Kia Carens Vs Maruti XL6: Choose The Best Now

Kia Carens Vs Maruti XL6: Choose The Best Now

If you are aiming to get your hands on a budget friendly MPV, you should have come across Kia Carens and Maruti XL6, being cosmetically lucrative siblings of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga which have become the perfect choice for many. However, apart from that if you want options you have that as well. In this article, we will do a comparison between Kia Carens vs Maruti XL6. 

A stunning MPV that looks like a grand marvel of engineering and design in its flesh with ample first segment features. In this comparison on Kia Carens vs Maruti XL6, we will compare its features, designs, dimensions, displacements, engine, and price.

Kia Carens Vs Maruti XL6: Prices

This comparison on Kia Carens vs Maruti XL6 would have been incomplete if we did not start with their pricing. First thing first – the values. Kia has unraveled the Carens line up and we are amazed to see the MPV carrying a starting value of Rs 8.99 lakh only. This is much cheaper in comparison to the XL6 which has a starting value of Rs 10.14 lakh. So, Kia has played nicely with the value card.

Kia Carens Vs Maruti XL6: Exterior Looks & Dimensions

Kia Carens are the latest launch that might not catch the eye because of its unusual design, but do check it out in flesh. Offering a low slung bonnet and also bold shoulder lines along its sides, it offers a good look on road with all the factors in decent proportions. It is fully equipped with all LED headlights, sporty DRLs, and sporty tri-cubic fog lights which double up as the indicators. In the rear, the Carens offer all LED tail lights with a long red glass strip that extends all across the boot and prominent wrap-around chrome elements in the bumper which homes the rear reflectors. A roof mounted spoiler is also provided in the higher trims of the Carens. The wells of the wheel are filled up by 16 inch alloy wheels in the section topping variants. It is provided in eight varied color variants from the factory.

Maruti Suzuki XL6 is indigenous to us as it is a cosmetically jacked up variant of the prevailing Ertiga. However, Maruti Suzuki has tried their best to make the vehicle appeal to its purchasers with a sense of aesthetic appeal. On the front, XL6 offers all LED headlamps and fog lamps with a chrome effect on the front grill which is extended to the DRls. The XL6 has rear and front skid plates which offer it a rigged look in comparison to the Maruti Suzuki Arena providings, the Ertiga. At the rear, it receives all LED tail lamps with the XL6. However, there is not much to note about the XL6 in terms of looks, as we are all well acquainted with the same. It is provided with 15v inch alloy wheels as standard with plastic cladding surrounded by the wheel wells. It is provided in six color variants from the factory.

The Kia Carens are larger in proportions when compared to the Maruti Suzuki XL6 and this is the fact that with the loads of space on the provision. The third row of seats is astonishingly more usable in the Kia Carens and is not a stiff squeeze in comparison on Kia Carens vs Maruti XL6 to its competitors. The Kia Carens offers a longer wheelbase thus providing it a flat floor for the middle row of seats and also a decent boot space.

Kia Carens Vs Maruti XL6: Interior and Features

Now in this Kia Carens vs Maruti XL6, let us have a look at the interiors. Once you get into the cabin of the Kia Carens, it offers a decent upmarket ambiance with a roomy interior that is dressed in a combination of beige and black. All the controls feel well offered with the infotainment system placed above the AC vents which are attached with the silver lining that operates across the dashboard. A pinch of luxurious feel can be observed in many bits and pieces in this car.

It is available in both six and seven seater configurations. The seating ergonomics are illustrated to be spot on and it caters to the anticipations in both the six and the seven seater options with enough legroom and headroom on offer.

The list of safety equipment that is provided is really impressive with six airbags standard throughout all variants. Even the base variants come completely equipped with a comprehensive driver safety aid kit of BAS, HAC, DBC, ESC, VSM, etc. To the likes of the public, it offers a sunroof, cooled front seats, wireless charging, and multiple charging ports. The Kia Carens also provide a UVO Connect suite and also a decent audio set-up.

Compared to the Kia Carens, the Maruti XL6 cabin is dark with no light colors used. However, this is a subjective fact and dark interiors might have their own set of benefits. The Maruti XL6 looks more of a traditionally laid out dashboard and lacks the quirkiness in respect to styling. Summing it up, it’s simple and plain. The center of the dashboard offers a floating type infotainment system known as Maruti’s Smartplay Studio. Being pitched as a premium six seater MPV retailed via the NEXA outlets of Maruti Suzuki, the XL6 is accessible only in a six seater configuration with captain seats and might not be convenient for the ones who long for more seating capacity. They might have to come down to the Ertiga which offers a bench seat for the middle row. On the complete overview, the XL6 turns out to be a decent package for its providings.

Some other characteristics of the XL6 provisions are engine start or stop technology, remote keyless entry, navigation support, voice command system, and many more. The safety options of the car include ABS with EBD and Brake Assist,  dual front airbags, reverse parking sensors with rear parking camera, cruise control, and many more.


Kia India has recently launched its fourth item in our market – Carens. Kia Carens is a three-row MPV, along with a lot of features and various powertrain choices on offer. One of its closest competitors in the Indian space is Maruti XL6, which has similar pricing to it. In the above comparison on Kia Carens vs Maruti XL6, it can be concluded that if you are looking for a more budget friendly along with great features and interiors, then you should go for Kia Carens.

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