Covid Vaccine News: India And China Go For Needle-Free Alternative

Covid Vaccine News: India And China Go For Needle-Free Alternative

The latest covid vaccine news suggests that India and China have approved the brand new needle-free nasal vaccinations even the inhaler versions. This move was notable as researchers around the world are still trying to explore the chances of Covid-19 vaccines that could be provided without the use of an injection.

Recent Covid Vaccine News In Brief

On Tuesday, the Indian regulators approved a nasal vaccine that has been developed in the power head, the United States. It was then produced by Bharat Biotech, which is indigenous to India. It is to be provided to people who have not received any vaccination doses yet. However, the efficacy of this nasal covid vaccine is yet not determined as the company is yet to share the results of the study or test conducted by them.

Dr Mansukh Mandaviya, the Health Minister of India, tweeted on the same mentioning:

“Big Boost to India's Fight Against COVID-19! Bharat Biotech's ChAd36-SARS-CoV-S COVID-19 (Chimpanzee Adenovirus Vectored) recombinant nasal vaccine approved by @CDSCO_INDIA_INF for primary immunization against COVID-19 in the 18+ age group for restricted use in emergency situations.”

This nasal covid vaccine was worked on by a group of scientists at Washington University in St. Louis. It was then licensed to the Indian company, Bharat Biotech for manufacturing at a large scale. The company, in a statement, talked about the potential of this vaccine even though the results were not published to give an outlook of it to the general public. It mentioned that:

“iNCOVACC has the double benefit of enabling faster development of variant-specific vaccines and easy nasal delivery that enables mass immunization to protect from emerging variants of concern. Being an intranasal vaccine, BBV154 (iNCOVACC) may produce local antibodies in the upper respiratory tract, which may provide the potential to reduce infection and transmission.”

In the case of China, the needle-free covid vaccine was a variant of the Covid-19 shot by CanSino Biologics that is already existing. This variant is an inhaled version of it and requires to be treated as a booster dose. The study shows that with just one puff it is able to improve the immunity mechanism in the body. However, complete results are still awaited.

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