9  Easy & Convenient Easter Dinner Recipes For This Year

9 Easy & Convenient Easter Dinner Recipes For This Year

To help you to plan this year’s Easter menu, we have found the best Easter dinner recipes that will celebrate all things this spring. From Lemon Glazed Carrots to Sauteed Shrimp, these family ready recipes will dazzle everyone at your table. Not to state, most of these recipes are so easy and simple to make that even a bunny could prepare it. 

Whether you love ham, roast lamb, or steak for your Easter dinner, we have got everything covered with an ample show stopping counter piece. For ideal pairing, we assure you that you will find a new holiday staple. 

Top 9 Easter Dinner Recipes That You Will Love

Easter is filled with traditions that extend to your dinner table. When you are searching for unique easter dinner ideas to create your dinner menu for this Easter, look no further than this list of Easter dinner recipes. In this list, we have covered all which you will absolutely love.  

Do not eat too much of the candies as you will need space in your stomach for the easter desserts as well. This time let’s not measure any calories and enjoy this festival to its fullest.

1. Lemon Glazed Carrots

The Easter Bunny carrots should decorate the table to everyone’s delight. With a glaze of lemon to add a more tangy flavor to the sweet vegetables, it is the ideal side dish for all of your guests. This Easter recipe is for people of all age groups but will especially be loved by all the kids at the party.

2. Smoked Haddock and Poached Eggs

Appetizers can break or make a feast, so serve this Smoked Haddock and Poached Eggs to begin your dinner with a light yet delicious and also wholesome dish. This dish is made using saltwater fish (haddock), eggs, potatoes, white wine, and an array of spices. This recipe will be an instant hit and will get everyone ready for the Easter feast.

3. Potato Scallops

A Cheesy Potato side dish is a must have recipe on Easter. The ideal pair to your ham, this thinly sliced potato chips are topped with parmesan cheese and they will become a household favorite. Super easy to prepare, this vegetarian dish will add a cheesy touch to the palate.

4. Classic Deviled Eggs

Well, eggs are classic, as stated in this name of delight. A side of deviled eggs is the ideal dish to balance out all the unique dishes that decorate your Easter dinner table. Deviled Eggs are an authentic breakfast food, but Easter is all about enjoying the foods you like, so be sure to include this delicious dish in your Easter menu ideas.

5. Lamb Osso Bucco

As the traditions of the day call for lamb dishes, we bring to you this unique and delicious dish that will steal hearts right now. Lamb Osso Bucco is a pan-fried dish along with a baked dish prepared from lamb shanks that are juicy and also tender. With a burst of flavors that will treat your taste buds to the maximum, this dish is not something that you should miss out on this great occasion.

6. Grilled Lemon and Rosemary Chicken

To add a variation of non-vegetarian dishes to your Easter dinner recipes, try out this Grilled Lemon and Rosemary Chicken recipe. This amazing blend of herbs adds a little sourness to the tender and juicy chicken. Cooked to perfection, the grilled chicken also revolves around a smoky undertone that pulls the dish together. This can be an ideal easter dinner for two.

7. Sauteed Shrimp

Easter is celebrated in the honor of Jesus, and the story of him parting the red sea is an inseparable portion of the mythology. So, including a seafood dish in your dinner menu is a necessity. Make this Sauteed Shrimp for your traditional Easter dinner menu and be ready to fall head over heels for it. Shrimps have a different taste of their own, but the inclusion of spices and herbs adds a varied level of flavor that will blow everyone away.

8. Easter Bunny Cocktail

How could we miss cocktails when it is Easter. It is customary to indulge in all types of treats for Easter, and drinks that include both mocktails and cocktails are not an exception. For the adults, mix up a sweet and fun Easter bunny cocktail. This chocolate-kissed vodka cocktail is easy and you will love the hint of cherry brandy.

9. Traditional Italian Easter Bread

And finally, Easter must be on this list of easter dinner recipes. Set a loaf of braided bread on the table and you will impress anyone. This Italian-American Easter bread is perfect for beginning bakers. The slow-rising dough that is convenient to work with, and has a fantastic anise-lemon flavor. You can serve it with butter or turn it into a sweet-meets-savory dessert bread with lemon icing as well. There are no other easy Easter recipes than this.


When it is Easter you cannot miss out on food. Even though Easter eggs are the most popular food from this occasion across the globe, there are many more that you can add to this festival. So if you are still wondering how you can treat yourself and your guests this Easter then this article must have saved you by now. In the above article, we have spoken about the top 9 Easter dinner recipes that are quite popular for this occasion and that can treat your taste buds amazingly.

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