SkinYoga’s Natural Growth In The World Market

SkinYoga’s Natural Growth In The World Market

SkinYoga is the brainchild of the sister trio Jagriti, Radhika, and Deepika Choudhary. This brand was formed in 2013 with the aim to provide skincare solutions and natural skin care products to all its consumers. This brand formulates its products inspired by all natural ingredients found across the globe. It was formed to make its customers’ experience a real yogic lifestyle. 

SkinYoga claims to procure each ingredient from nature which plays a vital role in a person’s well being. Their products come in a dry formulation that allows the products to stay effective for a long time. These are in powder form. When the user wants to use it, all they have to do is mix them in a specified quantity of water and use it. They started their operation now in the overseas market. Initially, they started with the U.S, Europe, and Australia. 

About The Brand

The brand evolved on a farm and always led an organic lifestyle. So choosing the best product from nature for every skin issue was not a big deal for them. This Ahmedabad-based startup started its brand for personal needs and later shifted to providing luxurious products in the market. After thorough market research, they did not find any similar product in the Indian market as well as abroad. That was when they decided to broaden their arena. After living in different geographies and doing proper market research the founders concluded that any business that provides products with 100 percent natural ingredients is bound to flourish. Closely interacting with consumers globally gave the founders the confidence to elaborate their spectrum. 

Challenges Faced By SkinYoga

There is no replacement of a natural skin care product right now in the market. Having said that, maintaining the quality for the international market was a challenge for this brand as their main aim always was to provide the best natural remedies across the globe. 

Strategy and USP

A Unique Selling Proposition is a point that every business should have while dealing with any product or service. This is what attracts the users. So it should carry a lot of weight and importance. 

For SkinYoga the quality of the product has become a signature for them. That is your USP and their main focus. The rare ingredients used by them are also unique for each product. “Our products speak for ourselves” is the belief they firmly hold. 

Bootstrapped Venture

There are cases where the situation of external investments came in, but they completely refused. They do not want any outside investor to have any control over their business or product formulation. They will not allow any external factor to change their ideology of providing the best products to their customers rather than profit. This brand is very personal to the sister trio and they do not want their brand to incline towards a highly commercial profit venture.

Their main motto was to produce high quality products for people who are not ready to compromise with their quality of the product or use any chemical infused products. The investors if involved will want to change this brand into a profit driving organization and at the cost of quality compromise. This is what the sisters do not want at all. Their reviews are the answers to all these. 

SkinYoga’s Offline Presence

Currently, SkinYoga is going under market research to know their clientele better as the founders are interested in stocking their products in some high – end stores across the globe. They are very picky about the store locations as they claim their audience is from a particular niche. 

Products and Services Offered By SkinYoga

SkinYoga mainly deals with skincare products and services. Their products are mentioned below:

  • Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask
  • Oats and Roses Face Wash
  • Green Tea Face Mask
  • Almond Orange Face Scrub
  • Coffee Body Scrub
  • Fresh Orange Body Scrub
  • Post Workout Neem Body Purifier
  • Marigold Foot Soak
  • Hair Treatment Oil
  • Facial Repair Oil
  • Massage Oil – Anti Stretch Marks

Along with all these, they also provide sessions where the customer can discuss their skin problems and they are there to provide remedies for the same. And also gift sets are available ideal for gifting skin conscious people. 

SkinYoga’s Target Consumers

As they are a 100 percent natural brand, their customer base includes both males and females. Their products may be used by college going people, young mothers, or even younger looking 65 years old. The range is vast. Being completely natural products, they can be used by expecting mothers or even lactating mothers without any worry about side effects. 

Future Scope of SkinYoga

There is a broad market for natural skin care products in India. The market is slowly but steadily understanding the need for using natural products. Be that with food, clothes, makeup, or even skin care. 

SkinYoga tries to provide 100 percent chemical free natural products to its customers for positive results. This is because customers now do not want to use chemicals or paraben in their products. 

Changes Seen In Indian Market

In India, the Ayurveda skin care market is growing rapidly. There is a massive awareness among the users of using natural products for their daily needs. So shortly but surely Indian consumers are accepting changes for a better tomorrow.

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