New iPhone 13 Review: The Specs, Prices, And Battery Life

New iPhone 13 Review: The Specs, Prices, And Battery Life

The latest iPhone 13 is a little upgrade to the previous year’s brilliant iPhone 12, with a developed camera, a small price cut, and a longer battery life with larger storage. Let us quickly find out the pros and cons of this iPhone in this iPhone 13 review.

The present iPhone from Apple costs $799, which is $23.21 cheaper than the previous one and lies between the smaller iPhone mini and the bigger iPhone 13 Pro. There are some designs that are similar to its predecessor. Its hardened glass fronts and flat aluminum sides feel just as great as the previous year. This model is 12g heavier and slightly thicker but until and unless you compare both the side of the phone by side, it is not noticeable. The iPhone 13 release date was scheduled for 24 September 2021. 

Now coming to the screen, it is crisp, a little brighter, and vibrant compared to the previous iPhone 12. The refresh rate of this phone is 60Hz which is a standard rate for iPhone but it makes it less smooth while scrolling than most of its Android rivals. iPhone 13 review Pro and iPhone 13 mini review, are somewhat similar to this review, but not exactly the same. 

iPhone 13 Review: Detailed Review On iPhone’s New Release

The iPhone’s latest model arrives with many new features that are yet to be discovered, and the prices have also been decreased. So a question may arise that has Apple compromised with any of its features in its latest iPhone 13? We will find this answer in this article. 


Before we go into the iPhone 13 review in detail, let us quickly have a look at the basic specifications that this latest iPhone model has to offer. 

  • Screen: 6.1in Super Retina XDR (OLED) (460ppi)
  • Processor: Apple A15 Bionic
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 128, 256 or 512GB
  • Operating system: iOS 15
  • Camera: dual 12MP rear cameras with OIS, 12MP front-facing camera
  • Connectivity: 5G, wifi 6, NFC, Lightning, Bluetooth 5, ultra wideband, and location
  • Water resistance: IP68 (6 meters for 30 mins)
  • Dimensions: 146.7mm x 71.5mm x 7.7mm
  • Weight: 174g

Battery Life

The latest A15 Bionic processor of Apple is slightly quicker than previous year’s chip, enabling it to be one of the finest performing phones. It arrives with double the starting storage along with 128GB, too.

The battery life of iPhone 13 is excellent. The phone lasts nearly 46 hours among charges with the screen used for about 5 hours in that time that includes 90 minutes browsing on 5G, which is lengthier than most similarly sized smartphones and the previous year’s model. That implies the phone can just provide power for 3 days if the user is careful, but more likely it will require charging every other night.


Apple does not offer an expected lifespan in case of the battery of the iPhone 13 but it can be replaced for $80. Batteries in similar phones typically maintain at least 80% of their initial capacity after the full charge cycles of 500. This smartphone can generally be repaired with an out of warranty service along with the screen, 

The iPhone 13 employs 98% earth metals that are recycled rarely, 35% recycled plastic in various components, and 99% recycled tungsten along with 100% recycled tin in the weld of its original battery and board management unit. The entity breaks down the environmental impact of the phone in its report.

iOS 15

The iPhone 13 comes with iOS 15, which operates on all of the smartphones by Apple from the iPhone 6S that was launched in 2015. This comprises various recently added characteristics such as the faster, local voice rendering for Siri, better notifications and “focus modes” for discarding distractions, and also an enhanced Safari browser interface and FaceTime video calling with non-Apple users as well. 

Apple offers software updates for its smartphones for a longer period of time than any other manufacturer. The user can expect at least 5  years of security and software updates but potentially as long as 7 years, so the user can use the phone safely for a longer period of time.


In this iPhone 13 review, mentioning the camera is a must. There are two enhanced 12-megapixel cameras on the back, one ultrawide angle and one main; there is no optical zoom available. 


Both cameras are larger and allow more light than the previous year’s models, which is most evident on the main camera. Photos in good light are crisp, detailed, and well balanced even in scenes that have high contrast. Low light execution is greatly advanced so that users need the dedicated night mode far less often while providing sharper and better balanced pictures. The ultrawide is sharp and has a better low light presentation too, making it more usable for indoors.


The iPhone 13 price $799 with 128GB of storage, $899 for 256GB or $1,099 for 512GB.

For comparison, the iPhone 13 mini costs $920, the iPhone 13 Pro costs $1286, the Samsung Galaxy S21+ costs $1286, the OnePlus 9 costs $852 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 costs $1286.


After the iPhone 13 review 2021, it can be concluded that the iPhone 13 has everything that was nice about the iPhone 12, cuts $27 off the price, doubles the storage in the starting variants, and adds two meaningful upgrades: a better camera and a longer battery life.

That sets it as one of the best smartphones one can purchase, especially when you take into consideration that you can use it safely for longer than any other smartphone with in excess of 5 years of software support offered by Apple, along with reasonable and accessible battery replacement options. From price to specs, this iPhone 13 review India is the same as any other country. Many web portals have done their review, the iPhone 13 review, The Guardian is a good one.

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