Confluent Launches Advanced Cloud Features To Aid Multi-Cloud Environment

Confluent Launches Advanced Cloud Features To Aid Multi-Cloud Environment

Confluent Launches New Cloud Features: In the third quarter of FY22, Confluent, a cloud computing software company, launched a new set of products and features to revolutionize the cloud experience for everyone. It will allow real-time data streaming which would be required to make innovations in one’s business operations.   

The Confluent launches for this quarter include the following features and products:

  • Confluent Terraform provider
  • Independent Network Lifecycle Management
  • 70 Fully Managed Connectors
  • User Login Monitoring
  • Flexible Topic Naming for Cluster Linking
  • Zone Selection for Private Networking

Through the recent data streaming infrastructure one can fully automate day-to-day business operations. Multi-cloud system operations concerning data streaming would be much more efficient with real-time updates. The inclusion of Terraform technology is also a great move as it enables an organisation to define the set of operations, tasks, or services in a programmed manner. To explain how the technology would benefit companies, Rolando Berrios, the Director of Engineering at Odeko mentioned that:

“Helping our customers save time and money with smart, real-time inventory management solutions is dependent upon the widespread use of real-time data streaming throughout our entire business. With Confluent’s Terraform provider, we’re able to completely automate our infrastructure deployments as code with no sacrifice on quality or security. With consistent, version-controlled deployments managed through a tool our teams already know, we’re able to move quickly and maintain focus on new, value-add projects.”

The recent launches would also help in the management of private networks through a first-class source by integrating REST APIs, UI, and even the TerraForm technology. Confluent launches also include 70 fully managed connectors that will be aiding in expanding streaming use cases for organizations depending on the cloud computing systems incorporated. These can be used to connect to data storage providing systems like  Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, and Azure Cosmos DB. The launch set includes a flexible topic naming system to simplify the replication setup for data sharing purposes. Therefore, experts say that the entire cloud service ecosystem would be benefitted.

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