Covid Vaccine Mishap: What Is The World Facing Now?

Covid Vaccine Mishap: What Is The World Facing Now?

The covid-19 pandemic is yet not over and people are still fighting it everyday. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the governments of all the countries and continents have been trying to find a solution to eradicate the situation. Following rigorous research, various vaccines have been introduced into the market. Some showed a little bit of result while some have been reported fraud causing Covid vaccine mishap. Yes, you heard it right. There has been a lot of fraud with the covid doses. 

It is known that the vaccines people are getting for themselves are not proven to cure the covid. But it has been predicted that it might be effective in controlling it. However, the vaccines at this point whether they are worthy of their claims are highly debatable. In this article, we will be discussing the Covid vaccine mishap and the drawbacks that the so-called “jabs” are causing throughout the world. Additionally, we will discuss how the people are dealing with the various insights of the situation.

Violating The Quarantine Rules

Affected coronavirus patients are mandated to serve a quarantine period of 14 days in a place that the government of the state has decided. Some of the patients lately have also been home-quarantined. Even though strict rules have been provided, quarantine rules are seen to be violated. In this regard, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet stated,

“Verified coronavirus patients who knowingly violate quarantine will be criminally indicted and dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.”

Supporting his statement, he further mentions,

“The Delta variant is leaping forward around the world making the implementation of new restrictions a critical component in managing the pandemic in order to beat the mutation.”

"Whoever violates the directives is endangering his health and the other citizens of Israel".

On the other hand, a recent incident had shaken the internet when British provocateur Katie Hopkins hit the headlines real hard. Australia is about to expel the British television sensation after being accused of violating the quarantine rules set by the Australian federals. 

All of this began when she took out to her Instagram handle and announced that she had already landed in Sydney. She stated that she is currently under mandatory quarantine. She has been alleged to have opened the door of her hotel room naked and without a mask when the room service brought her food. She stated to have had done this in order to “frighten the s*** out of them.

In this regard, the Australian authorities have stated that tens of thousands of Australian residents have been stranded abroad willing to get back to their home. Unfortunately, this is yet not possible owing to the strict Australian Covid-19 entry caps ordered by the Prime Minister. 

As the quarantine rules of Australia has been put forward, the government states –

“All arrivals to Australia must spend two weeks in a hotel quarantine, where people must put on a mask before meals are delivered, then wait 30 seconds to collect the food to avoid transmission.”

Hopkin’s video has been deleted but Australians are still in rage. The government has strictly temporarily banned the entry into the country except for the special dispensation. 

Australian Home Secretary Karen Andrews mentioned –

“All visa holders must adhere to the health instructions issued by our health officials. We will not tolerate those who do not. We’ll get her out of the country as soon as we can sort this out.”

Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation And Fraud

As the covid-19 vaccines hit the market fast, misinformation on these vaccines spread on social media like anything and ultimately caused Covid vaccine mishap. A study has stated that a whole lot of false information has been delivered by a couple of individuals. The Center for Countering Digital Hate in a recent report has mentioned that 65% of the vaccine related misinformation can be traced back to 12 people on social media. The non-profit organization has termed those 12 people as “disinformation dozen.”

“Our sample of anti-vaccine content was shared or posted on Facebook or Twitter a total of 812,000 times between February 1 and March 16 2021, with 65% of that sample attributable to the Disinformation Dozen,” the center’s report reads.

“While some anti-vaxxers identified by CCDH have been removed from a single platform, comprehensive action has yet to be taken, and most remain active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,” the organization says.

The “disinformation dozen” consisted of 12 accounts including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — nephew of former United States president John F. Kennedy and a well-known anti-vaxxer named Joseph Mercola who peddles health supplements that he claims to cure covid-19 disease. 

The other accused are – Charlene Bollinger and Ty in a joint account, Rizza Islam, Sherri Tenpenny, Erin Elizabeth, Rashid Buttar, Kelly Brogan, Sayer Ji, Ben Tapper, Kevin Jenkins and Christiane Northrup. Unfortunately, many of them are linked to the wellness or religious communities.

Moma Clinic Fraud

The Moma clinic fraudulence is a major Covid vaccine mishap. The State Health Department of Colorado  did not provide an update on the coronavirus vaccine “fiasco” for months now. This has resulted in the wastage of over 7000 covid-19 vaccine dosage in April this year. An El Paso County Public Health employee had visited this wellness clinic and reported that the patients had been crammed together and there was no social distancing. Apart from this, he could locate unmarked syringes and possibly falsified medical charts. There was much chaos. 

For a longer time, the officials did not spill the tea on Moma Covid vaccine mishap and tried to keep the records private. But lately, the reporters have requested to release information on the same. The authenticity of the clinic in offering covid doses are also being questioned as the clinic is run by a DNP licensed nurse and not a doctor. This means that the owner possesses a medical degree in nursing but is definitely not a medical doctor. 

The interesting part is that the patients are now noticing that their insurance had been billed for the invalid doses. In a few of the cases, the patients have claimed that their insurance had been billed for two shots while they just received only a single shot. 

The CDPHE is currently unable to verify if the vaccines administered at the clinic had been viable. This is owing to the fact that they were unable to provide proper documentation of the temperature storage. Thus, those who have taken shots from the clinic have been considered invalid and have to retake their shots from a known place.

Counterfeit Covid-19 Vaccine Shots

Counterfeit Covid-19 vaccine shots are also widely reigning the market at present, another side of Covid vaccine mishap. Of lately, a 41 year old California licensed doctor had been arrested for allegedly selling the homeoprophylaxis immunization pellets alongside falsifying the covid vaccination cards that mentioned the customers received Moderna vaccine authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“This defendant allegedly defrauded and endangered the public by preying on fears and spreading misinformation about FDA-authorized vaccinations, while also peddling fake treatments that put people’s lives at risk. Even worse, the defendant allegedly created counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards and instructed her customers to falsely mark that they had received a vaccine, allowing them to circumvent efforts to contain the spread of the disease,” said Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco.

This is not the end as these types of frauds and Covid vaccine mishap are happening all over the world.

Fake Vaccine Cards On Social Media

Vaccination has become mandatory to be into various venues, workplaces, businesses and even in gatherings. People in these places are required to submit their proof of vaccination. All those people who want to avoid the shots are looking forward to the black market for purchasing the fake vaccination documents.

Mexico is one of the places that is offering counterfeit vaccine certificates in just two hours. These are given to those people who are travelling to other countries and require an immunization certificate as proof of inoculation. A vendor has revealed that he told his customers that the price of these certificates ranged from 1,100 to 2,000 Mexican Pesos which is $55-$100. 

"In two hours you'll have the document," he added.

The official certificates bear a QR code that redirects the person scanning it to the official government website that confirms that the holder is completely immunized. However, the counterfeiters aim to tamper with the QR code. But it is uncertain if it actually works.

What Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Situation In India?

With what is going around in the world, India is not left behind by these Covid vaccine mishap. India is equally active in the scams and frauds related to the covid-19 vaccines. In this segment, we will take you through the availability of vaccine issues to how people are misusing the opportunities with various vaccines and medications available in India.

Coronavirus Vaccine Availability

Tamil Nadu is currently facing shortage in the covid-19 vaccine doses. The state mentions that the number of vaccines entitled to them are relatively lower than the other states of the country. It also stated that per vial if utilized in a proper manner could vaccinate only 10-12 people.

Dr Amrita Singh, chief of lab services, Neuberg Diagnostics, explaining vaccine usage said, "At least 10 people can be vaccinated, from one vial of the vaccine and if wastage is reduced, then 11 people can be vaccinated. It is important to reduce the wastage of vaccines and, for this, the technician should be properly trained for this. Cold storage also should be properly maintained. When a vial is opened, it can only be used for four hours."

The state was only provided with 302 vials for a thousand eligible population in the state.

"This is very low when compared to the vaccine doses made available to comparable states such as Gujarat, Karnataka and Rajasthan, which are at 533, 493 and 446 respectively," the CM's letter to PM Modi read.

Speaking of Maharashtra, especially Mumbai is seeing a heavy shortage in the coronavirus vaccine doses for its people. 309 vaccination centres are currently running in Mumbai. Out of these 309 centres, only 58 happened to manage covid vaccines while the rest remained closed. Maharashtra has also quite frequently reported shortage of vaccine since PM Narendra Modi had announced the universal adult vaccination. 

Steering towards Kolkata, it has been reported that Kolkata is currently clearing the backlogs with the first shot particularly for the 18-44 age groups. It has been seen that the KMC clinics have reported a dip in the covid vaccines to 150 from 200. The civic health department is perturbed regarding the non-availability of the Covaxin second dosages at 38 KMC clinics where only Covishield vaccine has been administered. The vaccination centres have been asked to reserve the entire allocation for the recipients. 

“Since we have been struggling to cater to recipients of the second dose, we may need to reserve 100% of the allotted vaccines for them. Our priority at the moment is to clear an ever-growing second dose backlog. The task is getting difficult each passing day due to a supply-demand gap arising out of scarcity of vaccines. This has necessitated a policy of vaccine reservation,” said a KMC health department official.

Fake Covid-19 Vaccines

Fake covid-19 vaccines are all around. It is disheartening to see people causing chaos owing to the excessive fake vaccines being delivered in parts of India causing Covid vaccine mishap. The two most prominent metro cities have come into limelight in regard to the fake vaccines – Mumbai and Kolkata.


Over 2,000 people have been inoculated with the counterfeit covid vaccine doses, as a promising news channel has reported. As per the report, the Mumbai Police has arrested 10 people in total of which two are doctors at a private hospital. They had targeted the residents of a housing complex.

“We found out that eight more camps had been organised by this syndicate,” reported the news outlet, quoting Vishwas Patil, joint commissioner of police. “The police department also recovered Rs 1.24 million cash that was “fraudulently obtained" by the accused.”

The fake vaccination was going on smoothly until a housing society in Mumbai’s Kandivali had filed a complaint. One of the residents of the Hiranandani Heritage Society had stated –

“There are doubts over whether we were actually given Covishield or if it was just glucose or expired/waste vaccine.”

Police stated that the victims mentioned that the Covishield vials that had been inoculated to these 2000+ people had been sourced from a Mumbai-based hospital. The vaccinated people are thought to have been administered a legitimate AstraZeneca dose for the paid amount, while it was merely saline. It is still unclear what exactly the vials contained.


Over 1,000 counterfeit vaccines have been inoculated in Kolkata. Police stated that at least 250 transgenders and disabled had been given the doses at one site. The police had arrested an individual from South Kolkata, who allegedly posed as a civil servant bearing a Master Degree in Genetics. He had operated as many as 8 fake vaccination camps. 

The case came into broad daylight as the MP of the area had been reported and she further alerted the cops. She mentioned that the accused had requested her to become the chief guest of the camp in her area and take the covid vaccine for mass encouragement. Around 250 people had been vaccinated at the same camp.

“I took Covishield vaccine at the camp to motivate people for taking jabs. But I never received a confirmation message from CoWIN”, she mentioned.

She had also noticed that the camp authorities did not ask for the Aadhar card from the people to register the completed vaccination on the CoWIN platform. This was the reason behind vaccinated people not receiving their certificates. 

The police could also find out that the alleged camp conducting Covid vaccine mishap had been running for 12 days at a stretch and that over 1,000 people had been vaccinated by then.

“The people told us that they had been given Covishield and Sputnik V. But we cannot understand from where they got the vials. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) didn't make an allotment,” an official said.

“We have sent the vials for clinical tests and are waiting for the report. We are not sure what has been injected into the people. If we have not allotted any vial then from where did he get the vials?”

"We have come to know that he had taken interviews of some people, promising jobs in KMC. We are trying to find out if there are more people involved," said a senior police officer of Kolkata Police’s Detective Department.

After the traitor had been arrested, the recovered vials from his location had been sent for testing to the State Forensic Science Laboratory. The results of the test were shocking. Covishield and Sputnik V had been given to the ones vaccinated but the vial labels state it otherwise. The forensic team’s report stated that the vials with “Covishield” labels on them were actually pasted on the vials of Amikacin Sulphate, which is used to treat meningitis based infections. While on removing the labels of Sputnik V, it had been revealed that the vials originally contained Triamcinolone Acetonide that is used to treat allergic reactions, inflammations and various skin conditions. 

Police stated that the motive behind this Covid vaccine mishap was clearly financial gains and he could pull off this scam so smoothly owing to the fact that he reproduced fake accounts, orders and letters.

A PIL or Public Interest Litigation has currently been filed in the Calcutta High Court for conducting an independent probe by CBI into the Kolkata vaccine scam.

What Is The Solution To The Tampering Act?

UNICEF understands the situation and is currently running a tender for developing a blockchain based solution named The Global Trust Repository or GTR.

To quote the tender document: “Falsification and illegal diversion of legitimate COVID vaccines pose a real and present threat. Fake vaccines impact public health, the economy, and could undermine confidence and impact COVID vaccine demand and hesitancy.”

The GTR creation is definitely a boon to all the 92 low and middle-income countries that the Covax is currently associated with. These countries have no traceability systems that permits verification and tracking of the Covid-19 vaccines. In this scenario, a verification solution has been proposed for these countries. This will allow the coronavirus vaccine packs to be scanned and verified in the legitimate supply chain. This refers to their unique serial codes being compared to a blockchain-secured repository of the vaccine product codes originally generated by the GTR. This will also ensure that the maximum number of the fake vaccines are removed from the legitimate supply chain. 

Alongside this, to counteract with the tampering labels, the drug manufacturers might embed security features in the primary packaging such as invisible labels. Additionally, the packaging will have watermarks to fully capture the excise duty.

Covid-19 Vaccine Casualties

There have been a bunch of cases all around the world where people have been affected with some or other diseases after they received their shot. Europe reports over 5,200 deaths post Covid-19 vaccination. Here are the affected stats of Europeans.

  • Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty: A total of 206,668 cases of people with side effects have been reported to EudraVigilance from EU/EEA countries. Of these, 3848 had reported a fatal outcome. 
  • AstraZeneca: In total 152,250 cases of the suspected people with side effects have been reported with Vaxzevria or AstraZeneca. Out of these 938 had reported fatal outcomes. 
  • Moderna/SpikeVax: Suspects with side effects reported 36,294 cases out of which 345 had reported fatal outcomes. 
  • Janssen: Suspects with Janssen side effects have been reported to be a total of 12,306 of which 68 reported fatal outcomes.

With these statistics, CDC or Centers For Disease Control and Prevention has different stats to present on Covid vaccine mishap. It mentions a couple of diseases that people might go through as a result of Corona vaccine side effects. Let us have a look.

  • Anaphylaxis: It is a serious allergic reaction that sets out rapidly and may cause death. The symptoms are: an itchy rash, shortness of breath, throat or tongue swelling, lightheadedness, vomiting, and low blood pressure. CDC mentions that coronavirus vaccine side effects causing Anaphylaxis are rare. About 2-5 people in a million have suffered this disease in the U.S. If diagnosed, immediate treatment can be beneficial. 
  • Thrombosis With Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS): Thrombosis refers to internal blood clot in the blood vessels that prevents blood flow. Thrombocytopenia syndrome is a condition with low platelet count that may cause dangerous internal bleeding especially in the brain and might cause death. These syndromes are characterized by – Severe headache, Visual changes, Abdominal pain, Nausea and vomiting, Back pain, Shortness of breath, Leg pain or swelling, Petechiae, easy bruising, or bleeding. CDC mentions that coronavirus vaccine side effects causing Thrombosis With Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS) are rare. However, 39 confirmed reports of people taking Janssen have undergone this disease. Two confirmed cases of TTS following Moderna inoculation had been reported.
  • Myocarditis and Pericarditis:  This refers to the inflammation of the heart muscles and the covering membrane of the heart. It might involve the presence of fluid in the heart. The symptoms include – Shortness of breath, chest pain, decreased ability to exercise, irregular heartbeat, Sharp, pleuritic, retro-sternal (under the sternum) or left precordial (left chest) pain. CDC mentions that coronavirus vaccine side effects causing Myocarditis and Pericarditis are rare. However, there are  reported cases of 1,148 people aged 30 year and younger. Most of the cases were the results of Pfizer-BioNTech and/or Moderna vaccination. It has been particularly seen in male adolescents and young adults.

Death After Covid-19 Vaccines

CDC mentions that the deaths caused due to the Coronavirus vaccines are rare. United States statistics from the 14th of December, 2020 to the 19th of July, 2021 states that 12,313 reports of death (0.0036%) had been registered. Mostly the Pfizer-BioNTech and/or Moderna vaccination caused the highest deaths. An Indian (Delhi-based) 68 year old man died of Anaphylaxis after his covid-19 shot in March 2021. April’s report states that 2.7 deaths in a million vaccine doses has been reported while 4.8 hospitalisations per million vaccine doses administered.

Virologist Dr. Jacob John, formerly of CMC Vellore, says “if deaths are not associated with vaccination, then they would be nearly evenly distributed across weeks post vaccination. However, there are 93 deaths in the first three days (31 deaths per day) and 18 deaths in four-seven days (4.5 deaths per day) after vaccination. There have been 11 deaths in 8-28 days (0.5 deaths per day) post-vaccination. Deaths are not evenly distributed. There is hence a compulsion to investigate the deaths more thoroughly for any association.”

488 deaths have been reported in India after vaccination in June 2021. The statistics state that two in every 10 lakhs died of the vaccination and 26,000 cases of complications have been administered from 16th of January 2021 to 7th of June 2021. Apart from India, there have been a couple of striking cases of casualties after taking their covid-19 shots across the globe. The complete stats is still under moderation.


Covid cases decrease but at certain points, some places do experience a rise in the deaths owing to covid-19. Various vaccinations have been started all over the world. Vaccinations do not ensure that the affected person will not get affected again or that it can completely eradicate the coronavirus attack on the freshers. However, this ensures that most people can be safe. Sadly, there are cases of Covid vaccine mishap all over the world – online and offline sale of covid vaccines in the black markets, fake coronavirus vaccines, ailments owing to vaccine inoculation and deaths. The vaccines are still under modifications while UNICEF is taking serious steps to completely stop the fraudulence with the covid-19 vaccines. 

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