Maruti Ertiga vs Maruti XL6: Which Is The Best Option?

Maruti Ertiga vs Maruti XL6: Which Is The Best Option?

Recently Maruti Suzuki launched their XL6 MPV in the Indian automobile market which is the Ertiga based premium MPV crossover-ish in design. However, the difference can not only be found in the design. So here we will be doing a comparison on Maruti Ertiga vs Maruti XL6.

Maruti Ertiga vs Maruti XL6: A Detailed Comparison

Maruti Ertiga and the XL6 are considered among the affordable MPVs that you can purchase today. There are many customers who are confused between the two MPVs by Maruti. The initial one is inclined more towards the side of practicality, while the latter is inclined towards premiumness. This blog will compare XL6 vs Ertiga 2021 with respect to specs, features, and many more so that you can choose the right one.

Design And Looks

XL6 and Maruti Ertiga share similar chassis, so it is definite that you will find numerous similar ques on both the cars. However, XL6 when compared to the Ertiga is definitely a more fine looking car. However the look of the Ertiga is also good in the MPV segment, it includes chrome elements that look really nice on MPV. From the rear and side, both of them might look the same. But the XL6 is inclined more on the sportier side and receives numerous black treated features. It consists of grill units and big headlamps. From the rear and side, it gets cladding that is of black color. The alloy wheels are also black in color. Compared to that, the Maruti Ertiga receives silver finished alloy wheels. Another additional accessory that the customer might get in XL6 is the roof rail that improves the feel of the sportiness.

Interior And Features

In the comparison of Ertiga and XL6, both do have the same interior, however, Ertiga receives the beige color tone while XL is completely black in color. But feature wise there is not much difference between the two. Both of them are filled with upmarket and modern features. They both include touch screen infotainment display, Auto AC, cruise mode, colored MID display in the instrument group, etc. As far as the safety is concerned, it includes a rear parking sensor, dual airbags, ABS as a part of standard objects across variants. The most identifying difference is the seating configuration. Maruti XL6, as the name indicates, receives a 6 seat arrangement that has the middle row as their pilot seat. But the Ertiga, which gets bench seats in the middle row, is a 7 seater car.

Pricing Rivals

In the XL6 vs Ertiga price in India, the price of Maruti Ertiga begins at Rs 7.59 lakhs (ex-showroom price). While XL6 begins at Rs 9.84 lakhs (ex-showroom price). When they are compared with variants the XL6 is nearly Rs 70-90,000 premium over Maruti Ertiga with mostly similar features. There are many customers who may think of saving some bucks and still receive a nice value for money. 

Maruti Ertiga vs Maruti XL6 In A Gist

Trying to figure out XL6 vs Ertiga, which is best? Let us find that out in a nutshell. In the comparison of XL6 vs Ertiga vs Triber, Ertiga would be the better option. But in our comparison on Maruti Ertiga vs Maruti XL6, let us look at the chart to get the idea in short.

Maruti Suzuki XL6
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
₹ 9.85 Lakh
₹ 7.69 Lakh
Maruti Suzuki
Maruti Suzuki
Body Type
19.01 Km/l
19.01 Km/l
103 bhp
103 bhp
1462 CC
1462 CC
Fuel Type

The Bottom Line

After comparing Maruti Ertiga vs Maruti XL6, it can be concluded that both the cars offer similar features but the XL6 is more on the sportier side and hence there are minimal changes from Ertiga. But as far as the price is concerned XL6 is on the higher side of the price but offering similar features.

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