Now You Can Easily Stream Oscar Nominated Movies Here

Now You Can Easily Stream Oscar Nominated Movies Here

While some Oscar nominated movies are still shown in the theaters, odds are if you wish to watch the films then you will go to the streaming platforms. The streaming services backed up all the latest Oscar nominations. This means they are available to watch now. So let us see where you can stream Oscar nominated movies online. 

Various best picture nominees are not present for streaming as of now, but “Drive My Car,” “Belfast,”  and “Licorice Pizza” can be seen through digital rental. The same goes for “King Richard,” and “Dune”  which were featured on HBO Max but have since left the channel. “West Side Story” will soon be streamed on Disney+, as stated below. To know more about where you can stream Oscar nominated movies keep on reading. 

This may be the best Oscar season for all movie lovers as never before so many nominated movies have been accessible to stream on big platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. we have rounded several platforms where you can stream Oscar nominated movies 2022 by sitting at the comfort of your home. You could also stream Oscar nominated movies 2021 by searching them on these platforms. 

1. Stream Oscar Nominated Movies On Netflix

Netflix is among the leading OTT platforms across the globe. It is known for its versatile range of web shows and movies that you can watch. 

Don’t Look Up

In a surprisingly star-studded comedy, nerdy Leonardo DiCaprio and punky, nose-ringed Jennifer Lawrence is astronomers who caution America that a comet is near to pulverize Earth. The president (Meryl Streep, 72) and her awful son and adviser (Jonah Hill) fear the news will hurt their polling numbers. She allows a tech zillionaire nut and a Dr. Strangelove–ish general operates the calamitous U.S. comet response for the Planetary Defense Coordination Office.​

The Hand Of God

Paolo Sorrentino received the foreign-film Oscar for The Great Beauty, and Italy predicts his charming autobiographical coming-of-age-in-Naples film will repeat the feat.​​

The Lost Daughter

Leda, an academic pushing 50, travels solo to a Greek island for the summer sun and gets associated with the traumas of glistening young mother Nina. As Leda turns obsessed with Nina, her clingy young daughter, and the wide family swirling around them, the encounter triggers undigested, sharp personal memories. Get in the amazing Jessie Buckley in flashback as the younger Leda, upbringing daughters while chasing an ambitious career, struggling with crushing demands of domesticity, and being seduced at an academic conference by Professor Hardy.

The Power Of The Dog

The glorious, sweeping, and intimate Western of Jane Campion is set at the fluctuating crossroads of horse culture and the horseless carriage in 1925 Montana, on the farm of the bachelor Burbank brothers: temperate George and menacing Phil. Phil, rangy of build and cunning with the eye, is a charismatic and cutting alpha dog. But under his bullying hide, he has repressed his traditional, vulnerable self. His secrets come out when George weds the widow Rose Gordon, who triangulates their relationship, warning of Phil’s fierce frontier facade.

2. Stream These Oscar Nominated Films On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the OTT platform powered by Amazon. Here you get all types of movies and is popular for all its shows and the broad range of films that it offers. 

Being the Ricardos

If you have always wanted to stream Oscar nominated movies, especially this one, then Netflix is here to save you. Nicole Kidman plays a brittle Lucille Ball, whose I Love Lucy governed 1950s TV. Writer-director Aaron Sorkin, 60, creates the love-and-loathe story among Ball and her on-screen and real-life husband, Desi Arnaz, a workplace dramedy that unravels in a single crisis-plagued week. The controlling leading alleged communist past of the lady and Arnaz’s infidelity threaten both the sitcom and their marriage. J.K. Simmons surely steals the show as William Frawley, the hard-drinking, sardonic, actor who played the Ricardos’ neighbor Fred.​


This semi-autobiographical piece of art from Kenneth Branagh aims at a sensitive kid playing war with a wooden sword and a trash-can-lid shield as grownup Catholics and Protestants battle in the streets for real. Judi Dench and Ciarán Hinds are radiant as the warmly waggish grandparents of the hero. It evokes a time and place via the eyes of a child and makes you feel part of the torn town and the unbreakable family.​

Coming 2 America

If you are wondering where can I stream Oscar nominated movies, especially this one then this is another good and versatile option. Prince Akeem rose to the Zamundan throne after the death of King Jaffe Joffer. The rules of succession ask for a male heir, which leads him and wingman Semmi back to Queens and the illegitimate son he unwittingly left behind. Does comic chaos follow? Definitely. 

3. Stream Oscar Nominated Movies On Disney+

Disney+ has now collaborated with Hotstar and offers an even broader range of films and web shows. It has all the shows of Disney and is loved by all worldwide. 


The magical Madrigal family in the mountains of Colombia is losing its mojo, so their teenage daughter goes out on a quest to save them all. The soundtrack of Lin-Manuel Miranda beat Adele on the Billboard charts, and the hit tune of the movie, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” is the “Let It Go” of our time.​

West Side Story

The West Side Story by Steven Spielberg is an earnest homage to American cinema. This movie has mesmerizingly lensed and strongly choreographed musicals that stand distinct from the real not merely in time and cinematic sensibility. Its raised realism, contemporary sonority, and ease of spatial depiction and depth also liberated it from what was conceived by Jerome Robbins for screen and stage.


Oscar is one of the most celebrated occasions for films across the globe and this is the only time of the year where the audience gets to know about all the films across the globe that have done a superb job that year. But now watching them has become more convenient. In the above article, we have spoken about the platforms where you can stream Oscar nominated movies and watch them hassle free. And if you are wondering how to stream Oscar nominated movies 2022, then you will require a subscription to these OTT platforms.

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