How Fans Reacted To Rihanna’s New Ketchup Or Makeup Collection?

How Fans Reacted To Rihanna’s New Ketchup Or Makeup Collection?

Rihanna’s new ketchup or makeup collection is out and harbours around a guessing game that her brand Fenty Beauty has been promoting recently. This eccentric Fenty Beauty makeup collection garnered a mixed response from the audience. Read further to know how they react.

Fans React To Rihanna’s New Ketchup Or Makeup Collection

Rihanna’s ketchup or makeup collection had been revealed to the world yesterday on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, as the brand and its owner decided to play a guessing game with their customers. The makeup palette marketed under this collection contains six ketchup-like pouches out of which three contain Fenty Beauty gloss and three contain ketchup. The challenge is to identify which is what. The palette has been priced at $25 worldwide.

Some fans were intrigued by this seemingly interesting and hilarious guess game collection by the popular singer’s brand. Along the same lines, a fan commented on Fenty Beauty’s Instagram post saying “Metchup hahaa”, to which the popular makeup brand reacted positively. In addition, some fans thought the collection to be “cool.” Moreover, there have been some of them questioning about the uses and features of the product. One of them commented asking:

“Are the packets resealable if it is gloss? I have so many questions.”

On the other hand, many of them slashed such a collection by FB and even got to the extent of commenting things like “Wtf is this lol”. One of them commented that it would be a waste of money to buy this collection. They said:

“I’m sorry but who wants to spend $25 to end up getting ketchup packets?”

Along similar lines, a person remarked that the idea of a Fenty Beauty gloss in a packet that too with the possibility of spending a significant amount doesn’t sound right. They commented saying:

“So if u get a lipgloss it’s just an open packet? Wouldn’t that dry out fast? Also, imagine spending money on ketchup packets.”

The most sarcastic comment was passed by one who mentioned that Rihanna’s maternity leave might have been a reason for such a collection being approved by her brand. The comment quirkily asked:

“Is Rihanna still on maternity leave… Who signed off?”

It is pretty difficult to ascertain how this Fenty Beauty makeup collection will fare in the international market. However, one thing is certain it will surely garner mixed responses around the world as seen on the Instagram Post.

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