7 Most Ideal Exercises To Increase Height Easily

7 Most Ideal Exercises To Increase Height Easily

While it is completely okay to be of any height, short, tall, or medium, there are many who are not satisfied with their kid’s heights. Every height is good, but there is no harm in wanting to get an ideal figure, weight, or height. So for that, there are several options as well. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most effective exercises to increase height that will surely give you good results. Always remember that the best time for exercise to increase height is during the morning. 

You can also try these exercises on your kids. Since kids are already in their growing phase, they will get the best and fast results from these exercises. Without wasting any further time, let us begin. But before we start do not expect to know about some exercise to increase height in 1 week.

7 Best Exercises To Increase Height Especially In Kids

A well known fact is that genetics evaluate the height of a person, but the real fact is even physical factors like proper exercise and the ideal diet influence how tall you can be. A proper fitness regime enables in toning and strengthening of the muscles which are dependent on increased height. 

Mostly, after the prevalence of puberty, growth plates in the long bones get amalgamated, but for some height, growth takes place till the age of 22-25. So keep on reading to find out about a few stretches that can add several inches to your height, even after you have entered adulthood. 

1. Forward Bend

Let us begin with one of the well-known and most common exercises to increase height. Stand straight with hands straight up, and then gradually bring them down till they touch your toes without bending the knees. Stay in this posture for 30 seconds and repeat this ten times in a day, for faster results. This excites the back and calf muscles and enhances the operations of the kidneys and liver, so great for youngsters.

2. Bar Hanging

Even though the outcomes are not immediately evident, bar hanging is thought to be among the most effective exercises to increase height as it stretches the lower torso and reduces the pull on the vertebrates. All you require is a solid, strong bar fixed seven feet above the ground. Then you will have to stand straight with your hands straight up, then lift your body, communicate well with all upper body muscles and remain in this posture for 20 seconds, repeat three-four times each day.

3. Cobra Stretch

A common yoga asana that is known as Bhujangasana, this exercise is advantageous for the growth of the cartilage among your vertebrae. For doing this yoga to increase height, get down flat on your stomach along with your legs stretched out. Next, take a deep breath in, lift your abdomen and chest, placing all the bodyweight on the palms. Remain in this posture for 30 seconds and then slowly release the breath. Do this four to five times each day. The cobra stretch has other advantages as well, such as assuring better nutrient absorption by raising oxygen and blood circulation in the body. This is one of the best stretching exercises to increase height.

4. Wall Stretch

This stretch is tougher than it looks. Begin by looking at a wall and place your hands flat on it. Keep your right leg forward, heel flat, and your knees slightly bending. Next, stretch your left legs backward as much as possible, and move towards the wall. Every repetition here should be done for 15 to 30 seconds.

5. Dry Land Swimming

With the prevailing pandemic and lockdown limitations not lifted, one thing is for sure: everyone misses swimming in the pool. We have an advantageous replacement, dry land swimming. Often noted ‘alternate kick’, this exercise tries to alternate movement of the lang-hand pair such as the freestyle stroke. Each set should be for nearly 20 seconds. This stretch aims at simultaneously stretching the lower back and thigh muscles, boosting the growth cells.

6. Pelvic Lift

The pelvic shift allows for strengthening your back body cells. Begin by lying down in a straight posture. Next, bend your knees, apply pressure on your foot and then gently raise your hips. Now keep your back straight. Breathe in slowly and get back your lower back at the base. Hold onto this posture for 20 seconds then repeat it again and again. Pelvic shift allows you to get a round booty while raising your height. It also helps in staying away from the negative impacts of sitting. Worth adding this stretch to your list of exercises to increase height.

7. Forward Spine Stretch

One of the exercises to increase height we were forced to do as children in physical education classes. This is an easy yet effective exercise for the effective articulation of the spine. Start by sitting up straight with your feet spread out. Extend your legs about shoulder-width apart. Next inhale deeply, bending your spine forward with hands stretched and joined along with the spine. Try to touch your toe tips, or else, just keep your spine flexed to the maximum level. Do it in sets of three to four and hold each stretch for nearly 10-15 seconds.


Height plays a crucial role in improving the personality of a person. Many of us are not constrained by the way we look, be it our weight, appearance, or even height. But there are various solutions available all around, a range of medicines and acupressure treatments are available which assert height gain but are very expensive. So in the above article, we have stated some of the most effective exercises to increase height that you can make your kids try to get the best results.

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