Now It’s Time To Get You A Hair Makeover!

Now It’s Time To Get You A Hair Makeover!

Hair makeover has been in trend in recent times. Makeup enthusiasts are going through an immense makeover of hair. It takes long hours to get your hair change completely and that for sure gives you an all new look and changes your getup completely. 

Getting them done professionally incurs a lot of costs. So in this article, we will discuss how you can do a hair makeover at your home in just a few steps.

Do Your Hair Makeover At A Minimum Cost

As stated earlier, getting hair makeover done by professionals will cost you a huge amount, and why do that when you can do the same thing at your home for half the price? With the advent of various ready to use products the job of a parlor has been simplified at our homes. Now with the latest products and hacks, we can do our hair as well as beauty makeovers at home. So let’s get started.

Do A Good Research

This is a lengthy process but completely worthy. Conducting research on the best products that are available on the market and suit you will amplify your end results. In the case of hair colors, there are various shades available and before applying any color you have to first bleach your hair. Again there exist shades of bleach which is also known as a blonde. So do a good research and determine which goes best with you.  

Mixing And Application

  • As stated earlier, you have to choose the right shade of bleach that goes well on your hair. If you choose shades that are lighter or shades that are darker then there can be instances that it may not suit you and you want to reverse back. So take the right decision at the beginning itself. Choose the right shade of bleach. 
  • Once you have done choosing the bleach it is now time to check for the developers. Always remember bleaches and developers contain chemicals that are not very good for the skin. But for styling, we have to do a little compromise with our skin. So all that we can ensure is taking the right quantity of the developers. Developers are the essential elements that allow the color to stay on the hair. So ensure you do not put in extra or less of the developer. Just put the right quantity that has been mentioned by the manufacturer in the manual. 
  • After you have mixed and made your colour ready for application, get a good knowledge about the application. The technique of application depends from person to person but one very important suggestion is not to apply the mixture on your scalp. Start applying the mixture some distance away from the scalp as it is not at all safe for any skin. Take strands of hair and apply the mixture. Since here we are talking of Balayage and not highlighting a few strands only you will not need an aluminum foil. Just take strands of some hair and keep applying. 

There are many videos on YouTube that rightly illustrate the techniques of applying color, you can just check them out.


One of the most important things that any hair makeover requires is aftercare. It is very easy to decorate your hair with external chemicals, but to take care of it so that it does not decrease the quality of your hair, that is difficult but is very important. So indulge in any aftercare product that may include any cream or hair serum. This will allow your hair to retain its nourishment. If all these are in place then great. Enjoy the new hair makeover.

Recalling The Steps In A Gist:

  1. Do a good research on which product is the best and will suit your hair. 
  2. Start with your bleaching. Choose the perfect shade and create the mixture with the right amount of developer. And for the application take a few strands of hair and apply the mixture on it, but make sure to save your scalp during this time. 
  3. Once you are done coloring your hair, apply an aftercare product. These products help your hair to retain its nourishments.


The beauty standards are changing with the change in time. And hair makeover has seen a great change in this respect. There came many new hairstyles and hair treatments altogether. The above mentioned steps are a part of such a makeover.

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