‘Shang-Chi’ First Look Released, Marvel Studios Back With A Bang

‘Shang-Chi’ First Look Released, Marvel Studios Back With A Bang

Surprise! In addition to the poster which gave us the first official look of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Marvel Studios has just given us the teaser trailer of the same. This was done to celebrate the star Simu Liu’s birthday on April 19, 2021. This movie can be thought of as highly anticipated that marks the beginning of a new branch for the Cinematic Universe of Marvel, one guarded by the nominal paladin as played by Liu. 

We haven’t had a new marvel since the summer of 2019’s Spider Man: Far From Home. But finally, the wait is about to get over. Black Widow will be premiering in theaters and in Disney+ in July, and just two months later following that will come Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the first Marvel film with an Asian protagonist. The release of the film is just a half year away and so now Marvel has started to create the hype of the film. 

On 19 April 2021, Simu Liu the protagonist debuted the first look of the teaser poster for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings which allows you to have a look at the costumes of the film.

"Whoever said that you could only receive presents on your birthday? Today I am giving you your very first look at the teaser poster for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings!! Coming to theaters September 3rd (trailer drops in a few weeks). WE ARE ALMOST THERE, PEOPLE!!”

In the plot, Shang-Chi was brought up by his father Wenwu (played by Tony Leung) to become his probationer, with Wenwu being the head of the iniquitous organization called the Ten Rings. Truly Wenwu is known by many names across the globe including The Mandarin. When the audience meets Shang-Chi, he has been away from his father for 10 years after he decides to live a life away from assassination and crime. But the past haunts him in a larger way.

According to various critics, Shang-Chi is expected to be “....a sweeping superhero epic that combines emotional family drama with gravity defying martial art action. Chinese-Canadian actor Simu Liu stars as a young hero, who spent the first part of his life training to become an assassin under his father’s strict tutelage. He’s since walked away and tried to build a somewhat normal life in America, only to find himself sucked back into his father's sinister domain.”

The trailer looks pretty good and there is a similarity with that of Black Panther in terms of tonality and the vibe- the narrative of a son with a complex family legacy. It has an exciting, new, and fresh cinematic angle in a marvel classic– no sequel, no prequel, only the beginning of a brand new branch of never existed before characters. Destin Daniel Cretton directed the film from a screenplay by David Callaham & Cretton & Andrew Lanham.

Who is Shang-Chi?

Shang-Chi was first introduced by Marvel Comics in the year 1972 as a medium to capitalize on the increasing TV show “Kung FU.” Eventually, he becomes a master in martial art and the trailer clearly portrays that he had to go through rough training during his childhood to achieve all his goals. This film in particular deals with the growing up of Shang Chi and his realization of the fact that his father is sinister and needs to be defeated.

Who is Shang-Chi’s Father?

In the original comic Shang-Chi was the secret son of Dr. Fu Manchu. But after Marvel lost the right for Fu Manchu since the character fell into disrepute because of its racist stereotype character, Shang-Chi’s father has been reevaluated as a character named Wenwu.

Who Are The Villians In The Shang-Chi Film?

The new Marvel film Shang-Chi promises an excellent action scene along with other villains accumulated from the comic books that add more spice to the film.

Who is Razor Fist?

This is one of the self-explanatory names in the Marvel comics, where there are three men known as Razor Fist. 

First is William Young, a greedy man who had his hand outfitted surgically with giant razor blades. William Scoot and Douglas later took the name. 

Who is Death Dealer?

The character in the Kubaki-like mask who attacks Shang-Chi is the Death Dealer. He is seen shortly and the actor playing that character is still not identified.

Who is Xialing?

Xialing may not look like a villain, but the character is strong enough to become a sinister force. Besides being finely trained in martial arts she is also a trained hypnotist to create a sleeper-like force globally.

The trailer created immense hype among the Marvel fans and they cannot wait for the release. Marvel Studios’ back-to-back releases is surely an event to celebrate. However, very few characters were revealed in the trailer but the three villains will surely give the master of Kung Fu a good challenge.

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