12 Most Famous Indian Food Bloggers You Should Follow

12 Most Famous Indian Food Bloggers You Should Follow

Blogging has been a growing brand and online marketing tool for businesses operating in all sectors. According to a recent report, more than 75% of the internet users follow blogs, which means, blogs are read by 346 million people throughout the world. An increasing genre of blogging presently is food blogging. There are many food blogging websites that are doing a great job. In this article, we will talk about Indian food bloggers who are flourishing greatly in the blogging business.

Most Famous Indian Food Bloggers

Going by the numbers, it is not surprising that food bloggers are increasing in number globally. In India, there is a booming F&B industry and food blogging has become an attractive profession for food lovers. These top 5 Indian food bloggers bring in more business by reaching their target audience and improving customer engagement.

1. Uma Raghuraman - Masterchef Mom

Uma Raghuraman is one of the best Indian food bloggers. She is a doting mother and a passionate chef. Her desire for food and healthy eating made her start her blog Masterchef Mom nearly 2 decades ago. Her blog consists of delicious recipes with ample images to make you hungry instantly. You can easily cook healthy food with her recipes and tips.

2. Natasha - Organic, And Happy

Natasha is a food blogger who previously faced serious health complications because of an eating disorder and the only way with which she overcame it was by altering to healthy food habits. Organic And Happy deals with healthy food recipes and through this blog Natasha shares easy to prepare vegan organic recipes which are super healthy.

3. Deeba Rajpal - Passionate About Baking

Food blogs like Passionate About Baking make us fall in love with sweet dishes every time we visit their site. And there is nobody better than Deeba Rajpal. Deeba is a recipe developer and food writer who is a passionate baker who loves to formulate new recipes while concentrating on the use of seasonal ingredients.

4. Richa Hingle - Vegan Richa

Richa Hingle is among the top Indian food bloggers who inspire and influence her followers to adopt healthy food habits through her blogs. At her blog Vegan Richa, she shares gourmet recipes that are completely vegan and are made using purely organic ingredients. She loves to experiment with her food and her blog is a complete proof of that.

5. Nandita Iyer - Saffron Trail

Saffron trail is the biggest food blog that has been conceptualized by Nandita Iyer, a nutritionist, and food expert. She is a South Indian food blogger who simplifies the art of cooking while simultaneously mastering the art of molecular gastronomy. Her recipes are a great mix of good health and taste. Nandita educates her readers on the advantages of eating healthy and living a healthy life through her blogs.

Other Indian Food Bloggers

The ones mentioned above are the top 5 Indian food bloggers. Now let us have a look at the rest of the food bloggers in India who are equally good. 

  • Mallika Basu: She is a chef and Indian blogger. She has her own website which consists of many useful blogs that are related to food and recipes consisting of vegetarian, meat, rice, etc.
  • Monica Spice diary: Monica runs an Indian pop-up cookery school and restaurant in Birmingham and Manchester. She began cooking when she was in her university in America and away from the delicious cooking of her mother. 
  • Chitra’s Food Book by Chitrasendhil: If you are searching for some traditional sauce or gravy type of dishes, this is the right place where you will find it. Moreover, the recipes are also designed as per regions like Mumbai, south India, and karela.
  • Sailu’s Food by Sailu: Are you a lover of Andhra food and looking for blogs related to it. This is the perfect blog for Andhra food and you will find all the recipes of Andhra here.
  • Archana’s Kitchen by Archana Doshi: Archana has a huge number of social media followers. She focuses on healthy food. She was very young when she began cooking and blogging. Her blogs are one of the best Indian blogs 2021.
  • Nisha Madhulika by Nisha Madhulika: Nisha Madhulika is also one of the earliest bloggers. She is also one of the favorites as apparent from her social media statistics. She has written over 100 recipes. You can witness many categories on her blogs like baking, snacks, sweets, regional, etc. A separate question-answer session is also available.
  • Veg Recipes Of India by Dassana Amit: It is apparent from the name, that the blog puts emphasis on vegetarian foods. However, the food recipes are not just from India but across the globe. She is also a baking lover and you will find a lot of baking recipes on her blogs.


With the rising demand for online blogging, there is a major increase in bloggers across the internet. These bloggers are slowly making their mark on the internet. The above is a list of top Indian food bloggers who have shaped their websites with their unique creatives about food.

Frequently Asked Questions On Indian Food Bloggers

Who is the No 1 food blogger in India?

Uma Raghuraman is one of the best Indian food bloggers. She is a doting mother and a passionate chef. Her desire for food and healthy eating made her start her blog Masterchef Mom nearly 2 decades ago.

How much does a food blogger earn in India?

For the food bloggers who are beginning from scratch and not faint of heart, it will pay off in the long run. On an average, the Indian food blogs earn anywhere from a mere 5000 to 6000 INR to as high as 15 to 20 lakh per month. For a time span of 6 to 12 months, you hardly earn anything.

Who is the highest paid food blogger in India?

Nisha Madhulika is an Indian food blogger on YouTube. An Indian chef, and a restaurant consultant, Nisha Madhulika is one of the most successful Youtubers from India.
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