The BMW 7 Series Sedan Brings You An Amazing Experience

The BMW 7 Series Sedan Brings You An Amazing Experience

The BMW 7 Series Sedan is the flagship sedan that is being offered by the German carmaker. It is provided in four engine variants, three petrol engines, and one diesel engine. This automobile is a whole size luxury sedan that is atop the lineup of BMW with the latest 8 BMW 7 Series. Let us have a look at this car in detail. 

BMW 7 Series: Model And Equipment

At the center of attraction: the BMW 7 Series Sedan ingrains from the very first instance with its amazing presence. The self-assured character is basically underlined by the varied front. On the side, the vertical Air Breather focuses on the height of the vehicle. The caters between the paint finish in Bernina Grey with shiny amber effect formulates an elegance that, when mixed with the 20″ wheels, offers a statement of commanding dynamics. A greeting from the Goodbye and Welcome light staging beckons before you even get inside your BMW. The interior welcomes you with high-quality, exclusive materials which, together with the distinctive connectivity features, creates a hitherto unattained ambiance.


The exterior of the latest BMW 7 Series Sedan is quite impressive with a number of modifications and inclusions. This car radiates clarity and luxury, and comfort all at the same time. Let us have a look at the exterior specs in detail. 

Front Apron

The front apron along with the big BMW kidneys grille assures a potential presence on board. Along with that, the lower intakes of air are framed by dynamically created Air Blades, which boost the aerodynamics of the car and focus on the sporty elegant character of the sedan. 

BMW Laserlight

In speed dependent laser high beam mode, the BMW Laserlight highlights an array that is close twice in comparison to other headlights, raising safety via enhanced visibility. Blue accents and “BMW Laser” lettering virtually portray the technology. 

Air Breather

The Air Breather in the BMW 7 Series Sedan underlines the sporty yet elegant character of the car and assures the optimum flow of air in the wheel arch area. Along with the front apron and also the huge kidney grille of the BMW, the sedan portrays a strong presence on the road. 

Rear Apron

The latest rear apron design, the narrow reflectors, and the trapezoidal tailpipe trims that are kept far to the outside make the rear look wide and present. The flat LED rear lights and also the narrow light strip among the lightning units also focus on the wide ranging impact of the sedan.


The special power of this car is that it is resolute and radiant as asserted by the makers of this car. With the exterior specs, you must have understood by now, the level of comfort and luxury the car offers. So now it is time for us to see how they have designed the interior of this car. 

Executive Lounge

The Executive Lounge provides the highest level of comfort and the perfect all round view for the rear passengers on the front passenger side. The seat shows a massage function and several adjustment chances that enable traveling highly relaxing. 

Leather ‘Nappa’ with extended trims Cognac

This car also offers exclusive leather ‘Nappa’ with extended stitching and trims NMRI Cognac along with the interior color black. 

Stainless Steel Loading Sill

The broad stainless steel loading sill creates an elegant accent and also along with that it enhances the luggage compartment.

BMW 7 Series: Engines

Top performance arrives in many types – this is the reason the BMW 7 Series Sedan 2022 offers a range of engines. Along with that the BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder power unit, which is the mighty V12 engine, stood out from the ordinary in record time. As a plug-in hybrid, the car is also highly potent. The interplay between the electric drive, the 6-cylinder engine, and the high-voltage battery of the recent generation result in maximum performance supplemented by enhanced consumption values. Thanks to the groundbreaking BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system, the BMW 7 Series Sedan carries its power onto the road under all conditions – authoritatively and dynamically.

BMW TwinPower Turbo Inline 6-Cylinder Petrol Engine

Commanding power, silky smooth operation, and also a stirring sound are all the patented BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engines from the recent generation of the BMW Efficient Dynamic Engine range. 

BMW TwinPower Turbo Inline 6-Cylinder Diesel Engine

The BMW TwinPower Turbo Engine provides the largest possible dynamic performance with the greatest efficiency all because of the latest injection mechanism, variable output control, and also sophisticated turbocharger technology. 

M Performance TwinPower Turbo 12 Cylinder Petrol Engine

M Performance TwinPower Turbo 12 cylinder petrol engine portrays drive competently in excellence. This top of the range engine is featured by superior delivery of power and unique operating smoothness that can only be attained with a V12 engine.  


No matter what the festival is, the BMW 7 Series Sedan makes a great entrance. Its self-confident and sublime presence character reflects the experience, tradition, and perfection that is expected in the luxury segment. The exceptional technological superiority and drive of the vehicle portray how the latest comfort and dynamics, greater standards in performance, can be attained again and again. The BMW 7 series price in India starts from Rs 1.42 crores.

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