Cuttack ITI Makes IG Drones To Use In The Industries

Cuttack ITI Makes IG Drones To Use In The Industries

The Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Of The Indian Government in Cuttack started making drones in partnership with IG Drones

IG Drones Delta 400 series has been supplying the needs of the industries. This drone can stay in the air for more than 3 hours and also has a high resolution camera that can capture all minute details of the mission as well. This drone is currently being produced at Industrial Training Institute (ITI) to cater to the needs of various sectors in the industry. Now the ITI has a plan of making nearly 100 drones every year and they will be set up to survey mines for Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC).

Uses Of IG Drones

IG Drones play a major role in administering exclusive and innovative solutions that will carry out mine mapping and also surveying in the most effective way. 

“Huge corporations like Amazon and Google are testing ways to deliver packages with drones but we are not only making the industry use the advanced drone technology but also upskilling the youth in the same and are thankful to Dr. Hrusikesh Mohanty, Principal ITI Cuttack for collaborating with us,” Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya, CEO and Co-Founder exclaimed.

It is said that the drones are used to carry out mapping of the mines effectively. Along with mine surveys, these can be used for various other purposes ranging from border patrolling to keeping an eye on forest fires. Besides these, drones can play an important role in industrial and also bridge inspection and flood mitigation. 

“Our students can get first hand training from this manufacturing project. It will enable us to deliver from our institute to all corners of India and abroad.” Hrushikesh Mohanty, principal of Government ITI, Cuttack said.

These technologically advanced drones offer a wide range of services to all sectors of a country. 

The usage of drones has increased because there is a wide need for the same in railways, roadways, mining, infrastructure, engineering, security, and surveillance, agricultural survey, power line monitoring, bridge and pipeline inspection, river mapping services, forest, and wildlife surveys.

“We are not only making the industry use advanced drone technology but also up-skilling the youth at the same time. It is a great partnership with ITI Cuttack,” Bodhisattwa Sangha, CEO and Co Founder of IG Drones said.


The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Reghu G IAS, DTET (Directorate of Technical Education and Training) Odisha and Reshmi Ranjan Mohapatra, Head Skill Development And Board Member IG Drones. This was done to ensure that this project can be done closely with skilled people in Odisha that will empower the youths of the country with advancement in technology.

“The advanced technology brought by IG Drones will help our students get nurtured at Cuttack ITI to align with the Industrial Revolution 4.0. It will enable us to deliver content from the very heart of skilled centres to all corners of India and across the oceans” said Dr. Mohanty when he was asked about the industry academia collaboration with IG Drones.

There are two initiatives that have been taken by the Government of Odisha and the Chief Minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik and those are “Skilled in Odisha” and “Make in Odisha”. The drone made by ITI Cuttack will help the state in gaining recognition across the country and will add a step further to reach the global eye sight. This is foreseen to be a grand success in the route of initiatives that are making Odisha proud by establishing it once again on the top of the skilled list.


This development came into sight when there is a fast growth of Drone Technology in India. This happens with companies like IG Drones that use AI based and smart drone technology in varied sectors. This tech savvy, well structured drone offers a wide range of services in all sectors of an industry. From railways to minings they can be used in all spheres.

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