Sony Xperia Pro Review: Important Facts About This Phone

Sony Xperia Pro Review: Important Facts About This Phone

Sony has the habit of manufacturing phones no one expects and that is how the Sony Xperia Pro came into being. The Xperia 1 super expensive alter ego was created to be used as an external monitor for the Sony Alpha cameras and it also came out to be a phone with 5G connectivity. Let us have a look at the Sony Xperia Pro review for your better understanding.

Sony Xperia Pro Review: An Overview

Getting in this Sony Xperia Pro review has been no easy job: from the get-go, it became abundantly clear that the Sony Xperia Pro-I is a phone unlike any other smartphone released in 2021. Phones have substituted consumer cameras as the main equipment of choice for photography for years presently, and yet there has been a surprising lack of phones focused at professionals that enable for granular fine-tuning of all important features.

Targeting to right that wrong, the Xperia Pro-I is a super-premium smartphone that sells for close to $1,800 but certainly arrives with more than enough whistles and bells to justify its high value.

Sony Xperia Pro: Design

You only require to take one glimpse at the Sony Xperia Pro to understand that it is, well, a Sony flagship phone: at the same time unpretentious and imposing, it is a phone that securely puts function over form and yet somehow manages to win at both.

Even though it is highly subjective, the useful industrial design of ultra-premium smartphones by Sony looks excellent. The flagship phone from Sony puts a spin on the usual glass-metal smartphone design by using a pretty cool rigid frame that severely helps with the grip of the phone. That is important when you are taking images or video, as with this phone you will surely be doing that a lot.

Sony Xperia Pro: Display

With a 6.5-inch QHD+ OLED display along with a tack-sharp resolution of 3840 by 1644 pixels and also a high refresh rate, the display of the Sony Xperia Pro is extraordinary. The user will hardly find a crisper display that is capable of adapting to their specific requirement. Yet, realistically speaking, it could have offered way better.

A great aspect of the Xperia Pro’s display is that it is customizable. See, there is a neat color temperature menu that enables the user to choose between various white balance presets, that range from a warm 4000-Kelvin to a very cold 10,000-Kelvin choice. A super precise 6500K setting is also there along with all these, which is ideal for content creators who need a precise monitor display, but you can fine-tune things just the way they wish.

Sony Xperia Pro: Camera

This Sony Xperia Pro review would be incomplete if we do not talk about the camera. As a true first in a modern smartphone, the Xperia Pro arrives with a great sensor which is an actually usable, huge 1.0-type Exmor RS sensor. This one is not a one-off for this specific device, as it can also be found in the Sony RX100 VII compact camera of the company. Normally, that sensor is a 20MP one, but Sony has decreased it to 12MP in the Xperia Pro, so it is technically not availing the complete capabilities of the sensor. Above that, that sensor has an F2.0/F4.0 switching aperture that can be altered depending on the lighting conditions and will mostly impact the depth of exposure and field.

The 16mm F2.2 ultra-wide and 50mm F2.4 telephoto cameras also clock in at 12MP, but commit no error, they are nowhere as capable as the primary camera, which is the one the user wants to be using all the time.

Sony Xperia PRO Review: Should You Buy It?

Xperia comes with the unexpected always, and this time nothing has changed. So as per the features in the Sony Xperia Pro review stated above, this is a nice phone to invest in if you are more inclined towards the camera. Let us quickly have a look at the pros and cons of this phone to make our decisions better. 


  • Sharp and accurate 4K 120Hz OLED display
  • Distinctive industrial design
  • Remarkable camera versatility
  • Superb video-recording capabilities
  • Natural, not excessively processed photos and videos
  • Clear and loud stereo speakers
  • Plenty of storage plus microSD card support
  • Outstanding flagship-grade performance
  • User-friendly hardware features


  • High price
  • The shutter button is too sensitive
  • Only 30W fast charging
  • Mushy haptic feedback
  • No biometric alternative to the fingerprint scanner
  • White balance discrepancies among the different cameras
  • The camera interface doesn’t rotate
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