Effective & Important Ways To Improve Your Thyroid Health Naturally

Effective & Important Ways To Improve Your Thyroid Health Naturally

Is your thyroid operating effectively? Thyroid hormones are important as they regulate the level of energy, body temperature, metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, and mood. If they are not producing efficiently then the scenario is known as hypothyroidism. This scenario can impact your body in bad ways and leave you feeling sluggish. In this article, we are going to look at how you can improve your thyroid health. 

An autoimmune disease can easily throw your gland out of whack, but it is believed that lifestyle factors also have a crucial role. An overactive thyroid or hypothyroidism can create quick weight loss, anxiety, and an unusually quick heartbeat. This can also trigger constipation, extreme fatigue, and weight gain. So if you are wondering how to prevent thyroid, on this World Thyroid Day (WTD) here are some ways to prevent hyperthyroidism and also ways to naturally improve thyroid health.

Improve Your Thyroid Health: Things You Need To know

This article will talk about how to control thyroid in females and males. The thyroid is basically a butterfly shaped gland at your neck’s front and also near your collarbone. It regulates and controls the endocrine system of your body along with metabolism, brain development, heart rate, temperature, energy, and long bone growth. 

One of the primary jobs of the thyroid is to produce thyroid hormones that help in regulating the way your body uses energy. The primary thyroid hormones are T3 (triiodothyronine), T4 (thyroxine), and TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone). 

TSH boosts the thyroid to produce the T3 and T4 hormones with the help of iodine. Our body then releases the hormones into the bloodstream, where these things travel to several organs and help regulate the process of metabolism. Any imbalance in the activity and production of thyroid hormones can keep you at risk for various physiological and physical conditions. So now let us have a look at how you can improve your thyroid health.

Types of Thyroid

Before we get into how you can improve your thyroid health, let us have a look at the types of the thyroid. There are several types of thyroid functional disorders, but two of the most evident ones are Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. 

Hyperthyroidism portrays an overactive thyroid that produces various hormones. It can create a quick loss of weight, weakness, an unusually quick heartbeat, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, missed or light periods, and intolerance to heat. 

Hypothyroidism indicates an underactive thyroid that is not making sufficient hormones. It is more common in comparison to the two we have mentioned above and that can trigger body ache, weakness, hair loss, weight gain, intolerance to cold, and depression.  

Things You Should Do To Improve Your Thyroid Health

If you think you have thyroid issues, consult your doctor about the potential treatment choices. But along with medical treatment, there are several lifestyle alterations that can help you to improve your thyroid health. 

Go Mediterranean

Go Mediterranean

If you want to improve your thyroid health, you should consider a Mediterranean diet. One of the most crucial things you can do to keep up with a healthy thyroid is to consume a well balanced diet. According to Dr. Ashita Gupta, an integrative endocrinologist at Mount Sinai West in New York City,

"Seventy percent of our autoimmune system is found in our intestines, known as GALT, or gut-associated lymphoid tissue. When the intestinal lining becomes inflamed, it can trigger an immune response. Studies show that this plays a role in the development of thyroid disease."

To keep your inflammation in check, Dr. Gupta suggests abiding by a Mediterranean diet. She recommends aiming for four to five servings of vegetables and three and four servings of fruits every day, along with ample fatty fish and lean proteins, like salmon, anchovies, herring, and mackerel. For other healthy fats, Dr. Gupta recommends food to improve thyroid function like extra virgin oil, sunflower oil, expeller-pressed organic canola oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, nut butter, nuts, and avocados.  If you are wondering which fruit is good for thyroid then you can have apples, pears, and plums.

Be Wary of Several Foods

No surprise here: steer clear of processed foods that are packed with preservatives and sugar, fats and sugar free substitutes, and dyes. There are various foods to improve thyroid health which you can have. Dr Gupta on this stated,

"Processed foods including trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and refined sugar can cause intestinal inflammation and in turn, trigger autoimmune flare-ups. This is not specific to the thyroid, but the autoimmune system can affect various parts of the body."

Now you may wonder who is a less obvious culprit? Cruciferous veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, watercress, Brussels sprouts, and Bok choy. They may contain good for you nutrients such as Vitamin C and folate but consuming them in high doses could also mess with your thyroid. Dr. Gupta said,

"Uncooked cruciferous vegetables contain natural chemicals called goitrogens (goiter producers) that can interfere with thyroid hormone synthesis. The goitrogens in these foods are inactivated by cooking, or even by light steaming, so you can still consume them for their valuable antioxidant and cancer-protective effects."

Consider Supplements. But Talk To Your Doctor First

You have probably heard that there is a link between the health of the thyroid and iodine, which is important for thyroid hormone synthesis. Dr on this respect said,

"Worldwide, iodine deficiency is one of the causes of an enlarged thyroid gland and hypothyroidism. However, iodine deficiency is rare in developed countries due to supplementation in table salt and certain foods such as dairy and bread."

In other terms, you are probably already receiving enough iodine in your diet as is. In fact, excess iodine can boost hyperthyroidism in individuals who are exposed to it. Excess iodine is among those foods to avoid for thyroid patients. So medical experts do not suggest taking iodine pills without referring to your medical expert. This is among the supplements to improve thyroid function. 

On the contrary, if you anticipate your thyroid requires a boost, talk to your doctor about taking Vitamin D or selenium, both of which can be connected to the way you can improve your thyroid health. According to Dr. Gupta,

"Clinical research shows that taking 200 mcg daily of the mineral selenium can reduce anti-thyroid antibodies. Alternatively, you can get the mineral by eating one to two Brazil nuts each day."

In the case of vitamin D, various research recommends it could be crucial in regulating the immune system:

"Severe deficiency of vitamin D may be associated with autoimmune disease, so have your physician check your vitamin D levels and advise you about supplementation if the level is below normal."

If you are wondering about how to increase thyroid hormone naturally, then medical experts also suggest the consumption of probiotics which provide a complete host of health advantages. She said,

"Probiotics can help modulate the immune system, enhance gut motility, and improve intestinal permeability."


Exercise naturally triggers metabolism and is a great way to improve your thyroid health. Everyone, but primarily those who suffer from hypothyroidism or who may be exposed to hypothyroidism, should function at least three times each week for at least 40 minutes each workout. This proportion is minimum for people having a thyroid disorder. To witness lasting thyroid enhancement, these people should really focus on engaging in some time of exercise seven days each week. Beyond helping stimulate the production of thyroid, physical exercise also helps to counteract various side effects of hypothyroidism like weight gain, depression, loss of muscle, and very low energy levels. Exercise will compel the body to burn more calories and utilize more energy.

Get a Blood Panel Evaluation

The American Thyroid Association reports that closely 20 million people in the United States have some type of thyroid scenario. They move on to anticipate that as many as 60 percent of these people are ignorant that their thyroid is not operating properly. These symptoms related to thyroid disorder can be significant. Side effects involve high fatigue, inability to lose weight, weight gain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, decreased interest in sex, irregular heartbeat, and muscle weakness. If someone is going through various of these symptoms or brings a family history of thyroid disorder, then he or she should get a thyroid blood test done, 

To receive a comprehensive approach to overall thyroid health, the blood panel of the thyroid that one fulfills should involve a blood test for T3, T4, TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), and the thyroid antibodies. Based on the outcomes of the test, a  doctor can more precisely state where the system is failing and then recommend medications and lifestyle alterations that can enhance thyroid operation.

Preventive Measures To Improve Thyroid Health

Who Is Impacted By Thyroid Disease?

Now that you know how you can improve your thyroid health, it is also important for you to know who can be affected. The thyroid disease can impact anyone that including men, women, the elderly, and teenagers. It can also be present at birth and that can increase as you age. Thyroid disease is quite common with an anticipated 20 million individuals in the US (United States) having some form of thyroid disorder. In this case, a woman is about five to eight times more likely to be diagnosed with a thyroid condition in comparison to a man. 

You may be exposed to a higher risk of developing this disease if you:

  • Come with a family history of thyroid disease
  • Have any medical conditions such as pernicious anemia, primary adrenal insufficiency, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more.
  • Take medicines that are high in iodine. 
  • Are above the age of 60, especially in women. 
  • Have had treatment in the past for cancer of thyroid scenarios.

Conclusion: Can I Live A Normal Life With A Thyroid Disease?

A thyroid disease is seldom a lifelong medical scenario that you are required to handle constantly. This often includes daily medication. Along with that your healthcare provider will keep an eye on your treatment and make adjustments with time. However, one can usually lead a normal life with this disease. It may take you some time to find the ideal treatment option and with these tips on how you can improve your thyroid health, you can move ahead in life stress free, and also you can regulate thyroid hormones naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions On Improve Your Thyroid Health

1. How can I strengthen my thyroid?

There are various foods for thyroid health. Consuming a portion of important fats at each meal which involves extra virgin oil, sunflower oil, expeller-pressed organic canola oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, nut butter, nuts, and avocados.

2. What are the best foods to heal the thyroid?

The ideal food to heal the thyroid includes Roasted seaweed, Fish and seafood—especially shrimp, cod, and tuna, dairy products, including yogurt, milk, and cheese, eggs, nuts, and iodized salt (also known as table salt).

3. Can your thyroid improve itself?

No disease can improve on its own. We will have to take care of ourselves. We need to maintain a proper diet, do regular exercise, avoid certain foods, and take our medications seriously. If we abide by all these then we can help in the improvement of the thyroid.
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