Tata Tigor Vs Tata Tiago: What Makes These Cars Different?

Tata Tigor Vs Tata Tiago: What Makes These Cars Different?

The hatchback of Tata Tiago has been accepted well by the India automobile market. The manufacturers of this car now plan to capitalize on its success with the latest compact sedan version of the Tiago. The Tigor is a sub compact version that will reside below the Tata Zest. Presently, it does not have any immediate competitors. So in this article, we are going to have a comparison on Tata Tigor vs Tata Tiago so help you make the decision better.

Tata Tigor Vs Tata Tiago: What Makes Them Different?

Tata motors is ready to release the Tigor compact sedan in the Indian automobile market on the 29th of March 2022. This latest vehicle is based on the existing Tiago hatchback and is mainly a notchback version of the previous one. There are many who compare Tata Tigor vs Tata Altroz, but we will stick to Tiago. Now, what exactly segregates the two from each other? In order to bring more clarity on the same, we have prepared a list of 10 primary points upon which these cars stand unique from each other. So let us have a look at the Tata Tigor vs Tata Tiago.  

  1. The engine specs of the Tata Tigor stays the same as compared to the Tata Tiago. The petrol version receives a 1,2-liter engine while the diesel version receives the 1.05-litre motor. However, a few mechanical alterations have been made to the petrol engine, in order to decrease its NVH levels.
  2. Another big difference in Tata Tigor vs Tata Tiago which arrives with the Tigor is the raised amount of boot space, of 419-liters, of course because of the extended boot at the back. The Tiago receives a 242-liters of boot space. 
  3. The Tigor is primarily longer than that of the Tiago but at the same time the same is also nearly 30mm broader than the former. Though little, this raise translates into better shoulder room at the rear seats.
  4. Being a notchback, the Tata Tigor receives an extended boot at the back, unlike the Tata Tiago which is a hatchback. The design of the Tigor is similar to that of the Tiago in varied ways but towards the rear it receives a coupe like profile which provides it quite a sturdy and modern dimension. 
  5. In Tata Tigor vs Tata Tiago, The Tigor is to arrive with larger 15-inch alloy wheels, in comparison to Tiago’s 14-inch wheel.
  6. Also, one of the important highlights of the Tigor is the initiation of LED tail-lights, unlike the halogen ones offered in the Tiago. All the other characteristics however are identical to that of the Tiago.
  7. Getting inside the cabin, we are to see an exact similar layout in the Tata Tigor interior as seen on the Tiago. However, there is to be a latest 5-inch touchscreen multimedia system to be made accessible in the top-spec XZ trim. The same is to arrive equipped with rear-view parking sensors and camera. 
  8. Not only this, the Tigor also has a latest climate control unit, that is embedded with a digital screen, unlike the Tiago which receives a dial functioned one.
  9. In respect to safety, the Tigor is to arrive with dual-front airbags, EBD and ABS as standard throughout the range. These features are presently available as optional extra on the Tiago.

Now let us have a look at the tiago vs tigor price. To the all so crucial question of pricing, the Tata Tiago presently falls in the price range of INR 3.20 lakh to INR 5.54 lakh. The Tata Tigor price is anticipated to fall in the range of INR 4.5 to 6.5 lakh (ex-showroom).

Tata Tigor Vs Tata Tiago: Verdict

After this Tata Tigor vs Tata Tiago comparison it can be concluded that the Tigor is just what Tata requires to further broaden its market share. On paper, it has the similar qualities as the Tiago with the additional bonus of a bigger boot. It might just make a lot of sense to invest extra money for the Tigor.

  • Price – Tigor costs nearly Rs. 90,000 more compared to the Tiago spec for spec
  • Specifications – Transmission and engine options are both identical. Both cars receive a 1.05 L Diesel and 1.2 L petrol with a 5-speed manual transmission.
  • Features – Tigor receives added features such as touchscreen, auto aircon, etc.
  • Design – Tata looks to have done a good job of integrating a boot into the design of Tiago.
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