Kia Carens Review: How Comfortable Is This Latest Car?

Kia Carens Review: How Comfortable Is This Latest Car?

There is an ongoing thirst for carmakers to formulate lucrative seven seaters that is also the winner on the practicality and space front. And this is ultimately becoming a reality. In this article we will have a look at the Kia Carens review that serves the similar features. So without any further delay, let us begin. 

This fourth generation model is only provided with seven seats, rather than the previous option of five or seven and it also replaces the Sedan model that is lumpy in looks. Most notably, there has been a huge improvement over its predecessor on all grounds from ride comfort to look to power to refinement. So now let us begin with the Kia Carens review.

Kia Carens Review: Performance

The lower-powered diesel has been tested, a 1.7-litre 114bhp unit, that attains 0-60mph in 12.6 seconds. It actually gives the feeling of slightly faster than the former, but then again, when you are taking seven people expect it to feel a little more sluggish.

There is also the 1.7-litre 134bhp iteration, which hits 60mph in 10 seconds, enabling it a more likely selection for regular or towing seven-occupant occasions.

And then there is the 1.6-litre GDI petrol engine with 133bhp, which may look sprightlier off the mark, but falls among the two diesels for speed, attaining 0-60mph in 10.9 seconds. It is also the least effective (unless you opt for the automatic 1.7-litre 134bhp), which makes it the most questionable selection in the line-up.

Ride And Handling Of Kia Carens

In this Kia carens review let us see how comfortable it is to ride this car. The Carens is inclined more towards comfort, and on this ground, it is perfectly satisfactory. It is a mushy ride that happily sediments speed bumps on the school run, and the cabin is nicely insulated from noise. Unfortunately, there is bad news too. The steering is very sloppy; what could be managed while driving around town, became painful after a long stint on the motorway along with some twisty rural roads. There is also no feedback, which implies you are never quite sure where you might end up on the road, while there is a strong sense of general wandering at high speeds, in spite of countering from any proficient driver. This is  one of the Kia Carens problems.

Kia Carens Review: Equipment And Interior

Trim levels are definitely simple in the Kia Carens interior, termed 1, 2 and 3. The mid-spec 2, as verified, receives a cruise control, cooled glovebox, privacy glass, reversing sensors, and rain-sensing wipers. The top trim adds characteristics like a leather upholstery, panoramic sunroof, heated front seats, and a reversing camera, while a so-called 3 Sat Nav has the obvious. The cabin and boot area is what is crucial in this type of car, and the Kia Carens 7 seater has durable and tough plastics and finishes to handle child-induced complexities on long journeys. There are numerous cubby holes in all rows to put equipment, while the usability and design of the central console and steering wheel controls is great. Front occupant area is fine, but initiates to dwindle the further you go back, with the sixth and seventh seat only ideal for small children or very short journeys because of little legroom. And access to those seats is difficult with the middle row feeling heavy to shift. Boot space is nearly non-existent, but there is a handy space under the floor for some small parts, which also keeps the removable parcel shelf for when the second row of seats are not in use. Put that row of seats down, and you have a lot of room which is in depth, width, and height for loading the car up.

Kia Carens Review: Price

In this Kia Carens review, it is crucial to justify the Kia Carens 7 seater price. The Carens provides CO2 emissions from just 124g/km and asserts a generous fuel economy of around 60.1mpg, if you choose the 1.7-litre diesel. To be completely honest, in the user’s experience with the 1.7-litre, they were receiving nearly mid 40s. Its value is probably the redeeming quality with the Carens when it comes to the costs as it is over £2,000 cheaper than the Ford Grand C-Max. You will be required to bear residuals in mind however, as the Carens is unlikely to retain much of its value. The Kia Carens price is Rs.8.99 Lakhs.


After this Kia Carens review it can be concluded that the Kia Carens far crosses its predecessor, and is a good-value, comfortable choice if you can live with the poor driving dimensions and only plan to do shorter journeys. If you are after a reasonable MPV that you do not mind battering over its lifespan, then the Carens will certainly put up a good fight and serve you well as well. Overall, it falls behind its competitors like the C4 Grand Picasso or Ford’s Grand C-Max, but is a more realistic player than ever before.

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