8 Common Hair Care Mistakes That You Should Avoid Now

8 Common Hair Care Mistakes That You Should Avoid Now

Most of us have our own skincare regime, but what with the hair and scalp? Often for some good hair days, we rush to the parlor and neglect the rest of the days. But if we would have paid more attention to the health of our hair, we would probably need less styling to look good. In this article, we will be discussing some of the common hair care mistakes that we often commit and bring bad health for our hair. 

Common Hair Care Mistakes That Should Be Stopped Now

We all have bad hair days when the cowlick never goes down, curls or waves that turn to frizz as soon as we step out, or split ends that stick out of braids. But what if these bad hair days start to occur regularly? If it looks like no matter what you do, you cannot just make your hair look beautiful and shiny. Know that this is happening for some serious hair care mistakes that you are probably doing and need to stop immediately. 

Without any further delay let us begin with some of the most common hair mistakes to avoid getting a better and healthier hair. 

1. Sleeping Or Trapping Wet Hair

Hair experts and dermatologists recommend that holding damp strands can make your hair more exposed to breakage. As such, those who love sporting a ponytail shortly after washing their hair or bath might want to review their habit. When the damp hair strands are tightened and pulled for a hairdo, it can create traction alopecia or hair fall. Hairline breakdowns are also a chance that cannot be ruled out in such instances. This can cause hair growth mistakes. According to a dermatologist, 

“In addition to the aforementioned mistake, one also needs to avoid going to sleep with damp or wet hair. Doing so, not only causes stress to the hair threads, it ends up allowing the proliferation of fungus in the scalp.”

2. Applying Cream Or Mask Directly To The Root

People with curly hair often face the crisis of acute dryness, and what they require are products that have the ability to “quiet their baby hair”. But it must also be noted that such items, especially creams or hair masks must not be applied to the scalp. They can be applied to the roots. If your root is oily, you can apply the product two fingers below it. The ideal way though is to apply them on the strands away from the roots so that the products do not block the pores of your scalp. You can take this as a hair care tip as well. This would help to avoid hair and scalp related issues like dandruff and itching. 

3. Foam Or No Foam?

It is a common notion about shampoos that ones that offer more lather are best when it comes to cleansing the hair and scalp area. Whereas, the idea is that foam is actually formed by sulfate, which is a substance that is quite harmful to the health of our hair. Understandably, this is among the most common mistakes that people make while caring for their hair. Next time you need to stop spending on shampoos, ensure it is sulfate-free, as doing so would enable you to stop breakage, dryness, or frizz.

4. Dyeing Hair

If you want to dye your hair, search for natural dyes that have no harmful ingredients. Free of paraben, PPD (p-Phenylenediamine), sodium perborate, EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), resorcinol, mineral oil, sulfates, sodium chloride, hydrogen peroxide, gluten, and ammonia and its by-products (Ethanolamine, synthetic fragrance, Diethanolamine, and Triethanolamine. You need to avoid these natural hair mistakes. 

5. Applying Heat To The Hair

Applying the lowest setting on your hair dryer is not sufficient to protect your hair from heat damage. If you are not using thermal protection on your tresses, they can still get damaged from any amount of heat that comes from your dryer, straightener, or curling iron.

Before you start using any hot tool on your hair, apply some heat protection spray. While you generally wish to evenly coat your hair with product, it is not a bad idea to give the ends a little more love, as this is the part of the strand that is most vulnerable to damage from heat.

6. Not Oiling

Oiling has to be among the key elements in your hair care routine. Those who think of it as something that their grandma used to do, and it’s too uncool for them – sorry, then your hair will also freeze and the shine will be missing forever. For people with dry scalp, this can pose a more serious problem. 

Oiling your hair rightly is the antidote to most of your daily hair issues. Be it dry hair, split ends, frizzy hair, hair colour damage, adding oiling as part of your hair care routine can help you handle them all. Oiling your hair before washing allows it to form a protective shield around your hair. It allows you to reduce the wear and tear that occurs during hair wash. This protective shield of oil adds moisture, shine, and also helps stop split ends and breakage. Olive oil and  coconut oil have the ability to decrease protein loss in both damaged and undamaged hair. But note that the hair is not oiled for over 24hrs.

7. Not Cleaning Your Brushes Or Comb Properly

This is a primary hygiene factor that astonishingly many do not pay attention to. Your brush or comb will have a store of oil, grime or dirt, product residues and many more on it. It is important to keep cleansing them to make sure that this residue does not end up on your hair. 

As crucial as it is to keep your toothsome locks washed and clean, it is equally crucial to keep your comb and brushes clean. We suggest washing them at least once in every week and replacing them completely once in a while. Avoiding the cleanliness of your hair products can make your hair very prone to itching and even infections on the scalp.

8. Ignoring Your Scalp

While you may be looking after the hair front, you may be avoiding your scalp. Your scalp requires great care. If your scalp is not healthy, you cannot grow healthy hair or any hair at all. Massaging your scalp to stimulate good blood flow is important and so is keeping it cleansed.

Many also commit the mistake of masking dandruff. Patting down your scalp with oil or gels to keep the flakes down or with the motto of ‘moisturising’ your scalp will only make the situation worse. Most do not understand that dandruff is not the dry scalp always. Do not mask or self-treat your scalp and dandruff. What you are dealing with may not even be dandruff.  Not all flaky things on your head are dandruff! And trust us when we say this, scalp infections can be really painful if you do not take care of scalp health and find out issues in time. Look for professional help from a trichologist for the right treatment. And especially in winters you should take more care of the scalp. There are many winter care tips that you can use for your hair care. 

The Bottom Line

Along with our skin, it is very important that we take care of our hair. We often overlook our hair care and run to a parlor for any good hair days. But if we take care of our hair regularly we can avoid that extra spending and also can give our hair good health. So in this article, we have discussed the various hair care mistakes that we can avoid to get a better health for our hair. 

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