Know How You Can Earn TiV Rewards While Gaming

Know How You Can Earn TiV Rewards While Gaming

There is a new payment startup in Chicago that rewards you for not just spending money, but also on the time you spend on that application. TiV rewards are generally in the form of cashback, and coupons. So in this article, we will learn more about all the rewards including TiV reward cards for gamers as well. 

Tiv is a banking app startup that recently started out of stealth mode. It is developing products of debit and credit cards that are solely designed for gamers. It aims to create better financial products for video game players that give them Credit card Rewards for time spent gaming.

Tiv will enable gamers to concur up all their gaming accounts across PC, tablet, and mobile, and they can start to earn rewards cards for every hour that they spend gaming. Users can redeem points for these rewards for cash, games, gaming hardware, or any other rewards.

Jed Strong CEO and co-founder of TiV, who had previously worked with Xbox helping them lead their strategic partnerships.

"The time I spent playing four hours of Call of Duty last night will impact and increase my rewards rate when I'm at Jewel later today. Our vision is to create and offer products that are a better reflection of who you are and what you do, not just what you spend."

The origin of Tiv started when Strong’s fellow co-founder JP Pillat got engaged, and his wife witnessed just how much money he was spending on playing video games. Pillat was determined to fund his gaming hobby solely through credit card rewards, but he could not find an already prevailing TiV rewards card that fit his needs, as explained by Strong.

Tiv is wishing to launch a beta version of its product later this year with a public card launch scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021. To kick start growth, the startup recently listed $3.5 million from 4490 Ventures and Silverton Partners.

Americans spent nearly $57 billion on video games in 2020, which increased by 27% from the year before. Strong believes that Tiv rewards are well suited to serve this growing group of gamers who are looking for a better financial product that is ideal for their lifestyle. 

According to Strong, 

"We're taking someone's passion, in this case, a virtual passion, and translating it into real monetary value in the physical world. Tiv will recognize you for who you really are. That’s going to form a really strong sense of loyalty within the gaming community."

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