10 Magic Ideas Will Help You To Lose Weight In Lockdown

10 Magic Ideas Will Help You To Lose Weight In Lockdown

In the rising covid-19 pandemic the whole country is locked in their house as the government has summoned nation wide lockdown. Staying indoors for months after months can be frustrating only if you have nothing to do. But it can be great if you can utilize this time in a productive way. Give more time to enhancing your skills, give more time to your health. Let us see a few schedules that will allow you to lose weight in lockdown. And here are few  lockdown weight loss stories.

How To Lose Weight In Lockdown?

You may wonder how to lose weight in lockdown. There is no rocket science involved while you cut that extra pound. Also if you are wondering how to lose weight in quarantine without exercise then here is the answer. Or if you are already losing weight and if you are wondering “why am I losing weight in lockdown?” then also your answer is right below. 

So let us see a few easy ways to lose weight in lockdown.

Keep Your Bottles Filled With Water In The Morning

As soon as you wake up, make a habit to drink one liter of water and along with that fill at least three bottles with water and keep them next to your work station along with a glass. You keep some mint or lime along with it or even some Himalayan salt. Ensure to complete that water by 7 in the evening.

Start Your Day With Honey Lemon And Warm Water

This tactic has done wonders for many. As soon as you wake up, have a glass of lukewarm water with honey and lemon. It cleanses your body and helps a lot with weight loss.

Skip Your Breakfast

Most people will disagree with this fact as breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day. But when you want to lose weight fast this will work like magic. Try to follow intermittent fasting. If losing weight is important to you then you should start intermittent fasting. In intermittent fasting, there should be a gap of 12 hours from your last night’s meal. During this time when you do not have anything the excess fat in your body acts as your energy element and is used by the body. If there are days you feel really hungry, you can try having a cup of black coffee without sugar of course. That will be enough to curb your hunger. This process may seem difficult in the first week but with time you will get used to it and you won’t miss your breakfast.

Try To Jump 500 Times Or Climb 200 Stairs

Since you cannot go to the gym during the lockdown, ensure your exercise does not stop. So jump at least 500 times in a day or climb 200 stairs. That will compensate for the workout you do in your gym.

Maintain A Fitness Or Diet Journal

Keeping a track of what you do is really important and helpful. That gives you an idea of the progress that you are doing. Write down everything you eat, every exercise you do, and the weight changes that you notice in the course of time. That will give you an extra drop of motivation.

Surround Yourself With Healthy Indulgence

You may wonder what can I eat in lockdown to lose weight? Since lockdown, many are trying fine cuisine while others are skipping meals and indulging in unhealthy food habits. That should not be your case. Have food but healthy foods. Avoid junks or foods that have high calories. Keep your refrigerators stored with healthy snacks and foods so that whenever you’re hungry you end up eating healthy. 

Walk While Talking

Try to engage yourself in some type of activity always. Even if you are talking over the phone, walk on the balcony or the terrace and talk. When your body is in constant motion the fats intakes keep on processing and get converted into energy thus stopping it from accumulating in your body.

Sleep In A Quiet Room

No matter how much you undermine the fact that sleep is important, it has shown golden results in weight loss. Adequate sleep is always important as that helps the metabolism of your body and helps you to stay fit. You will not want an unfit body with weight loss. So try to have proportionate sleep.

Shift To Green Tea

Green tea brings with it an immense number of benefits. So try to shift to green tea from your regular tea. So if a question strikes you like What can I eat in lockdown to lose weight then the answer will be green tea. It cleanses your body and also allows you to get sufficient sleep.

Cut Down Carbs And Sugar Goods

Avoid refined sugar and carbs in your meals. There are many alternatives to sugar. Use them. Also, avoid regular milk if you can afford almond milk. This acts as a wonder in losing your weight yet keeping you healthy.


If your motto is to lose weight in lockdown then the above mentioned steps will work just perfectly with you. Always remember to stay healthy. Have a proper amount of diet and do not over lose your weight. Losing as much is required for you to stay healthy.

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