20 Best Small Business Ideas For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

20 Best Small Business Ideas For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Today is World Entrepreneurs Day and we should celebrate the achievements of all businesspersons around the world. This is because of the fact that they have done a lot of struggle to be where they are today. However, their efforts may not have been fruitful enough if they chose the wrong startup ideas. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the 20 best small business ideas for those who aspire to be an entrepreneur in the future.

Top 20 Small Business Ideas To Consider

Startup ideas make or break you therefore, it is necessary that you make a cautious decision while choosing the one for you. The list of small business ideas provided below might have some ideas that are suitable for you and some that are a complete waste, which depends from person to person. So, read carefully and analyse them before making any decision.

The top 10 small business ideas mentioned below are the ones that can be tried out by a host of people as they generally do not require much expertise. As the list follows, the number of people who can venture out into the business narrows. Therefore, you can consider filtering the list according to your choice.

1. A Food Business

Who doesn’t love to eat good food? Therefore, isn’t it a good idea to harness this skill and start a business that provides tasty and nutritious food to people and eases their lives? With the availability of online food delivery services around the world, you would not have to make extra efforts on the delivery option at your place. The business can either be based in a street stall, restaurant, or even a home. It is one of the small business ideas from home that can flourish with little investment.

2. Offer Educational Content

Nowadays, parents are seeking educational content or activities that keep their children or kids engaged for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it would be a good idea to provide these services to them. Wondering how to start a business in this domain? You can formulate an activity guide for children and print them or try to provide tuition through an online mode to connect to more people and thereby generate better income.

3. A Destination Wedding Planning Company

Today, weddings have been becoming fancier and this is where your earning opportunity lies. You can choose to open a destination wedding planning company as currently, destination weddings are in trend. Not only that it is expected that in the long run as things advance people would only opt for destination weddings. This is because everyone wants the special day of their lives to be memorable forever not just for them but for all who attend it.

4. Offer Local Grocery Delivery Services

A small business concerning local grocery delivery can be started through minimal investment. You just need a vehicle and a mobile phone to start providing grocery delivery services. Just contact some of the grocery and essential commodity sellers in your locality and ask them if they would like to opt for delivery services. If they do then finalise the terms and conditions and start work. The work would be a little strenuous but would be fruitful in the long run. It is one of the small business ideas in India that you can consider as the grocery business of the country is huge.

5. Provide A Solution For Food Waste

Managing food waste is a concern that most restaurants and those who deal with other food businesses face. Even households have the same problem. Therefore, you can offer to enable food waste management solutions that aim at reducing such wastes. This kind of startup will definitely bring in a considerable amount of funding.  This way you can also bring a positive change to the prevalent food system and because of it grocery stores or restaurants would be able to save money on the food that could have been wasted but didn’t.

6. Sale Of Zero-Waste Products

Today, the world is focusing on reducing all kinds of waste and that is why a business that favours zero-waste would be an ideal choice. Therefore, considering starting a business that focuses on reducing commercial waste and prefers selling zero-waste products would be just perfect. In line with the idea mentioned just before this point, it will also garner better funding. Also, you would be able to do good for the environment. Consider selling items like reusable bags or toothbrushes made from bamboo. Even products that have packaging made from zero-waste materials can be appealing to others.

7. A Drop-shipping Business

Since e-commerce is an expanding domain, you can consider a drop-shipping business model. You can offer drop-shipping services to established e-commerce sites and earn decent revenue from it. It is one of the small business ideas in India that might work wonders for one who is dedicated enough and conducts proper research before venturing out into the domain.

8. Launch Your Own Food Truck

If you have a passion for cooking and want to harness this skill of yours then opening a food truck would be one of the best small business ideas for you. It is much easier to start than a full-fledged restaurant as it does not need a large investment or several staff members to operate. Just two members apart from you would be enough to handle this business. In addition, it is not stationary and would welcome people from different parts of the city you choose to operate in.

9. Ease Virtual Team-Building

After the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have shifted to remote and hybrid work options. Therefore, they seek virtual team-building services for easing communication with people who are in different parts of a country or the world. So, you can offer such services since the competition is comparatively low too. And yes, don’t forget that these services extend to each and every sector and to every professional out there, which means you will have a flood of customers if everything goes well.

10. Custom Clothing Business

The last point in the top 10 small business ideas on our list deals with providing better clothing options, which is everyone’s day-to-day need as they want to look presentable. Customised clothing is one go-to option when they want their wardrobe to look the best according to their preferences and body types. Therefore, a lot of people have been offering such services through traditional and online modes. This might top the list of small business ideas from home as one can promote their business through platforms like Instagram and gain followers worldwide.

Estimated Number Of Small & Medium Businesses (Source: Statista)

11. Become A Social Media Influencer

Being a social media influencer isn’t as simple as people think it to be. A lot of effort is needed to be good at it. Now, the question is how to start a business in such a competitive field. You need first identify the niche that you would be working on and the social media platform you would consider. Then do research on building a considerable following on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube in order to build a personal brand. Then use your reach to endorse big brands and earn. Before that, if you are operating on YouTube and have got substantial subscribers then try monetising it.

12. Start Podcasting

Ones who love working with audio and have knowledge about podcasting are recommended to try podcasting as it is one of the new business ideas to consider. Learn to research particular topics that are trending and try writing a good script. Then use your magical voice to record it and finally publish them on a podcast site. You can consider Anchor or other audio hosting sites for the same. Don’t forget to work on voice modulation and audio editing skills before starting podcasting. After building an audience you can start affiliate marketing and earn from it. However, gaining loyal followers in this niche is a little difficult but not impossible obviously.

13. Eco-friendly And Healthy Make-up Or Beauty Products

People have been becoming much more aware of the effects of their choices on the environment as well as their health. So, they are opting to shift to options that do not deteriorate the environment and their health. This is why the production of health-friendly, safe, and eco-friendly make-up or beauty products would be welcome by all. It is an unusual business idea and does not have a lot of competition, easing things for you.

14. E-Book Writing

People often prefer e-books over physical ones due to the essay access and therefore, you can venture out into the domain. However, you should have the calibre to write and attract the reader’s attention through your words. If you have the skill then try being a self-published author and sell the e-books written by you on various virtual platforms. The investment required is even lower than that of a grocery delivery service. But yes, it is heavy on skills and would only work for you if the writing skills are harnessed efficiently.

15. Modify Exercising Experience

Well, people do know the importance of exercising nowadays but the one thing that annoys them is that the way of exercising has been the same for ages. Therefore, they want to explore newer methods and want to change the way they care for their body so it doesn’t get too monotonous. This is where your business would jump and make it better for them. You need to have a thorough knowledge of the matter and formulate effective exercise sets for people with different needs and problems. Then find a mode to reach them, either through social media or by developing an app and launching it on Android and iOS app stores.

16. Offer Online Courses

Nowadays, due to limited time, people often opt to apply for online courses in different niches. So, enabling online courses for them would be one of the small business ideas that could bear fruit in a substantially lesser amount of time. Decide the list of courses that you would like to spread information on. Also, you need to be well-versed with those topics so that you can provide the right information. Then, try creating a website using any LMS software available. Add the course contents and promote it among your known ones and even on social media to create engagement.

17. Develop A Mobile Or Desktop Application

If you are someone who has a unique idea about developing a mobile or desktop application that would be useful for people and would be demanded then go for it. However, you need to possess the required technical skills in app developing and coding only then this business idea is what you can consider. It can get you an unexpected amount of income if the app has that potential and the idea that you thought of is the need of the hour.

18. Create A Smart Appliance

With advancing technology, people prefer to utilise them to reduce the burden on them. So, you can find your opportunity in their needs and develop a smart appliance that has not been thought of earlier and start marketing it. It is one of the small scale business ideas that you can start yourself. It can bring attention to you and can be a great source of income. It need not be a giant and too technical appliance but a simple one that doesn’t require that much effort. However, still you would need the technical skills required for developing appliances in the domain you choose to work on.

19. Launch A Dating Site

Youngsters these days don’t want to stay limited to their geographical boundaries if dating is considered. Therefore, creating a dating site or app would indeed be a profitable business as the estimated number of customers is fairly large. You can aid them in finding the love of their life and they would bring you unlimited profits. But yes, creating and launching a site is no joke. So, you need to possess the technical skills in formulating the app or site and launching it. However, if you have funds you can consider hiring someone to do the job for you.

20. Interior Designing Business

If you have an eye for detail and have ideas to decorate stuff or places then consider starting an interior designing business. It is one of the small business ideas that requires you to employ other people to assist as you do not want to do it all by yourself right? Also, consider enrolling in a short-term course on interior designing for a better understanding of the service so that you can satisfy your customers. Then contact architect companies to find projects and start working!

A Profitable Finale!

We hope that the list of small business ideas helped you and that you would do research and consider one of these ideas in your path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. And yes, if small scale business ideas that you filter can offer jobs to others, then surely do that as it is a better option to grow with others than achieving everything alone. And don’t forget to refer the article to those who have similar aspirations as you. Also, comment on your favourite idea from the list provided above.

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