9 Best Indian Dermatologists On Instagram You Should Follow

9 Best Indian Dermatologists On Instagram You Should Follow

Are you guilty of avoiding your skincare for years? But now are you getting back on track because Instagram trends made you think it is important? Well, you are not alone in this. It is not like we have completely abandoned skincare, but our lives just got busy. But now the trend has come back, and thanks to the dermatologists that have again paved the way for skincare. In today’s article, we are going to have a look at some of the top Indian dermatologists on Instagram. 

Dermatology is a wider idea than what we assume it to be. By definition, a  dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in situations involving hair, skin, and nails. Now, this is a fact that people already know. But their idea of a dermatologist is someone who suggests essential oils and faces creams. That is correct but that is barely an operation of a dermatologist. They treat skin conditions and also diseases using medicines and several multiple technologies.

Top 9 Indian Dermatologists On Instagram

In between the rise of the latest influencer marketing niches, we have seen various dermatologists take the limelight. The videos of estheticians and skin specialists are going viral on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

These videos are educational and entertaining at the same time. This is among those reasons why this type of content on social media is bursting out. With that, we will have a look at some of the top Indian dermatologists on Instagram that are paving new avenues for skincare.

1. Dr. Madhuri Agarwal

Dr. Madhuri Agarwal

Dr. Madhuri is among the top Indian dermatologists on Instagram who has been in this profession for a long time before social media influencers became a thing. She tries to support beauty that is backed by science. She is the founder of Yavana Aesthetics Clinic, a mom, and a dermatologist. She can educate you the right way when it comes to skincare.

2. Dr. Manasi Shirolikar

Dr. Manasi Shirolikar

You wish to learn all about the primary of skincare but do not know where to start. What do you do? Easy. You follow Dr. Manasi and soak up her content such as your skin would soak up your daily moisturizer. She is a dermatologist who breaks down skincare for its viewers in the easiest way possible. You can literally know the A to Z of skincare. Do you know what we are speaking about? You will know once you check out her Instagram profile. If you are looking for the best dermatologist on Instagram with great skincare guidance, then she is surely the one. 

3. Dr. Afzaa Machiwala


Skincare has some prejudice across the globe and with everyone sharing their own tricks and tips online you require someone who can give it straight to you. Dr. Afzaa is here to save you!. She is the myth buster you will surely require. Along with that, you can book online personal sessions with her as well.

4. Rickson Pereira

Rickson Pereira

Skin issues are not highlighted on social media as much as the popular glass skincare routine. Dr. Rickson is here to offer you a peek into reality and to take you through the ideal treatments. Along with that, there is so much prejudice regarding the face and body rejuvenation. You can get effective insight into it via his content. He is a very famous dermatologist influencers India.

5. Dr. Aanchal

Dr. Anchal

Haircare and skincare, both arrive in one place here at Dr. Anchal’s Instagram handle. You can find the ideal picks for all your beauty care requirements. There are so many skincare items and also brands out there, that it can be overwhelming. But you can make the ideal choice with Dr. Anchal by your side.

6. Dr. Ankur Sarin

Dr. Ankur Sarin

Skincare is way more than just treating de-tan and acnes. Dr. Ankur Sarin will narrate you about it. He not only focuses on some of the most normal skincare that one may choose but he also addresses the problems of skin infections, epidemics,  diseases, and many more.

7. Garekars MD Dermatology Clinic

Garekars MD Dermatology Clinic

This is one of the important names in our list of top Indian dermatologists on Instagram. Garekars MD Dermatology Clinic by Dr (Major) Gurveen Waraich and Dr. Siddharth Garekar is situated in Gurgaon and also has a page on Instagram. These people are all about sharing the details about how to handle skincare as per to your day-to-day and lifestyle activities such as constant exposure to the sun or swimming.

8. Dr. Saloni Vora-Gala

Dr. Saloni Vora-Gala

Dr. Saloni is a cosmetologist and dermatologist. Along with that, she is also a senior consultant at @drrekhashethsclinics @drsheths. Along with her expert suggestion on skincare, she also aims at how to avoid any kind of skin complexities. Along with that, she talks about the various methods of application for skincare that can solve the issue of irritation that at times sometimes people go through with skin items.

9. Dr. Sampurna

Dr. Sampurna

This is the last name on this list of top Indian dermatologists on Instagram. In some scenarios, the treatment of skin can go beyond just using skincare items. But people can be skeptical regarding taking such moves. Dr. Sampurna here shares her personal experiences with such patients and discusses different skin care procedures and treatments.


After knowing about the top Indian dermatologists on Instagram, you may wonder what is the difference between a dermatologist and a skincare influencer? The difference lies in education, level of expertise, and the nature of work. A dermatologist will effectively illustrate the problems and will solve that from the core of it. They evaluate issues differently in different people. But a skincare influencer will just give their own tips to the masses and they cannot medically solve any skincare issue.

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