Programming Language For Startups: The Best Pathway To Real Success

Programming Language For Startups: The Best Pathway To Real Success

It is always important for startups to decide about the correct programming language to assure their venture’s success. Indeed, the choosing of an ideal programming language for startups is not only important to get the required attention from the target users and investors. But also with a user-friendly interface, the startup will require a minimum time to market their product with great efficiency. 

Hence, if you are a startup and are looking for the correct programming language, then this is the ideal guide for you. This article will discuss the various factors to take into account while selecting a language for your startup.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Programming Language For Startups

As an entrepreneur, you must consider the following factors while selecting a programming language to design an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with a high rate of success.

Open Or Closed Source

The first thing that arrives into a startupper’s mind is selecting an open or closed source programming language. The open source programming languages are the ones that could be reshaped and accessed easily. 

Open source languages are also available publicly with all required resources. On the other hand, closed source languages are secured and their source code cannot be accessed or modified without permission.

Time To Market

Time to market has become an important condition for the success of application development initiatives. Hence, it is prominent for startup founders to examine which programming languages can push them to enhance their time to market. In this respect, startuppers should opt for languages that provide more online libraries, open-source resources, and customization tools.


Popularity is also a vital factor to take into account while selecting a programming language for a startup. It is ideal for startups to elect famous programming languages.

Availability Of Developers

Startups should always check the availability of developers before they start to adopt a programming language for startups. To deal with this condition, one should examine the most used and understandable, and easy to learn languages.

Similarly, it is seamless to find Python, C, JavaScript, HTML and Java developers as these languages are novice-friendly and are effective to script management and updating.

Top 5 Programming Language For Startups

Now that you know what are the factors you should keep in mind, when you choose a programming language for startups let us have a look at all the languages that can be ideal for you.


Python for startups is a renowned general-purpose programming language that was released nearly 30 years ago. To design codes effortlessly, it avails an object-oriented programming strategy.

Moreover, this famous operational object oriented language has got the initial rank among the most famous programming languages as per the TIOBE Index. Yes, with an 11.77 percent rating, it is in the first position on the list.

By the same token, this best programming language for entrepreneurs has also been positioned on the 3rd rank among the most famous technologies of Stack Overflow Survey. With 48.24 percent votes, Python grabbed the third rank from SQL. WhatsApp, Uber, Reddit, and Lyft are the major names that depend on Python for varied functions.


Ruby is among the top-notch programming languages for startups as it has dynamic, scalable, and object-oriented programming characteristics. It was released to the public in 1995 by Japanese computer scientist Yukihiro Matsumoto.

Even though the TIOBE Index offers Ruby the 13th position among the most famous programming languages, it could be a good choice for startups. Mainly, garbage collection features and the JIT compiler of Ruby make it a great choice for new businesses. 

Yellow Pages, Basecamp, Airbnb, and are among the tech giants that began their startup journeys with this programming language and the Ruby framework ‘Rails’.


JavaScript is another amazing programming language used for startups that was released in 1995. This dynamic, open-source, and object-based programming language is available for both front and backend development operations. This is among the best programming language used in startups. 

Because of its smooth coding and other features, Stack Overflow Developer Survey ranks it among the most famous technologies from the previous 9 years.

Accordingly, with 64.96 percent votes, JavaScript is also among the most used programming languages, as per the global survey of Statista. The notable entities with dependencies on JavaScript for varied operations are Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, and PayPal.


Java is a high-level, easy to maintain, portable, and class-based programming language that can be used by startups. As a primitive programming language, it has a large community and is a famous choice of modern application developers. Primarily, Java is among the finest names for creating web applications.

As per the W3Techs, 3.7 percent of online websites use Java for backend functions. Java also grabs a notable face value among the most widely used programming languages across the globe. With 35.35 percent votes, it holds the 5th position among the most used programming languages as per the survey by Statista. Google, Vox Media, Slack, and Amazon are grand companies that avail Java for varied ventures.


It is a nice choice for server side coding of mobile applications. If you are searching for an Objective-C alternative for your startup, then you should try using Swift. It is a developed programming language that was created in 2014 to work with the frameworks of Apple.

This language of programming could be used for varied application development projects, that include desktop and mobile applications, cloud services, and also system software.

The important entities that are using Swift for their projects are CRED, Walmart, Apple, Slack (checkout this Slack Clone App), and DoorDash.

The Bottom Line

This article offers the best programming language for startups in 2022. But the choice of language completely depends on the needs of your business-like time to market, scalability, and community support.

Latest businesses should also take into account their developer availability, budget, and success scope before choosing a language. Surely, startuppers can also select two or even more languages to support their projects. These are considered as the silicon valley programming languages.

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