Oily Skincare Mistakes That You Should Stop Immediately

Oily Skincare Mistakes That You Should Stop Immediately

Among all the organs in our body, the skin is the first to bear all the storms leading to issues like sunburns, blackheads, dark patches, acne, pimples, and more. And if our skin is oily then they are more prone to such skin issues. So it is necessary that we take care of our skin the right way. There are many people who do it the wrong way. But how do you know you are making a mistake with your skincare? This article is your answer. Here are some oily skincare mistakes that you should stop immediately.

Oily Skincare Mistakes That Should Be Prevented

If you have oily skin, remember you are on the negative side as your skin is most prone to skin issues. Very few products will suit you. So be cautious while you are doing your skincare. Here are some common skincare mistakes to avoid especially if your skin is oily.

Frequent Use Of Water And Soap

Among the 5 skincare mistakes for oily skin, this is the first. Most of the people wash their skin with either face wash or soap and water to make the oily look go. But soaps are alkaline in nature, and applying it too often on your face can hamper the normal acid-alkaline balance of your skin, leaving the skin more available for pimples and acne.

Facial Massages With Oily Cream

In salons as well, an oily skin or even a combination skin should not get massaged with any oily skin. This activates the oil in your skin which clogs the pores further thus welcoming more acne and pimples. This is a serious acne skincare mistake that should be addressed. Instead, the saloon should include deep pore cleansing, toning, exfoliation with a scrub, and other similar products.

Nourishing Cream

Another common oily skincare mistake is that the face cream should be applied at night and kept overnight. Firstly avoid using any nourishing cream if you have normal to oily skin. Even with people who have normal to dry skin, applying cream overnight does not help. The absorption power of the skin is limited, it cannot absorb more. In fact, at night you should let your skin breathe by keeping the pores free.

Pinching Blackheads

It is surprising that there are many people who feel that blackheads are just an accumulation of dirt on the pores. They try to pinch those blackheads with their nails or wash their face numerous times in a day. This is a serious teenage skincare mistake as this can lead your skin to acne. So never do that.

Touching The Face

The last but not the least oily skincare mistakes on our list is touching your face with a dirty hand. The first and pollutants that are there in our hands tend to remain on the skin. So do not touch your face with your hands. The hands carry varied types of germs that are not good for your skin.

The Bottom Line

Do you wonder why you can’t get over your skin issues? This is because the skincare that we were into till now may not be ideal for you. There are certain things that we do wrong without understanding the science behind them. So in the above segment, we have mentioned some of the oily skincare mistakes that we often do without knowing.

Frequently Asked Questions On Oily Skincare Mistakes

1. What should you avoid if you have oily skin?

There are many skincare mistakes that damage your skin. These mistakes include frequent use of water and soap, facial massages with oily cream, nourishing cream, pinching blackheads, and touching the face.

2. Why is my skincare making my skin oily?

An oily skin or even a combination skin should not get massaged with any oily skin. This activates the oil in your skin which clogs the pores further thus welcoming more acne and pimples.

3. What products are bad for oily skin?

Beeswax, mineral oils, alcohol, and paraffin are some of the skincare ingredients that you should avoid if you have an oily skin.
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