Best Red Wines In The World You May Try

Best Red Wines In The World You May Try

In its essence, red wine may be the most straightforward and simplest alcoholic beverage across the globe. For this one has to simply harvest some red grapes, crush them, allow them to sit along with their skins for a while in order to add color, and finally wait for some natural yeast to change the sugar into alcohol. Unlike beer, there is no heating associated. With that, let us have a look at the best Red wines 2022 in the world for all wine lovers. 

The finest red wines presently follow this basic pattern, along with a couple of millennia worth of innovation.  Oak barrel aging, modern vineyard practices, and filtration, cultivated yeasts are all comparatively latest additions to the red wine range.

5 Best Red Wines In The World

Want to purchase wine from the range of Red wines across the globe? This article will help you to do so. There is a Red wine for each occasion, whether you are a wine expert or a beginner. You could enjoy the essence of Red wine at your dinner table. So now, without any further delay, let us begin with the best Red wine in the world. Among the list of top 10 Red wines, we have stated the top 5 names. These also include the best red wine for health.

1. Gaja Barbaresco

Wine lovers shift to best cabernet sauvignon for intensity and to pinot dark for elegance, but if there is any grape that can match them both on every count, it has to be Nebbiolo. Conventionally, the most celebrated Nebbiolo comes from the Italian sector of Piedmont, where the thick-skinned grape is not harvested until late in the evolving season, around when the autumn fog starts to roll in. And within Piedmont, two villages have long been known to produce the finest Nebbiolo across the globe: Barbaresco and Barolo. This has to be the overall ideal Red wine for all wine lovers. This is indeed the best Red wine for beginners.

2. Louis Latour Château Corton Grancey

Here is the second one on our list of best Red wines. One of the best names in all of Burgundy is Louis Latour, and is among the most unique wines it manufactures is this Château Corton Grancey which is a mixture of four Grand Cru vineyards which are Perrières, Grèves, Bressandes, and Clos du Roi.

Offering profound notes of red and black currants, blackberry fruit, dried raspberries, and blood orange citrus, underscored by dried red florals and baking spices, this pinot noir is also a textural masterwork with mouthwatering acidity and grippy cedar-like tannins.

3. Emidio Pepe Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

It is difficult to think of a red grape that is more essentially Italian in comparison to Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, and it is difficult to think of a producer who increases the grape to its greatest potential more consistently in comparison to Emidio Pepe. Since founding his winery in 1964, Pepe, who still supervises the production of the wines, along with his granddaughters and daughters and has earned a well-deserved reputation for offering hearty, rich, powerful Montepulciano using only the most conventional of winemaking practices. If you are looking for the best affordable red wine, then you can choose that.

4. Vega Sicilia Único 2009

When we talk about the best Red wines we cannot miss this. If Spain categorized its wineries as they do in Bordeaux, with “first growths” dominating the range of wineries ranked from first to fifth, Vega Sicilia would be at the best. This winery is owned by the Álvarez family and is situated in Ribera del Duero.

A decade in the making, this 2009 vintage is a mixture of 94 percent tempranillo with 6 percent cabernet sauvignon, that is aged six years in oak prior to bottling, rest another four years in the bottle before being released in the market. Beautiful ripe flavors enhance the mouth, redolent of red cherries and also spiced plums, while the palate unveils a fresh yet exquisite wine wavering between cigar box, deep forest underbrush, and muddled blueberries. A special wine, this should really be enjoyed on any special occasion.

5. Prats & Symington Prazo de Roriz

For generations of wine drinkers, the nation of Portugal was considered as little more than the place where the port came from, but users are ultimately finding out that the nation offers some great red wines that are often available at a bargain value. Owned by the Symington family, Quinta de Roriz first made the port two centuries ago, and presently, the estate revolves around some 222 acres. Half of the property is placed to Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca vines — the widely planted and most popular red table wine grapes of Portugal, which are capable of making reds of great depth and character.


Our roundup of best Red wines comprises wine that ranges from heavy to light, not just on the plate, but in your pocket as well. There are several wines however which can match the combination of richness, elegance, and age worthiness dependence delivered by the Gaja Barbaresco. Wines are best served when they are vintage. You can try any of these wines that we have stated above and enjoy an immersive experience.

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