5 Best Tax Software You Can Consider This Year

5 Best Tax Software You Can Consider This Year

Various tax software help entities to make profit and loss statements and individuals prepare income files for individual and corporate tax returns. This software handles all the compliance issues. One can use them for live tax calculations and also e-file tax returns in a short span of time. These best tax software automatically offer notification if the information that is entered is mismatched. 

In this article, we have picked some of the best tax software that you can use for your taxation purposes with ease.

5 Best Tax Software For 2022

Tax software allows you to fulfill and file your taxes online in a very convenient and intuitive way. It guides the user via the forms to involve income and deductions and they even guide the users through items like working from home deductions or even unemployment income notations. So you should know about these best tax software for your future use. Among the top 10 income tax software in India, here are the top 5.

1. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is primarily a tax compliant accounting software that allows you to handle your account receivables and payables. It enables you to collaborate with company employees.


  • It automatically measures GST and develops the report.
  • The user can follow up on payment by using automatic alerts.
  • It allows you to incorporate with several online payments.
  • Zoho Books allows you to track expenses and also record bills.
  • You can select your value from the list offered by Zoho Books.
  • It mechanically gets a bank statement from the bank into your account.
  • You can handle over one project, add activities, and assign them to your employees.
  • You can develop invoice customers depending on on-task time or the fixed charges for any project.

2. ClearTax

ClearTax is an element that allows you to handle your tax along with the business submission. It is among the best tax software in India that provides a solution for Goods and Services Tax (GST). The service provided by this software item allows you to save your taxation with several investment approaches.


  • The user can e-file tax returns in just a few minutes.
  • This element adjusts the advance tax paid mechanically.
  • You can e-file income tax returns in a short span of time.
  • It enables you to file for three people from the same account.
  • Cleartax automatically chooses the relevant ITR form.

3. H&R Block

H&R Block is a popular income tax e filing service provider. The service is offered by experts who assure maximum tax savings. You can use the facilities of this entity to get consultation for the previous year.


  • It offers a 128-bit SSL security for your papers.
  • H&R Block provides a hassle-free way to handle tax complications.
  • It enables users to e-file tax returns in a short span of time.
  • Consumers will get post-tax filing support.
  • It is among the best tax software in India which provides real-time tax calculations.

4. Eztax

Eztax is an online element that offers services to help prepare, plan, and save taxes for individuals and businesses. It enables your income tax form to be filed easily. This program is accessible for both Web Browser and Mobile App.


  • You can upload an image of your Form-16.
  • It mechanically reads Form-16 in pictures or PDF format.
  • Eztax boosts capital gains, salary, property, and many more. to save your income tax.
  • It provides a comprehensive Salary questionnaire.
  • This income best online tax filing free software element has a secure document manager.
  • It has a tax booster to optimize the potential investment return.
  • It supports you to get maximum GST credit.

5. Taxspanner

Taxspanner is a doorway that provides online preparation and also filing of Income Tax Returns (ITR). It offers a convenient way to efile your taxes. This tax calculation software enables you to upload several PDF or scanned papers.


  • You can e-file any form of ITR.
  • It offers security utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • This website mechanically calculates return filing according to relevant tax rules.
  • You will receive a full solution for e-filing of ITR1, ITR2, ITR4, and many more.
  • Taxspanner supports you to fill, prepare, and calculate your income tax.
  • It keeps your record safe so that you do not have to keep a separate tax file.


All the best tax software 2022 is planned to help the users process and then file their tax returns on their own. With easy, interview-style questions and convenient to follow help, the software demystifies complicated tax returns. It will narrate to the user how to take several deductions and trigger reminders for matters you might otherwise forget to involve, like charitable deductions. Our best overall selection is H&R Block as it offers reasonable pricing with software packages that cover nearly every form of the tax return in a concise, clear fashion.

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