Money Heist Season 5 Review: The Best As Usual

Money Heist Season 5 Review: The Best As Usual

One year is a pretty long time –  long enough for a deadly pandemic to increase their deadly variants and for political parties to come and go. Though in the world of Money Heist, the time has slowed down, it looks to be frozen. The bullets from season 4 will finally find their mark in this season. With that let us have a look at the Money Heist season 5 review. The Money Heist season 5 release date in India and in other parts of the world was scheduled on September 3, 2021. 

Money Heist is a heist crime drama in Spanish that has been created by Alex Pina. The series revolves around 2 heists that take place after a long term of preparation and are conducted by the Professor (Alvaro Morte). One heist takes place in the Royal Mint of Spain and the other on the Bank of Spain. The series is portrayed from the perspective of one of the robbers, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó). This Money Heist season 5 review is not possible if we do not discuss the previous seasons in a gist. So let us briefly look at what happened before season 5. Watch Money Heist season 5 trailer now. 

There is one thing that needs to be noted. The episodes are divided into parts which are further divided into seasons. The first season consists of part 1 and part 2, the second season consists of part 3 and part 4, and the third season consists of part 5 which was released recently this September. So technically, this is not the fifth season of Money Heist, it is the fifth part of Money Heist in season 3.

Season 1: Part 1 and Part 2

The first part of the first season begins with the aftermath of a failed robbery at a bank by a woman who uses her alias name “Tokyo” as a man who is known as “Professor” saves her from being captured by the police. This Professor plans for a heist where he includes Tokyo as well. After a brief idea of the heist, the audiences are directly taken to the heist scene where the robbers plan to heist the Royal Mint of Spain. 

Throughout both the parts the robbers inside the Mint face various types of situations and also disagreements between each other. The Professor controls everything from the outside. On the other hand, inspector Raquel Murillo of the National Police Corps negotiates with the Professor on the outside and begins an intimate relationship with his alter ego “Salva.” But later she comes to know that Salva and Professor are no different people. But she felt emotional to hand him over to the police. After a span of 128 hours, the robbers escape from the mint, but Oslo, Berlin, and Moscow die in this heist. One year later Raquel finds a series of postcards where she finds the coordinates of a location in Palawan where she reunites with him.

Season 2: Part 3 and Part 4

While doing the Money Heist season 5 review in India and in other parts of the globe, mentioning the previous seasons are very important. Part 3 commences 3 years after the heist in the Royal Mint of Spain. In these 3 years, the robbers were seen enjoying their paired lives in varied locations. This season deals with the heist in the Bank of Spain where Raquel and Monica also join them. Along with them, three new members are also added: Palermo, Bogotá, and Marseille. Similar to season 1, the season also shows the heist in detail and with all hurdles and uncertainties along with it.

Money Heist Season 5 Review

As the ante is up for its part 5, the creator and the actors are ensured to meet the new hurdles that came their way. Sierra, who was seen removed from her position at the end of part 4, is unbalanced and Nimri makes a good hold of her role as a vengeful and unsympathetic cop. 

In Money Heist season 5 review Tokyo continues to offer us more to relish. While the audience admires Tokyo for her cool, rage attitude, the audience starts to love Silences, as more and more backstory of hers starts to unravel.

What Do We Think About This Season?

After the Money Heist season 5 review, this is what we have concluded. The fifth part of the third season of Money Heist caters to the urgency through the fight scenes which are fun-to-watch pairs of Krav Maga and street-style fighting. This show, from start to finish, left no expense on these artful fight sequences and they are so convincing that the audiences may feel some true pain for their beloved bank robbers.

Through Money Heist season 5 episodes are 5 in number, Pina directs the part 5 with the leisurely air of a filmmaker who aims to waste no time on decorations that have no contact with the core plot of the series. The central connections in Money Heist are far from schematic, exploring utopian friendships, unreciprocated love, former romances, and hard-bitten break-ups with ease. Pina is a great example of a producer and director who makes complete use of the talent at his disposal and ensures every scene – however small it may feel – counts; be it the army leader Sagasta, who makes Gandia look like a doggy, the charming Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) still being completely off his rocker, or the kindness of Rio (Miguel Herrán).

Seldom have there been such series where almost every character leaves some mark on the audience, and Money Heist does this in hearts. Part 5 Volume 1 will keep you glued to your screen with your heart kept in your throat, feeling extremely uncertain as you wait until December 5 for the volume 2, which will round up the show. In Money Heist season 5 review IMDb, it received 8.4/10 which is really good. 

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