The Best Countries For Business You Should Consider This Year

The Best Countries For Business You Should Consider This Year

In order to decide what is the best place to bring their businesses, the business owner needs to define their priorities first by determining various human and operation costs. In this article, we will discuss the best countries for business across the globe.

Top 10 Countries For Business Around The Globe

Setting up a business with proper funds and strategy is not as easy as it may seem. There are other factors as well that need to be considered, and one among them is the location. The place or country of the business also matters a lot as your business will include several business regulations and laws of the country. So it is crucial for all to know the best countries for business around the globe for better evaluation.

1. United Kingdom

Among the list of best countries to start business in 2021, this is the first one. The UK, the leading financial power and trading power, has the third biggest economy in the entire Europe after Germany and France. Agriculture in the UK is highly mechanized by the standards of Europe producing nearly 60% of the food requirement with less than 2% labor force. The UK has huge natural gas, coal, and oil resources, but its oil reserves are decreasing. This is indeed the best European country for business.

2. Sweden

The small, open, yet competitive economy of Sweden has been boosting and Sweden has attained a great standard of living with its mixture of free market capitalization and benefits of extensive welfare. Sweden still stays beyond the Euro zone hugely out of issues that joining the European Economic and Monetary Union would finish the sovereignty of the nation over its system of welfare. This is the best country to start business as a foreigner 2021.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a free market economy that is highly dependent on international finance and trade which is the value of service and good trade that includes a sizable amount of re-exports, nearly four times the GDP. There is no tariff on exported goods in Hong Kong, and it imposes excise duties only on 4 items, whether produced locally or imported hard alcohol, oil, tobacco, and methyl alcohol. This name is among the Forbes best countries for business 2021.

4. Netherlands

The Netherlands is the sixth largest economy in the whole of Europe and plays a crucial role as the European Transportation Hub, with a constant high trade surplus, low unemployment, and stable industrial relations. Their industry aims at chemicals, food processing, electric machinery, and petroleum refining. It has a highly mechanized agricultural sector that employs only 2% of the total population but offers a large surplus for food processing and underpins the status of the nation as the second largest agricultural exporter of the world.

5. New Zealand

Over the last 40 years, the government of New Zealand has transformed the country from an agrarian economy that was dependent on concessionary British market access, to a more industry inclined, free market economy which has the ability to compete globally. The dynamic increase of this nation has boosted the real income but has left behind some at the starting point of the ladder and has widened the technological capabilities of the industrial sector.

6. Canada

Canada mirrors the United States in its economic system which is market-oriented, production pattern, and high standard of living. Since the Second World War, the impressive increase in the manufacturing, service, and mining sectors has changed the nation from a hugely rural economy into one that is now primarily urban and industrial. Canada has a huge natural gas and oil sector with the highest production of crude oil that is obtained from oil sands in the western province. This is the best country to start business for India and the people residing in India.

7. Denmark

This completely modern market economy showcases advanced industry with firms that are leading the world in maritime shipping, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, and a high-tech agricultural industry. Danes experience a lavish lifestyle, and the Danish economy is identified by extensive government welfare schemes and an equal distribution of income.

8. Singapore

Singapore offers a highly successful and developed free market economy. It experiences a corruption free and open environment, a per capita that is more than most of the developed countries, and stable prices. Unemployment in this country is very low and the economy is highly dependent on exports especially petroleum products, electronics, medical, chemicals, and optical devices.

9. Australia

Australia offers an open market with minimal restrictions levied on the import of services and goods. The process of opening up has boosted productivity, made the economy more flexible, and has stimulated growth. This nation plays an active role in the APEC, WTO, and the G20. The free trade agreement of Australia with China was enacted in 2015.

10. Switzerland

Switzerland which is known as the best landlocked country also has to offer a lot for businesses. It has a modern and prosperous market economy with a highly skilled labor force, low unemployment, and a high per capita income. The economy of Switzerland has benefited from a highly improved service sector that is conducted by financial services, and also a manufacturing industry that focuses on high technology.


By now you know the top countries for business that you can consider depending on the resources that you will require for your business. There is one thing common in almost all the countries that we have mentioned and that is the economies offer open markets. So it is clear to have a transparent business ambiance in any country. It is essential that the coin try to offer an open market and a good import and export facility. Sp chooses the country for your business accordingly.

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