Windows Vs Mac: Now Choose Based On Your Needs Easily

Windows Vs Mac: Now Choose Based On Your Needs Easily

There used to be a time when if you shouted “Macs are whack” or “Apple rules, Microsoft stinks,” you could initiate a riot. The conflict among Windows fans and Apple supporters raged in social networks, college campuses, and internet message boards. But why is it so? How are both these operating systems varied? In this article, we will do a comparison between Windows vs Mac to find out how they are so different and which one you should choose.

Windows Vs Mac: What Are They?

But before we begin, we need to understand some definitions. In this article, we are comparing Apple computers operating Mac OS X and computers functioning on the Windows operating system. The word PC denotes Personal Computers and could be applied to Windows, Macs, and also computers running in other operating systems alike. 


Windows is a group of several proprietary graphical OS which is offered by Microsoft Incorporation. It is also called Microsoft Windows. It presently includes Windows IoT and Windows NT as members of its family. Previously it included Windows Mobile, Windows 9x, and Windows Phone which is no longer being used. It is the most used OS in personal computers (PCs). The first version of Windows was released by Microsoft in 1985. The most latest version of Windows for PCs is Windows 11.

macOS :

macOS is a series of proprietary graphical OS which is offered by Apple Incorporation. It was earlier called Mac OS X and later OS X. It is specially created for Apple mac computers. It is based on the Unix OS. It was designed using C, C++, Objective-C, assembly language, and also Swift. It is the second most functioning operating system in personal computers after Windows. The first version of macOS was released by Apple in 2001. The recent stable version of macOS is 10.15.1 which is called Catalina.

Windows Vs Mac: Choose Based On Your Requirements

So in this comparison between Windows vs Mac, here is a list of some differences that will help you to decide. 

1. Customer Satisfaction

Probably the most striking variation between Windows vs Mac is in user satisfaction. In 2020, Apple took the top position in a Brand Intimacy COVID Study by the MBLM branding agency, which surveyed all the brands, not just computers. But the American Customer Satisfaction Index rated Mac the top computer brand in both 2019 and 2020, with Samsung and Acer in second and third places.

Apple has long received a reputation for great customer service. That is probably because of the way that the entity offers service. Windows owners can contact tech support or go to a third-party repair store, but the users of Mac can get face-to-face assistance from a technician at the Genius Bar help desk that is located in any Apple Store.

It also helps as Apple has a centralized identity. If you have any issue with a Mac, whether it is the hardware or the OS, you can go to the Genius Bar. But what will happen if your Windows is on the fritz? You might have to talk to two or more entities just to identify the underlying issue. Even though Microsoft also has technical services in their stores, it only supports its own devices like the Xbox and Surface. So if you are looking for Windows vs Mac for students, then you can choose Windows.

2. Security

This comparison between Windows vs Mac would be incomplete if we did not talk about security. You can expect security from unwanted intrusions to viruses. Because the broad majority of the world’s computers operate Microsoft Windows, most attacks aim at them. Malware like Trojan, which forces users into installing them, by acting to be something desirable, like bonnets and anti virus programs, which silently enlists computers into an array of Zombie machines created to distribute spam or even advertise fraud are presently common threats to WIndows, but they more rarely harm Macs. 

This does not imply that Mac users should fully ignore security. As Macs claim to gain market share, these threats have grown. And just as legitimate developers have formulated cross-platform applications, cross-platform malware has also become more evident these days. However, there is still some truth to, as one observer puts it,

"A Mac owner who runs no security software is vastly less likely to be the victim of a successful attack than a Windows user who's protected up to his eyeballs."

3. Software

This is another important parameter in our comparison of Windows vs Mac. One of the most crucial reasons Mac has not captured a larger share of the computer market is the perceived scarcity of software written for its operating system. In the 1990s the decline of Apple frightened developers away from the platform. The return of Steve Jobs to the company brought in confidence, and so did a 2009 investment in the company by Microsoft itself. Since then, the commitment of Apple to its developers which include Microsoft, which keeps up an up-to-date version of its Office suite of business software for the Mac, has chipped away at the software gap. Nevertheless, there are still some special software developers who do not create Mac versions of their software, but there are some Mac developers who will not write Windows software. With the rising amount of web-based business tools that will operate on just about any computer, this argument becomes more moot. Based on the software parameters, Windows vs Mac for programming, you can choose Mac. 

It does not just work that is struck by the perceived limited software selection of Mac, but it is also played. Most computer gamers are pulled toward the Windows, thanks to the wide range of recreational software provided for Windows systems. For a long time, developers declined to port their games to the Mac. But the resurgence of Apple has also given chances for Mac gamers to join in the fun.


We have tried to be objective and fair, as you can see from the comparison above. In many scenarios, the two operating systems are at parity. And you will have your own parity parameters based on your needs. In this Windows vs Mac 2022, it can be concluded that if you look for a better and hassle free experience and also ideal for gaming then you can go for Windows. But if your primary concern is security, then there is no better option than Mac presently.

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