Best Free Educational Apps For Students To Learn With Ease

Best Free Educational Apps For Students To Learn With Ease

It was not long ago when the use of smartphones was thought of as a distraction for students. Parents and teachers tried every possible way to keep the children away from smartphones. But now, with major developments in the educational sector, many advantages have been added to these smartphones. With the advent of educational applications, students find it simple to learn their subjects. There are many such apps, some paid while some free. In this article, let us have a look at the top 10 free educational apps that are effective in changing your kid’s future. There are many best educational apps for preschoolers as well.

Top 10 Free Educational Apps For Your Kids

Mobile applications encourage kids to love learning by making their education fun and interactive. It has turned smartphones into virtual classrooms where the students can perform curricular activities with focus and ease. Here are the free educational apps for kids to lay their educational foundation in an interactive way. Other than that there are many free learning apps for class 1 and even smaller kids.

1. Google Classroom

In any educational institution, students are often needed to submit and fulfill assignments and homework. And teachers are required to grade review them at the earliest. But is this whole process as simple as it looks like? All these procedures are highly frustrating for everyone to assert the least. Wouldn’t it be great if there is an option to streamline these processes?

Google Classroom is the final solution to this question. Google classroom is generally a virtual classroom of sorts. That implies that we can use it for smoothly creating classes, sending announcements, starting discussions, sharing resources, grading, submitting assignments, wanting for remarks and answers, etc.


  • Enhanced communication
  • Improved organization
  • Faster grading process

2. edX

There are many students who dream of studying at top universities in the world like Havard, Columbia, and many more. But at the same time, they also know that it is not at all easy to get through these universities. 

But edX nothing is impossible. Nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. Top universities will be at your fingertip. With edX, you can learn everything under one application where you will be provided with more than 2000 courses. So what are you waiting for?


  • Video tutorials
  • Study material Handouts
  • Interactive quizzes

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy undoubtedly secures the third position among the best free educational apps in 2021. The aim of this app is to offer world-class and free education for all minds that are curious about learning across the globe. All the lessons here are in the form of video tutorials that help the students to learn in an interactive way. It also offers online courses for the preparation of standard tests like LSAT, SAT, MCAT, etc. 


  • Learning in multiple languages
  • Progress tracking
  • Practise exercises

4. Duolingo

It takes high practice and patience to learn a new language. But this application has made learning a new language cakewalk. It allows the students to learn many languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin, Latin, etc. There are various levels to learning this. As you clear each level you will be taken to the next level. With this, the kids find it interesting to learn a new language. 


  • 30+ languages
  • Interactive stories 
  • Forum discussion
  • Leaderboards competitions
  • Language learning events

5. Remind

To fill the learning gaps in the students, group learning is an effective way. But it is not always possible to accumulate multiple students under the same roof, and so this application came. It facilitates the users to stay connected with their school’s community. Other than students this community also includes teachers as well as parents. Once the student joins the school community using a unique class or school code, they will start to receive regular updates on the activities that take place in their class. 


  • Share handouts, photos,  and flyers
  • Chat translations in more than 70 languages
  • Instant messaging

6. Photomath

Mathematics has always been the subject that puzzled the students. It is the most interesting subject in the world but at the same time, it is very confusing. But now anyone can solve and learn complex mathematical problems by using the Photomath app. There are many statistics that have listed this application as the best learning apps for the students. This app itself teaches the students on how to solve a sum with step by step analysis. 


  • Scan handwritten or printed problems
  • Multiple solving methods
  • Animated instructions
  • Interactive graphs
  • Scientific calculator
  • No need for internet

7. SoloLearn

The scope of programming and coding is broader now than ever. If coding was not the thing then the world would not have got tech geniuses like Mark Zukerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc. SoloLearn is essentially a paradise for coding fanatics. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced coder, this platform has many things to serve to all types of people. App development is among the areas where coders are required on a constant basis. 


  • A reciprocal community of coders
  • Tutorials on the new coding trends
  • Free mobile code editor

8. Quizlet

This application has many effective ways to enable learning easier and quicker. Right out of the gate the student will have various modes of studies like learning, write, flashcard, test, etc. Each of these is varied ways to learn the topic that you wish to. This application also has many gaming activities that allow the user to learn while gaming. Along with that, this application gives constant reminders for studying, progress checkpoints, and many more. 


  • Practice tests
  • Study sets available for standardized exams
  • Custom audio and images to enhance learning

9. Kahoot

Among the list of best learning apps for students, this is another one. Interactive quizzes and lift up the process of learning immediately. Students feel an incomprehensible excitement when they try to get their answers correct. Kahoot offers ready-made quizzes on any topic. The student will just have to choose the topic and their quizzes will be ready to be answered. This app also enables the creation of quick quizzes as per the requirement of the students. 


  • Easy game creation
  • Host live quiz on large screens
  • Play with more than 2000 live contestants

10. Udemy

Udemy is one of the best learning platforms for students in various niches. Not every course at Udemy is free, but if the students apply for a scholarship they can get it for free. This is an online teaching app. 

The courses here are in the form of a video tutorial with assignments at the end of every chapter. With the completion of the course, the student gets a certificate of completion as well. 


  • Expert instructors
  • Discussions
  • Survey creator
  • Interactive learning


With the advent of technology, especially smartphones, and the internet, the educational industry has also seen massive growth. There has been an increase in educational startups as well. Along with that came many applications that surged the demand for e-learning as they are easy to use, cost effective, and can be availed from anywhere at any given point in time. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 free educational apps for students and kids that have simplified the way of learning. Other than that there are many free educational apps for kindergarten as well.

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