globe.

The Bayer Group in India involves the Crop Science and Pharmaceuticals sector along with the Animal Health business unit. It is among the top chemical engineering companies in India. 

9. BASF India Ltd

BASF India Ltd was founded in the year 1865. It is headquartered in  Ludwigshafen, Germany. Its commodities range includes catalysts, crude oil, plastic, crop technology, chemicals, natural gas, performance chemicals, and many more. BASF is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Zurich Stock Exchange, and London Stock Exchange. It is among the top 10 chemical companies in this country as well. This is also among the top chemical engineering companies in world.

10. Gujarat Fluorochemicals

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd was established in the year 1987 and it has its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Gujarat Fluorochemicals is the largest producer (by volume) of refrigerants, chloromethanes, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in India. It is a subsidiary of Inox Leasing and Finance Limited. It has two manufacturing houses in Gujarat, a refrigerant plant situated at Ranjitnagar, and a PTFE facility at Dahej.


The chemical industry has seen a rapid growth in the last few years and with that various new companies have also emerged in this sector. Despite that, the market leaders have continued to rule the market and in this article, we have discussed the top 10 chemical engineering companies in India that have flourished over years and are now ruling the globe. Also if you are looking for companies that hire chemical engineers, then you can consider the above article.

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