Dobaaraa (2022): An Unbelievable, Thrilling & Chilling Experience! What’s Next?

Dobaaraa (2022): An Unbelievable, Thrilling & Chilling Experience! What’s Next?

Dobaaraa (2022) is an upcoming Bollywood movie that is set to release on Friday, August 19, 2022. The movie has an eccentric background and is definitely worth watching. But what is so special about it? It is the plot that shows how the past and present can be connected through unusual means. The highlight of the movie is a storm and television, doesn’t sound like it’s happening right? But it will surely blow your mind once you go to the theatre to watch it.

Dobaaraa Plot Summary

The official Dobaaraa plot summary has been revealed in just one sentence so that the hype for the movie does not cease. The summary on IMDb states that:

“A woman (Taapsee Pannu) gets an opportunity to save the life of a 12-year-old boy who witnessed a death during a thunderstorm which happened 25 years ago, by getting connected through the television set during a similar storm in the present.”

The movie’s name “Dobaaraa” has a little word play and signifies the time 2:12 (Do Baraah) and also the Hindi word that means ‘again’. This mystery is yet not solved if you watch the trailer or read the plot. This is one of the ways that the production house has harnessed to get attention to the movie’s potential. However, we do know it as Dobaaraa: Remake of Mirage, which means that an idea of the plot is known. But yes, if the production house decided to make some intricate modifications to the original movie plot then it would be difficult for anyone to decipher what’s gonna happen next.

Industry Reaction To Dobaaraa (2022)

Kubbra Sait, who earlier worked with Anurag Kashyap on Sacred Games Season 1, reacted to the movie’s release on Twitter. She went on to praise the movie and appreciate the hard work of people who gave their 100% effort toward it. She tweeted that:

“#Dobaaraa is a mad mad maddddd film. It’s crazy & it drew me into 1996, in the moment… jolted me into 2021… and blew me away with a gripping storyline and the performances. A film that kept me on the edge of my seat till the last moment.”

She did not stop here. She again tweeted in the same regard mentioning:

“Oh also another thing… in a culture where we keep questioning the merit of writers… this film would be nothing without the persistence, patience and kindness of @misterbistar, #Dobaaraa is a writer's baby. Congratulations I’m delighted for you… also… what a cameo cutie!”

On the other hand, Tanuj Garg, a renowned producer, complimented the Dobaaraa (2022) team for their ardent efforts toward making the film the way it is. He then went on to title the film as a ‘cerebral thriller’. He tweeted that:

“Just watched the cerebral thriller #Dobaaraa (2: 12.) Good luck to all my friends associated with the film, @taapsee, @EktaaRKapoor, @SunirKheterpal, @anuragkashyap72.”

There have been hardly any comments about the film not doing well. Also, no criticism, at least from the industry, has been received until now. In contrast, the audience reaction has been mixed since the movie is a remake. But we hope that it does not affect its performance at the box office.

Dobaaraa Cast

The main Dobaaraa Cast has been listed below for your reference. However, most of the characters have yet not been revealed.

  • Taapsee Pannu in lead as Antara Bhatt
  • Pavail Gulati as DCP Chandan Yadav
  • Rahul Bhat in a supporting role
  • Pankaj Rajput in a supporting role
  • Hardy Nation in a supporting role
  • Arrian Sawant in a supporting role
  • Farida Venkat in a supporting role
  • Himanshi Choudhry in a supporting role
  • Madhurima Roy in a supporting role
  • Medini Kelamane in a supporting role
  • Myra Rajpal in a supporting role
  • Nassar in a supporting role
  • Nidhi Singh in a supporting role
  • Saswata Chatterjee in a supporting role
  • Shaurya Duggal in a supporting role
  • Sukant Goel in a supporting role

Dobaaraa (2022) Trailer

The official Dobaaraa (2022) trailer had been released on the Youtube channel of Balaji Motion Pictures on July 27, 2022. It has been provided here to ease your understanding of the movie. We are sure that you are definitely going to be left curious once you watch the thrilling teaser.

Wrapping It Up!

Dobaaraa (2022) is a movie that will not relieve your mind until you book tickets and watch the movie. This is because it has several unturned stones that would leave you completely stunned. Also, the performance of Taapsee Pannu as the lead is incredible and cannot be ignored at any point. However, people have also been recognising the movie through its source of inspiration. Dobaaraa: Remake of Mirage, is what people understand it to be and this has caused the audience to have immense expectations from it. It will be intriguing to see how will it fare at the box office and will the people like it as much as they loved Mirage or not.

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