Maja Ma: Amazon Prime’s First Indian Original Film Starring Madhuri

Maja Ma: Amazon Prime’s First Indian Original Film Starring Madhuri

The Maja Ma film is a Hindi-language movie that is set to be released on Amazon Prime Video soon. This movie is the first Indian original film to be released on this OTT platform. The movie will be starring Madhuri Dixit Nene, Bollywood’s heartthrob, in a pivotal role. You will be stunned to know that the strategy of releasing Indian original films on Amazon Prime Video is taking a headstart from here due to the fact that about 60 films have been lined up with a similar motive.

Maja Ma Trailer

Have a look at the Maja Ma Trailer if you haven’t already.

Aparna Purohit’s Take On Maja Ma And Other Such Releases

Prior to the release of Maja Ma film, the head of India originals for this video streaming platform, Aparna Purohit, in a statement to Variety said that:

“We have been acquiring films, we have been putting films straight on our service and over the last two years, we put almost 60 films out and we also bought into co-productions. Producing our own films was the next logical step.”

Hereafter, the films in South Indian languages would be explored. This will include movies in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu languages. She mentioned the new ‘strategy’ that they have been working on and said:

“We want to tell stories that are truly rooted in our soil, stories that are compelling, that are differentiated, in the hands of very passionate creators – the story being the starting point for every decision. That’s the strategy. And we want to really delight our audiences spread across the length and breadth of the country.”

The video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+ Hotstar, are some of the many OTT platforms that are not indigenous to India but have signed a self-regulation code. Therefore, they are responsible for all the content they put out in the country. Earlier, Amazon Prime had faced considerable backlash from the people as Tandav released which was considered to have disrespected Hindu nationalist politicians. So, Purohit mentioned how they are taking a step forward to change things. She noted:

“We are responsible towards our audiences, towards the law and very, very compliant with the law of the land – fully compliant with the new content guidelines and regulations. But other than that, the audiences are evolving, and their tastes and preferences are evolving. We continue to put our customers first. We will continue to put our content creators first and we continue to tell all our stories. Look at the stories that we’ve told in the last one and a half years ever since these content guidelines came out – nothing’s changed really. Are we more responsible? Certainly.”

Therefore, it is a long journey that we have to eagerly wait for. Moreover, the Indian Cinema industry is evolving, and this is one of the many starting points that we witness. Hopefully, everything falls in place. But for now, the Maja Ma release date is set for October 6, 2022, so we should have our eyes on it.

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